29Anaheim, United States
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My self-summary
I like food. Food is good...

So the section below says to list your favorite foods. Although, I did complete it, this question seems far too vague -- especially living in OC. We have quite a selection of cuisines and it seems most people like most foods; thus, the more appropriate question would be, "Which are your favorite restaurants?" Mastro's, anyone?

Anyway...I should probably talk about myself as suggested by the OKCupid designers:
1) I'm a nerd
2) I have a 6 yr old sister (5 siblings total)
3) I want to go to Thailand this year. Looking for people to join me...
4) Hoping to spend more time with my guitar...
5) I love tennis
6) ...and board games
7) ...and awesome food
What I’m doing with my life
Living the life and enjoying myself.

For work, I do stuff with the brain...and stuff. You can ask me if you're interested (and you should be) -- it's awesome...stuff.

I've also been traveling quite a bit lately. Mostly for business, but I usually still have time to explore while I'm there. I've been to Europe four times in the last year.
I’m really good at
Math, Medical Devices, Investing / Finance, Derivative Markets, Guitar, Tennis, Hitting snooze 19210323012 times in the morning, eating, suggesting delicious foods that will make your diet cringe...there are many others, but I am now tired of typing in this particular section so I will just continue...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: American History X, Training Day, A Christmas Story, Inception, Caddy Shack, Happy Gilmore, Avengers, The Dark Knight (the second one)

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Foo Fighters, Nirvana

Food: Indian, Sushi, Burgers, Korean BBQ, Korean Tofu Soup, Pho, Italian...basically EVERYTHING (except Tripe)

TV: Big Bang Theory, 24, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, The Office

Wine: Reds (mainly the ones from Paso Robles) -- Justin Isosceles, Daou 1740 Reserve, Justin Cabernet 2009s and 2010s, J'Lohr Cabernet

Drinks: Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve, AMFs, Margaritas, Vodka Tonic, Red Bull Vodka
Six things I could never do without
Friends, Good Company, Delicious food, Comfy Bed, Smartphone, Gym Membership
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What do I want to eat?
What am I doing tonight?
Futures (No; that 's' is not a mistake. In this case, it's a noun.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually out for dinner and drinks. If I'm lucky...playing tennis. If I want time to myself or don't have other plans, I'll surely be at the gym.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do not know how to swim despite living in Southern California my entire life...

Update: I just learned how to swim! Victory!

I was on a connecting flight in London hanging out in the lounge where all the business folk hang-out. I sat down, and started playing "Ni**as In Paris" on my Kindle Fire, but I only had the headphone jack plugged in halfway so it was coming out of the speakers (rather loudly too). After about two minutes, I looked up and noticed everyone was staring and finally realized what was going on... Needless to say, I had an entire lounge of English business men staring at me thinking, "What the hell is wrong with this guy."
You should message me if
You must be intelligent. This is MOST important. I have absolutely no interest in talking to anyone that does not meet this criteria. Also looking for someone honest and loyal.

Now, let's see if I am a good match for you...

You should message me if you want...
A guy that's stable emotionally, financially, and is as awesome as can be.


You are sick of losers that...:
1) Are in a dead-end job
2) Can't afford to take you out to dinner
3) Have no future
4) Are drug addicts
5) Are idiots
6) Are liars

Bonus points:
1) You like math -- props if you know what Gaussian Quadrature is (numerical analysis is quite useful in the real world since real world problems don't work out quite as nicely as textbook examples) :-)
2) You like to go on random Yelp runs...
3) You do not confuse you're/your when you type.
4) You are looking for a food/travel/movie buddy.
5) You are a UCLA alum
6) You play tennis or golf.
7) You play DOTA
8) You know anything about futures options

If you agree with the following statement:
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy ice cream. And that is pretty much the same thing.
The two of us