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My self-summary
residents of krazytown and unkind judgemental people please move along thank you.

do you know whether your attachment style is secure/anxious/avoidant?

interested in ethical non-monogamy !

if you dont means having more than one loving and meaningful and committed relationship-with-integrity simultaneously.

if you think this relationship model doesnt work please ask yourself how well the monogamous model is working for you.

i dont like using *poly* or *non-monogamy* or *open-relationship* as they limit by the very act of trying to define.

in the hope of communication it seems we need to initially attach *words* to things even for just the sake of forming a mental picture for our brain to grasp.

its really just about the freedom for yourself and your significant other(s) to pursue and be available and open to other relationships without having to discard established relationships.

in december of 2006 i discovered that my polyamorous orientation isnt --crazy--.

divorced in 2009 from a 15yr monogamous relationship where we were married for 13yrs and have 2 wonderful children.

ive also had a 10yr live-in relationship prior to that so dont even think that im poly/non-monogamous because i have some kind of problem with -commitment-.

am interested in quality relationships vs quantity.

i also dont meet people with -expectations- about a relationship and prefer to just let things progress without -effort- and infold organically.

not afraid to roll my eyes and laugh when something happens like accidentally pouring curdled milk into my coffee this morning !! lololol

or like the other morning when i went to put lotion in my hand and got liquid soap instead! lololol :O

or like when while making breakfast i dropped an egg and tried to stop it with my naked foot before it hit the floor.

duh? :O lolololololol

ive been embracing the tao te ching.

truly believe in universal harmonic resonance/life force/chi/god/hado/goddess and all the other names we have for it.

i love to get to the point in a physical activity like cycling/whitewater kayaking/trail running/martial arts sparring where there is no thought just response.

i am the happiest and most content now than i have ever been. :)

if you were openly flirting with me i probably most likely wouldnt realize it.

so if you want me to know something please just ask it.

I am carbonbasedlifeform, pagantaoist, and inventive

it scares me when i see womyn looking for --my other half-- or --someone to complete me--.....please be whole and complete -before- entering into a relationship.
What I’m doing with my life
being grateful for what i have and being thankful for what i -dont- have. :)

currently working in the audio/video/data and bicycle industries to pay the bills while i bring inventions to market that may or may not be related to said industries.

i actually had product on the 1996 usa olympic road and mountain bike team bikes. :)

enjoying my life more each day.

laughing out loud in the car when i remember a funny line from a movie or something else comical.

trying to be -here- and -present- for longer and longer periods of time.

working on -being the space in which things can happen-. :)

practicing -having the patience to allow the right action to arise of its own accord- and -to allow things to come comfortably within my grasp-. :)

from the old tv series kung fu ;
young caine: master, what is the best way to meet the loss of one we love?

master kahn: by knowing that when we truly love it is never lost. it is only after death that the depth of the bond is truly felt and our loved one becomes more a part of us than was possible in life.

young caine: are we able to feel this only towards those whom we have known and loved a long time?

master kahn: sometimes a stranger known to us for moments can spark our souls to kinship for eternity.

young caine: how can strangers take on such importance to our souls?

master kahn: because our soul does not keep time. it merely records growth.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------and from -zen flesh zen bones-
joshu: master...what is the path?
nansen: everyday life is the path.
joshu: can it be studied?
nansen: the more you try to study it the further away you get from it.
joshu: then how do i know if i am on the right path?
nansen: place yourself in the same freedom as sky. you call it neither good nor not good.

favorite rumi qoute........there are only 2 ways to experience love. one is to give love and the other is to receive love.
I’m really good at
being an excellent parent and partner.

fixing mechanical/electrical things and communicating although definitely better at fixing things as that comes naturally where communicating is an ongoing endeavor.


being. :)

making pancakes and a good fire and i dont mean flaming pancakes. :)

making cats purr and dogs happy.

folding clothes but not so good at getting them all put away in a timely fashion.

pleasing and satisfying my love(s). :)

making some people a bit uncomfortable with how open i am as i really dont treat people any differently whether ive known them for 10min or 10yrs.

long loving luscious luxurious languid lovemaking :)

pillowtalk :)

supporting you emotionally.
The first things people usually notice about me
probably my hair.

then its definitely the eyebrows.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books) sci-fi/paranormal/science/sociology/childrens

just finished a crappy/pointless/disappointing sci-fi paperback that i found at the airport.

prompted me to read les miserables again.

victor hugo is god.

emily dickinson is goddess.

recently read....the buddhas way to happiness, tao te ching, eye of cat, the human zoo, the naked ape, microbe hunters, twenty thousand leagues under the sea

currently reading....the lotus effect, the tao of physics, american shaolin, a general theory of love, the 5th sacred thing, the tao of abundance, dune trilogy, urban warrior, bill the galactic hero, hauntings-tales of the supernatural, the new earth, the power of now, les miserables and coming of age in the milky way

movies) any genre so long as its a good story.

anything with jean arthur/claudette colbert/cary grant/jimmy stewart/gregory peck/clark gable/james cagney/barbara stanwyck/katherine hepburn/etc. you know the lot. ;) lololol

anything by tim burton/terry gilliam/alfred hitchcock.

recently watched movies.......the adjustment bureau, flow, food matters, food inc, king korn, sicko, avatar 3d, nomad, adventureland, ichi the killer, sukiyaki western django, beowolf, the plainsman, talladega nights, old boy, v for vendetta, it happened one night, horsefeathers, heffalump, reefer madness the musical, animatrix, science of sleep, first spaceship on venus, amazing transparent man, road to wellville, phantom planet, totoro, blue planet deep ocean and coral seas, life in the undergrowth, big trouble in little china, nightmare before christmas, pee wees big adventure, undead, shaolin soccer, kung fu hustle, team america world police, adventures of baron munchausen, othello, seabiscuit, hidalgo, a hole in the head, ghost rider

recent theatre......l'hotel by sartre at the atc

music) anything but rap/hiphop.

just about anything south african.

any motown!! :)

any ska especially 2-tone!! im a skankin fool!! :) lololoolol

recently listened to music.........imperial teen, my federation, shriekback, sarah vaughn, old ted nugent, bb king, mary poppins soundtrack, sisters of mercy, oingo boingo, beth orton, mum, fugazi, english beat, dead can dance, kay starr, hole, swans, flat&scruggs, stranglers, james brown, poi dog pondering, joy division, sergio mendez, melanie, kd lang, budgie, bert&ernie bathtub sing-a-long, bellinis norma, shel silversteins where the sidewalk ends, pizzicato five, iggy and the stooges, the cramps, lords of acid, tkk, danzig, linda ronstadt canciones de mi padre, kings of convenience, billy strange, johnny cash, butthole surfers, tones on tail, new order, tony williams, mahavishnu orchestra, the sundays, jimmy cliff, the clash, vicente fernandez, eydie gorme, louis armstrong, abba, black sabbath, sarah hickman, gun club, revolting cocks, big bad voodoo daddies, nancy griffith, shawn colvin, ofra haza, anne hill, robert gordon, grand funk railroad, kc & the sunshine band, kool and the gang, operation ivy

food) allergic to crustaceans

love thai/indian/ethiopian/himalayan/mexican among others
Six things I could never do without
all i need is this ashtray and this paddle game.......and this remote control.........and these matches and this lamp.......and this chair. thats all i need.........and this magazine. thats all i need.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
actually........ive been spending more and more time -not- thinking and just -being-. :)

but sometimes :

ways in which to make things better because there is always room for improvement.

contemplating the universe and all its workings while understanding that i dont know nuthin about nuthin.

how can i possibly have so many socks that look similar but dont freakin match!!! :O lololol

and am i the only person here that sees the hypocrisy/problem in distinguishing --drinking and smoking-- from --drugs-- ? wtf?!?!?! gah!!!

how it really chaps my ass every time i see my score of --advanced-- for the -frequently misused words- test because i know that the test itself is wrong!! lololololo

and how bizarre how often i will look at a clock and it will be 1:11, 2:22, 3:33,4:44, 5:55, 12:12, 11:11, 10:10, 10:11, 11:12, 12:13, 12:34, 02:02, 04:04, etc !!!!

what does it all mean!?!?!?! :O lolololololool
On a typical Friday night I am
ummmm......come to think of it....friday nights are typically -atypical-.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
about 25 years ago i went to counseling/therapy because i was inlove with 3 womyn simultaneously and figured that there --must-- be something wrong with me!!! lololololo

i couldnt find anyone to help me so i just accepted that i was -damaged/fuctup/broken- emotionally somehow and so i stuffed it for about 25yrs.

i came out of the poly closet in december of 2006 after reconnecting with an old friend/lover and her telling me about triads/poly/etc.

it was a revelation to me and i realized that i -wasnt- damaged and that there were thousands of people like me. :)

yay!! for the internet!!! :)

yay! for poly people!! :)
You should message me if
you feel so inclined ! :)

bonus if you know what an oscillation-overthruster is and/or you can throw a frisbee.

or........if you think this is one of the most beautiful songs ever. :)

or.....if you cant help but dance to this -->

or......if you think you -get- me. :)

namaste :)
The two of us