47Buda, Hungary
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My self-summary
In your first message to me, mention a some place or activity you’ve been meaning to try out or explore! :)

Martian man looking for earthling woman to show him the ropes... 👽

Lets meet and just see where things go -I prefer to meet up without preconceptions as to who we are/will be :) A lot of fun can be had along the way if we just treat each other like real, worthwhile people. If you're interested in me for another reason, that's great too - since I am of course also looking for someone/people interesting in joining me for or a drink at a pub.. or..some music, sports, an art show, or talking, debating, learning something new or anything.. but that's a different story :-)

Wow.. well I guess I'm me. I'll just say that I'm Scottish(Brexit victim), Canadian and Swiss (3 passports.. that's normal right? :)). Currently living in Budapest, Hungary - been here for quite a while now, but not determined to stay forever :) More details in person. :-)

Currently swimming in the morass that is my subconscious.. trying to find out what makes me tick.. or tock ... why I have issues and how to work with them. Exciting stuff.. and scary as hell all at the same time. Improv theatre + meditation are at the forefront of this plunge, plus just taking up salsa and the guitar...and..and... I have - however - noticed that my view of the world is often slightly askew... or maybe everyone else's is? :D
What I’m doing with my life
Working, making ends meet, trying to instill some sense of values in my daughter. Looking for true love and happiness. I'd love to have more children... just not that easy for a single guy.. although I guess I could hang around the playground a bit more... maybe they wouldn't miss one? :D Ok.. that sounds a bit creepy... much prefer our own .. really!

I'm also treading the slow path to realization.. maybe slower than a lot of you.. but at least I know the path is there... (as if that helps :D)
I’m really good at
Reading, talking, listening, procrastinating.. sleeping.. cooking (love to cook...),and making things, and well.. stuff :) and understanding cat-speak.. I think that counts as a skill .. right?

Kindof a funny question - requires a certain amount of ego to say I'M GREAT AT ... don't you think? :) I'm good at a lot of stuff though :) Languages for instance....
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humour - anything else? Plz let me know :))
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Skip the laugh tracks - I love humor.. the intelligent British kind especially - love Monty Python.. and absurd humour :) And well... also can skip romance novels etc, otherwise pretty much anything goes from classics to modern - from traditional to eclectic. I love good food and wines, and well... sci-fi, fantasy, classics, other fiction - I think I'm currently reading about 3 books.. I love art and theater(although rarely get the opportunity to go).. and concerts and.. for music - other than house/trance (which i guess has its place with mood enhancers), I'm an omnivore - no absolute favourites - more of a bit of everything :)

I'm actually using OKC as a hint list for books that I might like.. I hope that's not infringement on anyone's rights or anything :)

I think I'll watch almost anything with zombies, superpowers, supernatural things and/or vampires :) But I do have a limit as to how much camp I can take... :)

Salt & vinegar crisps make the world go round!!! Can't for the life of me figure out why no-one makes them outside of Britain ...

Love wine... and other mixed things.. but beer is still a selective work in progress :)
Six things I could never do without
family + daughter, friends, books, my cats, women, sex(or rather intimacy - w/o that its just mechanics) and um.. oh yes.. good wine and food.. (boooring.. I know - Its a work in progress :)) Sex is important.. but not indiscriminately!!
And no travelling without my kindle!! :)
oops.. thats more than six... too bad :P
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, love, happiness. Injustice, global warming. Big questions and little ones too.. Why am I still single? Problems with the government, corruption, food, wines, moving to the countryside somewhere.. and so on. :) I'd still like to write a book - just need the inspiration and the time ;)

Why things are just so f****d up in general in Hungary, and is there any chance for change... UPDATE - nope.. no chance... just a downward spiral currently....
On a typical Friday night I am
Maybe partying. Or at a friend's place for wine/food, or with a book at home. I hate cigarette smoke, and most of my friends have new women/wives/kids, so the party group has evaporated. No worries - at least I don't have to burn my clothes at the end of the evening :)

Love to get out and dance.. listen to some music... get myself moving.. but sometimes need a little push/pull to get started...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Do I really have to choose ONE thing? :-)
hmm.. well how about that as a child I used to knit and sew clothes and outfits for my action men figures... :) I don't remember how to knit however... so relax... no socks or sweaters for xmas :)
You should message me if
if you like to laugh, enjoy a quirky sense of humour, have laughed at Monty Python and well.. think it might be fun to meet up and do something.. :) Or if you just appreciate the awesomeness of my profile and you think we'd hit it off. If you think conversation means talking about the latest sport scores, what rihanna did yesterday (omg!) car you want to have, what clothes etc.. then definitely not a match...
The two of us