35Manaus, Brazil
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My self-summary
What is your dream vacation? Well mine has changed recently from the hot and steamy tropics to the cold winters of the northern US. All of the time I've been spending in Brazil makes the tropics a little less of a draw, but even so I would like to see the northeastern coast of the country, the beaches of Salvador.

I have been fascinated by the way Native Americans lived since I was in elementary school and was very lucky to be able to follow these interests as a graduate student studying archaeology. By following my passion in archaeology I get to learn new things about people who lived in the past and maybe even write up some of my ideas as journal articles. In some ways the ideas of my childhood were much more interesting than what the academic world desires in publications, but when talking with my friends I can still explore my daydreams and maybe come up with ways to prove them. These days I enjoy my role as a mentor to students in Brazil and look forward to teaching in a formal capacity.
What I’m doing with my life
Being an archaeologist and enjoying exploring a new city, Manaus, Brazil where I moved to in November.

I have a variety of hobbies - cooking, sewing, dancing, fencing, running, reading, and eating - and I am still figuring out which of them I can keep up here. I have found a quirky little gym to exercise at but have not yet purchased a stove.
I’m really good at
some things and not so good at others, generally in proportion to the amount of practice I have. Having had practice cooking and gardening makes them things I consider myself really good at. And, of course archaeology makes this list as it is a love as well as profession.

Things I am learning and enjoy doing include fencing, costuming and dancing. While I have been involved in Ren faires for years, this last year I got into the SCA where I found my place in the historical geek community and have found fencing to be great exercise and an intellectual challenge. Thus far in my dancing has included ballroom, swing, and a touch of Brazilian samba. Like in fencing I need practice and partners to keep up a reasonable degree of skill in dancing.
The first things people usually notice about me
A few people have said they notice my smile, but this may not be an accurate sample of those out there. How am I to correctly judge this? If I now took a poll of my friends I imagine it is unlikely that they remember what they first noticed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For some reason I am very good at remembering stories, details of things I read and watch but not the titles, names of authors, or names of actors. This seems to put me at a disadvantage when this type of question rolls around. I will try to remember some of the recent items.

Books - Anything that grabs my attention but I rarely read books twice. Many of the classic books I read in highschool and college. More recently I have gone through phases of reading sci-fi and mystery novels and am always happy to explore more. Novels I really enjoyed include Ender´s Game and The Hobbit. Of course the list includes many scientific texts they don´t occupy my evening hours when I want to relax and escape into alternative worlds. I read some graphic novels when I can borrow them from friends (Fables and Y recently) and some romance novels.

Movies - Firefly, The Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, Bond movies, Mamma Mia, X-men,

Music - live music is best and I have gone through various fads of popular music but what hangs on through it all is classical (including a particular fondness for organ music), jazz (I enjoyed a favorite jazz club in São Paulo especially after the no smoking law went into effect), modern celtic (like Heather Alexander and Tempest), Chico Buarque, Simon and Garfunkel, Cash

Food - My food preferences are always for fresh, home-made foods. What this really means is no pre-prepared boxed or canned entrees. I enjoy eating out for ethnic dishes but generally find them greasy and less fulfilling. Some of the foods I enjoy are grapes, broccoli, delica squash, green beans, fuji apples, and ice cream.
Six things I could never do without
Immaterial items: sunshine, friends, laughter, smiles, language, and thoughts
Material items: books, bedside lamp, pillow, running shoes, paper, and pencils
On a typical Friday night I am
At home as I still am getting to know Manaus.
You should message me if
you are inquisitive and enjoy life.

I am interested in what other people do, how they see the world, and the interesting stories they have to share. If you start an interesting conversation I will respond and maybe share about my experiences in Brazil, archaeology, or what is on my mind right now.

ps. I do not necessarily sign on to OkCupid with regularity, but when I do it is because I have made time to read what infrequent mail I do get and give it my full attention.
The two of us