33Nashville, United States
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My self-summary
I have a girlfriend and we have a good thing going. I'm only looking for friends. Not that you were really interested in me. But, I'm an interesting person to be friends with. So, you should really consider that, as that's what I'm looking for.

My personality is changing pretty much all the time.

People come and people go and the few that stick around end up being really good friends. I love reddit and most of my friends have come from the local reddit group. If you enjoy reddit we will probably get along.
I used to be a partier and a drinker. Now I can't drink much at all... But, I'm back to going out with friends and having a couple beers on a pretty regular basis.Still have absolutely no tolerance though.... Back to not drinking

I fix computers for a living.I'll also gladly fix computers for friends.

I'm an atheist and I'm pretty against organized religion in general. However, I understand and see some value in having something to believe and as long as a person doesn't feel that need to convince me of their religion and it doesn't come up all the time then I can usually get along with a person.

I'm always interested in meeting new people and learning how interesting they are and why.

I'm extremely honest and very loyal. Sometimes to my detriment. I'm fairly self-sacrificing when it comes to friendships/relationships. If you're nice to me I'll go out of my way to do things for you. I think in general I'm kind. I'm gentle. I'm very patient. I dated a girl that repeatedly told me she thought I was too nice for her. I've also been described as "emotionally available".

I'm a very accepting person, I think. I get behind the ideas of feminists. I'm all about equality for women. However, I'm still going to open doors for you and pay for most dates. I don't think chivalry is at all in conflict with feminism. If I were gay and taking dudes out, I'd do the same thing for them.

I will say however, that while I'm extremely accepting, I'll still sometimes make jokes based on stereotypes, usually out of irony. They're not things I actually believe. But, if we can't laugh at these things how will we ever move from them being offensive to funny archaic thoughts of the past. If I made a joke about the world being flat you 1) wouldn't think I believed it and 2) wouldn't get offended for the people of the world that might think the world is flat. Why should it be that way with anything else?
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to figure this one out right now...

Currently I'm doing Couch to 5k. (Again) And this time I'm chugging along through it. Much less feeling like I'm going to die than the last time I tried this. Also, hopefully not hurting myself outside of my workout this time. This is definitely something I'm enjoying and think that once I get to a point where my body is more comfortable with more of it, I'll be doing it more than my 3 days a week.

Other than that, I'm working. I work 12:30-9 on Saturday and Sunday and 2:30-11 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This makes being social really hard. If you have similar hours and think we'd get along, I'm interested in being friends. :-) Even if we end up at a waffle house one night having a weird conversation at 1 in the morning, I'm interested in meeting new people on my schedule.

Thursdays and Fridays are my days off. Lately they've been full of playing board games with friends. I'm into the eurostyle board games and things you'll see on the TableTop show on YouTube.
Lately I've been looking for things to get me out of the house more. I'm trying to get more comfortable with the outdoors and the being dirty and uncomfortable that seems to come with it.
I’m really good at
Computers. Using them. Fixing them.

Problem Solving in general.

Listening. If you feel like talking I'll gladly shut my mouth and let you. Sometimes I present things useful in response.

Napping! I consider napping my super power. I can do it almost any time or place for almost any period and feel improved. You know you're jealous.

And cuddling. I've been told by a number of people lately that I'm very good at cuddling :-)
The first things people usually notice about me
My bald head probably...
Or my walk... if you see me from a distance first.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm really bad at these things because I know what I like if you ask me if I like it but if you ask me to just list things that I like I can't remember them.

Books: I knocked out the first Song of Ice and Fire book a couple episodes into the first season of Game of Thrones. I'm currently reading those. I like the writing of Neil Gaiman. I keep going back and reading a story or two of Fragile Things and then putting it down to find and enjoy later. I also like humorous writing like Hitchhiker's Guide and Terry Pratchett. Good Omen's is probably one of the best books ever. There are very few books I don't enjoy, but there are few that I find myself with the attention span and time to finish.

I have so many books on my ipad that sometimes I just scroll up and down with my eyes closed and just poke one to read.

Movies: I don't really do your stupid funny movies. I don't really like straight-out comedy movies. I don't find Will Ferrell or Jim Carrey funny. The sort of comedy these guys do just don't amuse me. I won't complain if someone wants to watch them, but I won't choose to watch them myself.
I'm also not so much for gorey horror movies either.
I like dramas when I have the time to sit and watch them. I like thriller sorts of movies, for instance, Shutter Island - I love the way movies like that work. I love things that make me question reality and my own sanity.
I love pretty much anything with Michael Cera in it. The type of character he gets typecast as is the sort of person I feel I am inside.
And Jason Segel. I love absolutely anything he does.
I absolutely love Garden State.
My favorite date movie ever is Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.
I'm into comic book movies and the like as well.

I watch a lot more tv than movies as tv shows are smaller servings of larger plots. I'll sit down and watch a marathon of tv shows on my day off. I recently caught up on Fringe this way. Other shows I love include:
How I Met Your Mother. I'll rewatch this series from beginning to current with a new friend if they're up for it.
White Collar
Big Bang Theory
BBC's Sherlock
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad
South Park (I find I appreciate the topical references a lot more now than when I was younger and paid no attention to world events)
Recently watched all of 30 Rock. It is rather excellent.
Suits! (I feel like I'm the only person who watches this show. I devour it as soon as I can in fears that it'll be canceled)

Music: My music tastes are pretty eclectic. The only thing I don't really listen to is Country. When I turn on the radio I listen to an alternative or some top 40 station depending on my mood at the time. When I'm wanting to keep my energy up and get things done I usually throw on a pandora station based on Daft Punk or I dance around the apartment to an LMFAO pandora station.
My favorite bands are Weezer, Incubus and a little Chicago band called Lucky Boys Confusion.
I've been listening to ALOT of Mumford and Sons lately. I love the way they sound and have been searching for other bands that sound like them. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I'm looking for a balanced sound with similar vocal tones. There's a St. Louis band with some friends of mine in it called Great Isaac that sounds a lot like them imo. If you like mumford you should check them out!

Lately in my car I've been listening to a lot of NPR. Also, I've been known to listen to a lot of podcasts. Usually I'm listening to the TWiT podcasts or the Frogpants podcasts. Lots of geeky things like that. I listen to This American Life fairly regularly and Freakonomics Radio almost religiously. Oh... and the Savage Lovecast is my guilty pleasure podcast.

Food: I have a lot of annoying food allergies. I'm allergic to tree nuts, which has me afraid of most baked goods. I'm allergic to sesame, which pretty much rules out all asian food. I'm allergic to Mango... which has become pretty popular in foods lately. Oh, and of course shellfish. If I can convince myself that I'm safe eating something, I'll probably like it and I'll probably love to eat more of it. It's the first part that's usually the issue.
Six things I could never do without
My iphone
An actual computer and internet access.
Autumn. I wish every season was fall....
Human contact.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How there are billions of other people out there... and they're all somewhere in their own head probably as lost as I am in mine.
On a typical Friday night I am
Getting drug by friends out to do god knows what... usually involves drinking. Sometimes I'm throwing deadly darts.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm going to be super honest right now. I've had a rough couple months. A friend committed suicide. I lost my job. I lost my home in St. Louis. Now I'm in Nashville with some friends trying to rebuild. I'm optimistic about life, but while I'd like someone to date, I'm probably not someone you'd want to be dating right now... but I'll let you make that decision I guess.

Update 4-26-13: Things are going much better now and my shit is coming together. I /might/ be at a point where I'm not horrible to date.

Current: I've got my shit pretty much together now. Alright, life, let's do this!

I'll answer any question for almost anyone. I'm a completely open book. Actually... I'm like an audiobook someone left playing in a room you walk into and you hear something random out of the middle of it. Sometimes you're intrigued and sometimes you're just like "WTF just happened?!"

I've spent the last year making a lot of new friends and trying to get out of my shell. I'm just now starting to get to a point where I like who I am and I like who I'm becoming. Sometimes I relapse into who I was, but then get back in the right direction.

Everyone puts their family on their "six things they could never do without" list. I didn't. I'm not close to my family. Except my grandma. None of them live here. I'll go months without talking to my immediate family. Grandma on the other hand worries when she hasn't heard from me in a week. :-)

Also, I knit. I probably have a better grasp on it than most people. I'm wanting to get more into this and do some more involved projects. I get lazy though and projects go unfinished.
You should message me if
You want to get to know someone new.
You're into nice guys with beards...
You enjoy a stream of random question and answer back and forth with someone you don't really know.
You might eventually want to hang out and watch a good geeky series or a movie or something.
The two of us