33Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Est: 10 of December 2012
----------------------------------------- Page 1: - Basic:
Anthony: *Son*Brother*Father*
Nyc Boriqua 5'7.6 200lbs Cancer
- Sitrep:
I have a Daughter{NoMdrama}. I'm a blunt instrument. Cookiecuting/Holding my tongue is not my thing. I can curse like a Mad Irish Sailor on a drunken stupor & still. I Dnt like playing the rules. Nerd talk I'm a Cpt.Kirk & The Doctor{Without the Classic womanizing, The Tardis or Sonic}. I'm open minded(420Friendly). I'm one that believes in science & a higher power. I hope that "She" knows what she's doing. If not, it be an awful waste of space(I know I Quoted Sagan) I'm a sporty, geeky gamernerd & quirky, loves a Great storyline in my games movies & books hopefully you feel the same way
I'm an {Controlled} Epileptic I have Netflix bt I'm Not into the "Netflix & chill". I'm a southpaw'd Sapiosexual, Anglophenian, Cinephile & Interracial Dater. I Love ALL types of women, I'll Date a woman of any religion, domination, creed, ethnicity & Colourhue, I do have a very BIG weakness for Dimples, I'm a man Soo I'm obviously love all the things that makes a woman her.

My Oldstyl'd Puertorican family might've raised me(Thx Grandma) bt, it was my "Sk8rboi" ways that made me who I am. I'll Never be perfect I'm not looking to be. Sry I'm Only human.
I've loved, lost & been humbled by it. love all things sci-fi,movies,music & art. Studied ancient history,linguistics,science & music in college. I was a cyclist bt stopped about 4 yrs ago. 2 bad knee injuries got me off it for good. I know how to drive, Bt don't care to

------Things You Should Know:
My brat is the Best of me, Accept it.
If you Can't deal with children. Stop reading. You're done here

** I'm an Epileptic Cancer survivor **
Epilepsy: Late Nov.1999 - Present day
& The BigC: April 2008 - 3.15.2012

** I love Great Eyes **
they're my Kryptonite

** I Rarely do 2nd Chances **
Only unless you proved to own that right
(Not Many people have that, Not even family)

Interested... ?
----------------------------------------- Page 2:
I've been told that I'm looking For a "Jessica Rabbit" or Some Easy-A.
When really, I just want someone real. Why Would you expect I want a woman to Come Easy?after this much of a read, I don't like to take the easy way, EVER, to me Normal is just fucking boring.

Its Not Rocket Science, Just Be yourself, Always loved a woman with some maturity without the attitude, & good character. Please be "Down to earth", honest, lil feisty(Livewire), spunky, smarts {Street & Academically}, Have Some Fight in you,I like that. Strong wielded/minded & know what you want for your heart & in life. Im not really one for the psychical bt, Im human & we all have our preferences. Soo...
Just carry it well. I'm a Hispanic & there is No such thing as Double 0 with my family(or others). Well,I Never seen it growing up. I Love a woman of any weight class Audrey Hepburn,wore a 6, & Betty Page wore Size 11. Both were Considered the greatest & sexiest women of their time. The female body is naturally curvy. Read your Darwin/Sir A.Wallace. Bt Please No extremes like Olive Oly'e or Jabba the Hutt.
I'm 5'7.6, Bt I say 5'8. I round up, Soo...the 4'8 to 6'1 range is gd. I Alway loved a great kissing range. I Dnt mind tall women. I Always love great legs
I'm 32. Soo I do prefer women 21 - 47.Bt, Really to me it's more about your maturity. Some people live a lot more life in 20 yrs,Then others have in 80, I'm one of them. Maturity matters most

------------------------The B Sides:
--- Sexuality:
(That means Vagina, Not Manpussy)
I'm Monogamous:
Bt, I do date bisexual/Polyamorous single females

--- Fettishes:
I do have a couple of them
Burlesque,PinUps etc...
*No über Crazy fetishes*

--- Drnkrs:
I seldomly drink. Basically Socially
*Please. No sloppy drinkers.

--- Smkrs:
I do smoke on occasion, if I'm really stressing @ the situation/moment
I don't mind Women who smoke Cigs/Weed
*Please. No heavy Chain-cigsmokers

**Single Mothers: The True Wonderwomen of Life Bt I Have MY Limits to this,tho: 4+ children &/or 3+ babyfathers & any mother that are still childish themselves

**Great Kissers: I love Great Kissers. Bt,Damn some people just don't know how to Kiss{Please be a good kisser}

**Geeks,Nerds,Quirkygirls,Gamergirls & Cosplayers: I'm a Quirky Geek/Nerdy Gamer & Cosplayed once{Arrow}

I Find Intelligence Über Sexy Especially when it's flexed right.

**Military women/"Army Bratz".:
I Always had a thing for the women in the uniform, it's just Fucking sexy. Godbless & Thank you for your duty. I Salute you for your Duty. I was NROTC

The way you keep your hair shows the way you keep yourself. Bt, I'll Always love a ginger, It's My Kryptonite.

**Great eyes:
Eyes are The greatest way to tell about a person & their Story.
- Glasses:
Sexy Librarian is my fatal flaw

You be suprised how legs can tell alot about who you are without you saying a single word.
- Heels:
Louboutins Are Fucking Sexy bt, Only on the right pair of legs
Hpy Hunting, Under Construction: Dec.2016
What I’m doing with my life
I'm Trying to settle my life back to normancy,it's taken a while Bt, I don't backout of my bouts. I'm Jst down, not out & No lie,I always felt complete & I guess better off with a good woman by my side to call my Queen,I hope you feel me
I’m really good at
Children,Affection,Romance,Electronics & Sports,Figuring out the Killer{s}' Mindset/Reason in Criminal Mind Before Dr.Reid & Doing a Good Bane voice.
XXX: Yo Soy Boriqua, Ya tu sabes a que. *Wink*
The first things people usually notice about me
My Eyelashes: They're Long
(used to wear glasses & they hit the lenses)

My Age vs. Look vs.Maturity : I'm 31 Bt, Look 17 & Feel 71
{I have that timeless gene & "Old Soul" complex}

My Voice:
I sound like a "WhiteBoi" for a Puertorican.

My Worduse:
I say Brit words, like Oi, Shite, Bloody hell, The Underground(Nyc Trains) & Mobile(IPhone)
- Sci-fi Badwords: Frell,Frak,Shtako etc...

My Ringtones:
Metal Gear Solid's Codec, Super Mario Bros, Fire Fire & The Orphan Black theme
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Evanescence,Firefight,Flyleaf,Amanda Palmer,Dresden Dolls,3 Doors Down,Nickelback,Foo Fighters,Muse,Delain,Within Temptation,P!nk,The Weeknd,Joss Stone,Emeil Sandé,The Band Perry,Adele,Grace Potter +...

Hunger Games Series,The A Song of Ice & Fire,Series,Millennium Series,Outlander Series,Reina de Sur,+...

Any MCU/DCU movie
Any Star Wars movie
Any J.J. Abrams movie

The Dark Knight Trilogy,Divergent Series,Underworld,Aliens,Riddick,Star Wars & Star Trek,Watchmen,Snowpiercer +...

Doctor Who,Orphan Black,Castle,Criminal Minds,N.C.I.S.,Homeland,Banshee, Shameless,Outlander,Arrow/Flash/Legends,AHS,Dominion,Power, Defiance,Person of Interest,24,L&O:UK, etc

Fallen shows:
Battlestar Galatica,Stargate SG1,Farscape,Firefly,Strike Back,Life on Mars,Ashes to Ashes,Luther,Star Trek,L&O: CI,Dead like me

Video Games:
- Xbox 360/One:
Mass Effect, MGS:V, Fallout4, Tomb Raider

Stag(Great Deer),Wolf/Husky & Mako

Stegosaur,Ankylosaur,Triceratops & Arcteryx
Six things I could never do without
My Prime 9:

1. My Daughter:
- She's my air & Soo Much More
2. My Queen:
- I Would treat her as one
3. Personal Vexes:
- We All got them, be it drink smoke or both
4. Financial Independence:
- Currency runs the world
5. Technology {Electronics}:
- It works the world *Apple'd up*
6. Gaming {XBXOne}:
- 80's kid, Grew up With a Console & a Pinball machine

********** The Extras:
7. A place to call my own
8. Music{4600+ songs strong}
9. Bike{Cannondale}
I spend a lot of time thinking about
ALWAYS in mind: My Daughter's well being.

1:Why I Haven't Met "The Right One" for me yet.

* I've Met "The One That Got Away","The One That Hurt the Deepest","The One to Remember","The Great One" & "My Impossible Girl"Soo, Why then Not specifically her.

2: How many call this Site, The Oklahoma City Thunder or just Oklahoma City.

3: If weed is socially accepted,why not legalise/federalise it.
* It's just a plant.

4: Did our ancients really did believe that the world was flat/that the earth is the center of the universe.
* I mean it's pretty obvious.

5: Does OkCupid Has a 100% or 99.9% Match Percentage.
(Average Range: 72-86 Percentile)
(Highest Hit: 97%)

6: If this is a dating site Then Why would you Only put "New friends".
* Use Facebook if you're only interested in Requesting Friends
On a typical Friday night I am
R-Rated Answer:
Eating, Gaming, Watching a movie/tv or just outside with friends or something like it ...

XXX-Rated Answer:
Being Bad. I'll just let you think about that
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Secrets I'm NOT willing to say are filed under Trenzalore,If you're Smart enough,You'll figure out where
13 Secrets I Will Say:
1: I Love anything Time Travel
Theory,Paradoxes,Shows Etc...
2: I want to be a Companion to "The Doctor"
3: I still hold my childhood crushes on:
Kimberly(the pink ranger),Winnie Cooper,Topanga, Aeryn Sun, Chiana, Stacy Carosi & Kelly Kapowski.
4: I think the "Infiniti x Infiniti" is the Best commercial of ALL Time
5: I think "Can't draw woman with straight lines" is the best line ever.
6: I Love All Things Apple, Except Siri & XT9/autocorrect. Because Siri Should of sounded like Scarjo,Jennifer Hale or Tricia Helfer.
7: I have a lil fear of Statues Thanks to "The Weeping Angels".
8: I Love Old 80's "One Hit Wonders".
9: I'm vry Good with the Nyc Subway System(No transit apps)
10: I believe I'm searching for someone impossible.
11: I Sleep Naked{not in winter}
12: I Sing to a majority of Queen/Bowie songs,{Admit it You have too}
13: I'm a Ram-Paiger
{WWE Diva: Paige fan}
You should message me if
Date Interracially
You're in New York City
Smoke Weed/420Friendly
You're Blackwoman, Latina or Mix'd
You're Gamer, Nerdy, Geeky or Quirky
Have a real life picture of yourself
Looking for a Real Relationship

-----------------------------If you can answer:
Who is En Sabah Nur is?
Who is OB324B21 is?
If you do I want to know. Right Now

If you're out of Storage, & your actually been seen active I'm not hitting you uppo
DO NOT HIT ME UP If you're... Racist, A Republican, Voted Trump Believe the cop Murdering Black Men verdicts are justified, If you've had a Affluent lifestyle, ÜberSpoiled/24/7 High Maintenance, Dense /No common sense You're a Hoodrat/Thot or Heather/Valley girl. If you're prissy, anal, shallow, fickle, vain or fake

^^^ I Dont want those things in my Life, they're Serious Turnoffs
The two of us