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My self-summary
90% mensch-10% BADBOY- ) Love to laugh, laugh to live I'm happy. Nothing is worth worrying about, not even Jewish guilt plenty of time to worry if and when it actually hits the fan. I look at what's right, rather than dwelling on what's wrong. Yes, I'm really 5-11. I've recently become bi-coastal and spend about 1/2 my time in New York, and the other in Los Angeles.

Moving on about me, I love children and animals. I'm curious, fiery, warm, passionate, gregarious, spontaneous, brainy, confident, creative, funny, energetic, fun, romantic, affectionate, and adventurous. Although I'm I recently reached my mid 50's, I feel 30. I'm extremely vibrant and extremely young at heart. I'm going to stay this way, forever!!!

You might say I'm a renaissance man, as my interests are as varied as my capabilities and desires. I don't hesitate to try anything new. I enjoy designing, woodworking/building, YES ...cooking. Absolutely LOVE to dance. Discovered by a talent scout when I was 18 and put on American Bandstand for 2 years as a regular.

I'm extremely handy, just camp me in your garage, I'll become your weekend warrior. Should I bring my tools? Perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in our future :)

I love people, mentoring, and have a passion for learning. Passion in all avenues of life is the name of the game, and I possess an intense and unique zest for life. I was born in Cuba (yes I'm Jewish) LUUUUCY!. So you can say I'm Cubish or perhaps a Jewban and I speak Spanish fluently, (speak a bit of Portuguese as well and understand it nearly completely, but I speak English with no accent, unless you ask me to conjure one up. Guess I can blame that on having my parents bring me to the USA at the young age of 3 or should I say tweeze?

What's really important is that I see the positive in most situations. Why waste energy on worrying? Reverse that energy as it can be better put to use in solving issues! I am a technology innovator am working on cutting-edge internet technology in the Recruiting/Matching industry which I'm feverishly passionate and dedicated to. It's going well, but I'm just at the forefront, as one of the sites were recently launched.

Recently ended a relationship, so I'm just slowly beginning to dip into the dating pool. To be clear, it wasn't a marriage, and yes I am divorced!. I'll share that with you if you'd like to hear later on should we connect and we find it to be appropriate. So if you see me on here, please do write and understand that it may be a couple of weeks or more before I actually extend an invite for a date, as I'm on the slow-boat for the time being. Nevertheless, I'm writing, chatting and speaking by phone. This is me with my big toe in the pool <<>>.

In addition unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances (helping my ex-girlfriend battle stage 4 breast and liver cancer), this hardship combined with the lack of my weekly dancing and lifestyle change, I gained 30 pounds (22 of that is gone already - YIPPEE!!), that I'd like to shed before I get back to it. So these pictures are approximately 2 years old, but I look the same. I'll post new ones as I get back to the swing of things.

I'm extremely creative and love art and anything associated with it. I generally look at the beauty of life it's content from the eyes of an artist. EVERYTHING is art. I don't think inside or outside-the-box, as that perspective takes you too close or too far, rather I think within the layers of the casing of the box.

You've go to set yourself in perpetual happy mode and be optimistic. After all, the perspective and mindset you employ in your life is what either delivers you to pleasure and happiness, or misery discontent. I choose the first. I hope you do as well, if you don't, let me convince you otherwise. <<<<smile big>>>> :)
What I’m doing with my life
Exploring, inventing, creating new technologies and systems to improve and change the world. Constantly learning and evolving.

Currently launching multiple new worldwide internet based businesses which in essence compliment one another. The first is for helping to balance the shortages and surplus of jobs in the USA. Very big endeavor, taking loads of my time, but I'm dedicated to making it superbly successful. Have to make this one a success as I piggyback the other's onto it.
I’m really good at
I hate not sounding humble - HATE IT... but the truth is that I am good at at lot of things. It used to be a problem when I was younger, which I tried to solve when I reached out to my university counselor to figure out what in the world I wanted to do (I wanted to do everything!), and ended up even more confused. Nevertheless, I eventually realized it was a gift.

I can fix pretty much anything, and build creative and industrious concoctions, whether mechanical, food, virtual, or even subliminal. I am a weekend warrior in disguise. I am also a sort of Mr. Solution and that goes for solutions on a multitude of levels. I have ideas that flow like the river. Grab one before it gets away!

I am a great communicator and listener as well. I'm pretty good at making people laugh, although I don't try. People feel comfortable around me too :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My self-assurance, ENERGY, forward attitude, smile, and that I am always happy. I'm positive but can be a big kid at times. Physically - my hands, smile in my eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My books are all about personal & business advancement and technology. Somewhere along the line, I ended up reading nonfiction, as my mind is literally a sponge and my zest and quest for knowledge is restlessly insatiable. I've also transitioned from books to reading just about everything on a computer or iPhone.

Cuisine is a virtually a limitless quest in which few meals are outside of giving a shot. Do please, keep the fried insects off the table, but I have tried fried alligator and it taste like chicken (doesn't everything else? LOL). I love exotic food. I love almost everything and I will try anything at least once (even making it myself). My favorites are Thai, Indian, Sushi, Brazilian and Argentinian BBQ, Middle eastern, and of course Cuban (after all that's the food I grew up on, well then again there was always that great comfy Jewish food too :)

When it comes to music, if you can dance to it, all the better, I am full of SOUL. Even though some RAP is a waste with some negative messages and the overuse of bad language (which is affecting young kids), the beat still has me moving to the groove. I love to dance immensely. I do something called the New York Hustle which is very similar to Salsa but with one step less. I can do a bit of Salsa as well, but sometimes get twisted and switch back to the NY Hustle. Regardless, this boy can move! ;)
Six things I could never do without
My brain and deep thought, laughter, air conditioning, passion, love & affection, researching the hell out of things and finding the best way or deal to go. Of course there's the marvel of the internet and my innovations. Ooops, that was way more than 6.. YIKES!! Shall I continue? I could go on...and what the heck, I shall. Dancing, loving, laughter, laughter and even more laughter, followed by smiles--you know the kind that you simply can't shake from your face no matter how hard you try, even while employing some radically futuristic set of nuclear fusion tools powered and developed by super beings from a distant universe. Then for me it's wisdom and the reaping of knowledge. Did I mention laughter and smiles?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People and how to help them become more aware and positive. I also think allot these days about my health and what I need to do to keep a healthy lifestyle. I've been walking over 6 miles everyday to get my cardio in. Gives me allot of time to think about the past, the present and the future.

I'm spending allot of time these days thinking about my new business venture and what a big undertaking I've accepted in launching a national enterprise. So much to do, never enough time!

I also often think about a future relationship with devoted partner who is extremely positive, calm yet exciting, good natured, kind, affectionate, caring, and isn't a stress monkey. Does that sound like you?
On a typical Friday night I am
There is absolutely no standard here. The sky is the limit. I could be anywhere, doing anything. Dancing always is a great choice, but movies, hanging out with great friends anywhere is a great choice as well, whether it's fine dinging, a local dive, or a raspy pub. I can also be with you having some nice conversation while we just hold hands and enjoy some amazing moments. The point is to ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I actually enjoy shopping and cooking (would be great to do that together!). The rest you will have to discover with me. Oh, and of course there's the..... (oops, almost let it out).
You should message me if
1) If you like what you read and see here and feel intrigued!
2) If you are open minded and willing to explore the possibility of chemistry between us.
3) If you believe in love and are affectionate, warm, sweet, and perhaps have an edgy or even bad-girl side even if it's just 1% of your personality :)
4) If you're playful and don't sweat the small stuff
5) If you are looking for a devoted relationship potential and you love to have fun!
6) If you LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance!!!
7) Not required at all, but bonus points if you're Jewish whether active, practicing not at all, or if it was just the religion you were born under. I'ts just nice to have that in common from my perspective, but I'm not religious at all. I do however really enjoy the tradition with family. If you're not religious or spiritual that's pretty amazing too. I'm too much of a free spirit to truly follow any organized religion.
8) If you have a twinkle in your eyes and perhaps even what I would refer to as "Smiling Eyes", that would be a huge plus (that's a major turn on for me)!
9) If you're OK with taking our chat off this website, as we really don't know who's looking at what, and what ends up getting published unbeknownst to us. Sending an email address is not a bad idea at all.
10) If you like a guy who's a man, yet real and can be demonstrative.

One comment (as a Jewish man with no fear to reveal my upbringing) to all you Jewish girls who are afraid or neglect to let the world know that you're Jewish, by using statements like "Other". Same goes for anyone not displaying their religion! What are you afraid of? It's not a negative at all, and if someone thinks it is, then you shouldn't be dating them anyway right? I've reached out to many women that I felt chemistry with her on OKCupid that disclose that they're Jewish, but they're are so many of you out there who are Jewish but don't say so. Hmmmm.

Then there are even more of you who are of another religion, but again, put in that magical OTHER? What's up with that? Are you afraid of being judged? Ashamed? If you think it's not important, then reveal it but write something about it in your profile.

Finally, if you're putting in more effort into deciding what app you're going to install on your new iPhone or Android, than you are in creating your profile here, then you've got a big problem. This is it girls. This is a place where you have an opportunity to shine, and look and sound amazing. There's lots of competition as well. Who you meet here can easily change your life completely for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. Think about that and then go and give your profile some substance if it doesn't have any yet. Yes, guys look at your pics first, and then we decide if we will actually read your profile. But when we do finally go and read your profile, then we want to find someone who sounds as amazing as we feel they look.
The two of us