30 Golden, United States
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My self-summary
when i first started meditating, i participated in an experiential that had me paired up with a partner. the partner would ask "who are you?" i would respond in whatever way suited the moment and then the partner would ask "and that's not all, who are you?" and then after 30 minutes of this, when i had exhausted my list of identities, i was left with silence. i suppose the lesson learned is that i am beyond identity. beyond form. beyond words. and yet, all of that too. so, below are some things about me, things ive been and am and claim to be. i am all of it and i am none of it. especially because we are always changing. i am not the person i just was. nor are you. every moment we are new. how beautiful and terrifying.

i am:
- a psychotherapist
- existentialist
- queer
- anti racist, anti sexist, anti ageist, anti ableist, anti sizeist, anti oppressive. pro liberation.
-unapologetically curvaceous. and committed to dismantling, disrupting, and disturbing the illusion of solace in beauty and desirability.
- taurus to a t
- sex positive
- body hair positive, yours and mine. all the hairs. i especially like my armpit hair.
- lover of breakfast foods
- enneagram 2, though now im more like a 4.
- myersbriggs INFJ, the rarest of 'em all.
- a morning person
- resilient
- a lover, a fighter, a nail biter
- passionate
- compassionate
- dog mom
- tattooed and scarred
What I’m doing with my life
loving people. loving experience.

i work as an advocate and trauma therapist for people who have experienced discrimination, harassment, bias motivated incidents, intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, and grief/loss.

outside of the 9 to 5 grind i also do some of these things: walk my little pupperoni a lot. im into doing yoga and i teach it too. though not at a studio. i teach it as a form of trauma therapy, helping to facilitate the release of trauma from the body while also increasing capacity for self regulation, self compassion, and self awareness. it's great, i love it. i am working on liking cycling and jogging. though i do neither consistently. i meditate and really value living mindfully. i believe strongly in social justice and anti oppression and this shapes just about all i do. i like to cook and bake and eat yummy sugar free, gluten free, generally whole, clean foods. i am in the process of minimizing my participation in industrialized meat systems. i like boardgames, coffee dates, brunch, bluegrass concerts/festivals, reading books that make me a better person and expanding consciousness through various means. i sing and hum and dance around when i am happy. i cry when im sad. i feel deeply. im quirky and sassy and sweet. living life as it comes, learning new shit every day.
I’m really good at
being a therapist.
resume writing and job interviews.
typing fast. without looking at the keyboard.
singing very loudly in the car and shower.
listening. inquiry. making intense eye contact.
dancing around my kitchen.
parallel parking.
never skipping breakfast. most important meal of the day!
knowing all the lyrics, and when i dont, im really good at making up a sound or made up word that sounds like the lyric. i also make up songs about whatever i am doing in a given moment.
collecting colorful shoes and colorful dresses.
The six things I could never do without
my blender. and sleep. and my dog. and sunshine. and coffee.

intimacy (with community, family, friends, lovers, my dog, my surroundings, and myself).

self evolution (gaining knowledge, being self reflective, being challenged, expanding mindfulness).

emotion and its authentic, empowering, vulnerable expression (joy, awe, love, sorrow, grief, curiosity, anger, disappointment, fear, excitement, pride, humility, inspiration... all the feels... i am a therapist, c'mon).

the belief that there is beauty in us all. and it is worth being seen, acknowledged, validated, and embraced.

clearly i need more than six things. can ya blame me, I want it all.
You should message me if
i am interested in folks who are committed to self growth and expanding their experiences of themselves and the world. folks who recognize their own shit and rather than deny it, they see the beauty of exposing our shadows to light. generally i like folks who are a little off beat and out of the box. people who are sort of quirky and goofy and have heart and are capable of deep empathy. and are willing to get dirty, facing the shitiness of the world, while simultaneously holding the beauty, inspiration, and joy of it all.

also, if you are a-okay with me having one partner already. I am looking to grow my chosen family and welcome more love (in all its forms) into my life.

also, dont let the hetero appearing partnership fool you... i am queer through and through. i am especially attracted to femmes who are something fierce, who are emotionally intelligent, empathetic, who value art, expression, vulnerability, and presence.