39Seattle, United States
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My self-summary

Thank you for giving me a look.

A few things up front, just so I am not wasting your time.

-- I am polyamorous/swing/kink. How this relationship style for me works, I hope, is the start of a conversation, not the end.

I am happy if you have other partners/lovers/arrangements! Simply, I want both myself and my partners to have the ability to experience joy and connection in all its numerous opportunities!

-- My disabled girlfriend lives with me, in my basement apartment. She is making progress. I would prefer we spent more time at your place. She is a lovely person, naturally poly and she would love to meet you! We both want the people in our lives to have all the happiness possible.

A great love is rare. I am open to the possibility. Mostly, though, I want friends first and to build from there.

I would love to find a cannabis cuddle companion. Let's get stoned, watch weird movies & cuddle.

My name is Mark.

I am a warm, smart guy. I compromise, share, and believe in helping others. I am silly and dorky and sometimes smart guy. I am not the tough guy.

-History, science, nearly all space sci-fi geek stuff.
-Psychology and theories of social construction.
-Photography, this is my photography work:
-Dogs AND Cats!
-Long walks!
-cannabias about 3/week
-Being by water
-Going to movies.
-Crazy conversations made of laughter, fantasy and "What if" games
-Baseball is my religion. The games are my church; it renews my spirit and gives me strength and hope in my life. I share this hobby with my mother. It allows us a good excuse to spend time together.

I have earned my emotional scars. I have been half insane with rejection, hurt, celibacy, and grief and lived to love again. Though I paid dearly for those lessons in my life, I understand love, jealousy, commitment, and relationships on a much greater level than I ever did before.

I really prefer meeting in person. We can get a better feel for each other after a few minutes in person then several hours of texting.

I have a Fetlife profile.

Deal-breakers: Drama Llama Hunters! (Drama happens in our world. But I have little patience for people that seek out drama.) Overly critical people. Modern Republicans. People who are rude to waitstaff. Cigarette smokers. People with control, manipulation, and jealousy issues. Yo no hablo Inglés!

Possible Deal-Breakers for you:
1) I have HSV-1, cold sores. I take medication. It has been years since my last outbreak.

I am tested every few months.

Otherwise, my last STI test was negative.

2) I lost about 10 of my 38 years to depression/anxiety. I am however, a person that tries to be positive, happy, objective and forward looking, though it is a daily struggle for me.
What I’m doing with my life
I am rebuilding my life from the ground up step by step. Watch the process and be amazed ... At how long it can take.

I have finished the first series of goals, I now call Phase 1.
I am working on Phase 2.
I’m really good at
--holding a conversation like a pro. I can chit-chat with anyone.
--showing kindness
The first things people usually notice about me
--my shaved head
--my beard
--my blue eyes
--my glasses and how I say big words sometimes people think I am smart. Which is sometimes true and other times, not so much.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I wish I read more.

Books: a lot of non-fiction (i.e. text books) or graphic novels. Books I have loved: written on the body, sometimes a great notion, in the skin of a lion ... ethical slut, sex at dawn.

Music: I am a total music whore. I spent 5 years as a DJ for a community radio station.

Ani DiFranco is beyond "my favorite band". I have seen Ani in concert ~20 times.

I love SCI-FI! BattleStar Galactica Star Trek & Star Wars Babylon 5
FireFly Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel (All Joss Whedon) StarDust (Neil Gaiman)

I really like comedies. All things Kevin Smith. The Big Lebowski. Howard and Kumar Reno 911

I enjoy foreign (I would watch Juliette Binoche read the phone book!) and indie films.

Food: Burritos is a common food in my house. Curry is life. I enjoy Indian, BBQ, really nearly every kind of food. I try to eat as little refine sugar most days. Encourage each other to eat more fruit and vegetables?
Six things I could never do without
--yummy yummy food
--dream world a place to make some kind of art since my desire to make art changes.
--Insulin I am diabetic.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"Making love is like hitting a baseball: you just gotta relax and concentrate."
-- Bull Durham


This scene from "Slacker".

--politics and where history is going
--Sex and friendship and relationships and how to get everyone to play nice together.
-- AND how sex is a symbolic action covering various meanings within our lives, connected to the physical, emotional and, if lucky, even spiritual. Sex can be for fun and games without it negating the desire to "make love".
On a typical Friday night I am
Monday is my Friday. So that is my relax night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I read people's "most private thing" first.

I like Kevin Smith way too much.

Rachel Maddow is my celebrity crush. I think that says more about me than any other single thing in this profile.

The ethical part of *ethical slut* is very important to me.

Sharing a little cannabis 2/week is really nice for me, and VERY nice for my partner.
You should message me if
1) You want to do some photography.

2) Want to get high and watch a thought provoking sci-if/art film.

3) You read this whole thing (can you believe this is the short version!) you deserve a reward, like a cupcake. Give me an email and I will buy you one.
The two of us