49Houston, United States
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My self-summary
I am a singularity of exceptionalities
Exhibiting moments and action
That rarely make sense
Reason is tested, sanity is questioned, fantasy frequently comes in

I've been around this country and quite a few others, it's true
So often alone
Usually because not many take the time to drop in
Away from their busy pursuits to gain riches or fame
But my travels are rarely for work or to make someone else feel better about anything
Though that sometimes happens anyway

I go without aim
To find other perspectives therein

If you've done the same, please do continue on with my words
I hope you will find something
Of value or a grin

If you live in a program not written by You
We won't share much truth
So really don't bother because
What's the use

I know most of you won't even get here
That's a given
You're too busy slavering over my pictures
Making fantasies up or critiquing what I've given

But for those who still read
I hope I've offered you a small treat

.... .. .... .. .... ..

I am odd, unabashedly exuberant, easily amused and continually do things without knowing why at the time (I play about 3 months ahead sometimes, you'll have to roll with that). I have a healthy self respect and I can promise that my crazy is the good kind. It remains to be seen if your crazy meshes well with mine. I've come to the conclusion that crazy meshing is the ultimate connection.

The Robot has decided I'm Less Playful. Clearly, the Robot has suffered a meltdown of catastrophic magnitude.
What I’m doing with my life
Taking a sabbatical to explore some projects and do some uninterrupted deep thinking, hence the roving locale.

Waiting for my next surf trip to arise. It's been a very deep trough, but the next wave will come. It always does, if you wait for it.

Redesigning tools that bug me.

Following an ancient trail through the depths of the dark that lights up only one step ahead
I’m really good at
You ain't got time for this list right now. You'll see if you get a chance.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. You're welcome to tell me, if you like.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Aren't these good things to talk about when we meet? Does it really matter what I say here?
I read. A lot. Some years' totals are way north of 100 books, about one a week for average years.
I watch movies. Usually streaming on netflix.
Does this mean tv or bway?
Music, yes. Sometimes. I like silence, too.
Who doesn't love food?
Six things I could never do without
As of July 2015, I've shed all extraneous stuff and am down to a car, my walkabout gear, and about 4 cubic feet of treasures. I'm floating. It's incredible. 11.3.15 - added a rolling turtle shell but it's created a's really too heavy for my lil suv. Do I sell it for a profit or trade my urban vehicle for a truck?

My dog Lew (though one day that will happen, the tragic result of differing lifespans).

My imagination. I live there often.

The ocean. Anywhere. Anytime. Hopefully eventually, in large blocks of time.

My friends and family. Indispensable.

A roof over my head - walls are optional.

Good food in my belly.

Sharp knives, the big ones. All my knives are big and sharp. Except one, and it's severely neglected but it doesn't seem to mind.

Clean water to drink. And currently a lot of coconut water and watermelon juice. Tequila if we're drinkin.

My passport, preferably stamped at least once a year.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why we're here

how things work

how many idiots the planet will actually sustain and why

if as many women on here post naked photos of themselves as men and are the majority just as unflattering

how to make better tools

where I'm going next

why people willingly choose to commute for hours every day just to have a giant cookie cutter house that looks like every 3rd one on every block

how funny everything is

how amazing everything is

why so many people are so miserable all the time {I figured this one out}
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday is rather the same as any other day of the week in my world and "typical" really doesn't apply to much in my life. (Understatement of the century, right there)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I took my Centaur for a haute ècole session in the park this morning. Didn't you?

I also play with whipsnakes now. We dance in the park often.10/6: played with them in the dark under the storage facility lights next to my hostel. The 8 footers. It was fantastic. Totally surreal. 10/16: took em to the bluff and danced the sun down. Surreal is nothing compared to this. It was Magic.

I'm essentially a reptile when it comes to weather. I don't do well in the cold. And I have a love-hate relationship with air conditioning. Water is a requirement. As are trees. Though my current trip is in the desert, I will not live in this environment again. The desert and I, we're kinda like me and big cities...nice to visit, no fukin way I'm living there.

If your name is Richard, you are automatically disqualified. I have a name thing and that one is just not acceptable to me.
You should message me if
'you can and do write in complete sentences and have more to say in your initial email than "Hello (insert flattering adjective). How are you today?". I've made some effort to give you plenty of things to comment on or ask about. If you didn't even skim my words, I'll be slightly flattered if I find you attractive (or mildly annoyed if I don't) that you even bothered to write me, but I probably won't respond.

`you're not afraid of strong intense women. Seriously. Think about this hard before you message me.

`you're the real life version of Iron Man. I have the antidote...
But I'm not going to run your business, I'm wearing the other suit.

`you do acroyoga and slackline. This is a priority for me currently. I need a tall guy to climb all over. A little like this:
But more climbing.

`you're not attached to someone else. I wanna be your only one.

`you don't mind a six pack on a chick. I'm not very squishy right now, almost no body fat actually. If you like your women well padded, I'm probably not for you.

'You're reasonably attractive and admirably fit. (I mean it about the fit part. I am not even slightly attracted to men carrying extra weight, or even those who are just naturally bear-like. For instance, I like a baseball/basketball player's build over a football player.)

`you find me unbearably attractive and can't wait to have me make you laugh.

`you have more than one photo (preferably the max allowed) and at least some of them were taken within the last few months. And please have at least one or two without your ubiquitous shades on. I wanna see your eyes. It's important.

`you think rabbit holes are perfectly good portals into wonderlands and are able and willing to go head first down any that you find.

`Willy Wonka is your idol.

'you'd like me to be the co-star of your show as desperately as you wanna be the co-star in mine. I hope you're writing yourself a good one because mine is a blast.

`you agree that the line between reality and fantasy is often blurry and has a rather wide margin.

`you are ready to fall fast and hard if that's what happens. I move quickly, you'll have to be able to keep up. I can't promise forever, but I can promise the time of your life. If it happens to last forever, that would be tremendously fortuitous!
I'd like that. But only if it stays fun. No fun = no longer fortuitous. Fun can happen in the middle of tragedy. Really. It's a brilliant stress reliever. And the less stress, the better everything else works. Not that I'm predicting tragedy for us. But shit does indeed happen. Gotta laugh about it or it stays shit.

`you want to run around town like 5 year olds who have money and cars. 5 year olds who say Fuck a lot. My inner kid still thinks it's hilarious to say fuck. And don't get me started on farts. Farts are fuckin' funny, I don't care who you are.

`you want to take me surfing. Or even just to the beach. SUPing would be lovely here or there. SUPing's lovely everywhere.

`it's entirely possible that you're an alien.

`you seek Passion foremost and let everything follow from there.

`you Know.

You're still here? Alright then... What cartoon character defines how you're feeling right this second?
The two of us