51 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
caveat: i am looking for someone who is kinky and guided by a keen interest in BD/SM. if that makes you blanch or you do not know what that is you are wasting your time reading this profile. i consider myself a sexual deviant and i am looking for like minded perverts who feel empowered identifying as such. queers, freaks, outlaws, transgender peeps, faggots, cross dressers, leather fetishist, dominatrixes, and all around hedonist come on in! if you know how to meet out pleasure with pain i want to hear from you. total boot slut and leather lover with bi tendencies. i would love to meet a woman that likes to make two men become her slaves and can work with hot bi-sexual chemistry. never really been one to join clubs but would love to hear from fet-life members who have had a good experiences at munches and those kind of events.
I absolutely love being spit on. I am a faggot, bitch. Totally a bottom. I love being used as a vehicle for your amusement.
looking for an enriching experience with a dominant, sadistic woman that is very kinky and appreciates the theatre of bd/sm. the allure of leather and latex is intoxicating to me. power exchange is an aphrodisiac. a tigress hunting her prey is delicious play. i want to be the prey you conquer. Very interested in being used for your amusement with another man.
I wonder if others were played with as children by strange girls who tied them up. I wonder if you are that strange girl?
looking for a serious seductress who is fully aware of her dominant side and wants an intelligent, kind, and sincere toy to play with.

i am very into feet, boot worship, strap-ons, pussy adoration, bi-play, and many other kinks. are there any kinky women in Portland? Why is it so difficult to find an intelligent, dominant sadistic woman in Portland?

would love to hear from you even if we just exchange thoughts via e-mail or phone chat.

the joys of self-summary are as boundless as they are ridiculous. i am not too serious. i like to tease and be teased. i really don't think dating is what i would call fun. i like to camp in the summer and take hikes in the gorge. i use a sonicare. floss sometimes. my poker game is slow and steady. you either play to win or lose. sounds simple but there is a zen to it. i am clean. i am employed. i try not to close the perimeters on my likes because i think people are pretty groovy and this kind of profile business is mostly a drag. i like to think i am a good communicator. i'm house trained and friendly. i really like spell check and as you can see am not very fond of upper case letters.
Not really looking for a girlfriend. A fun play partner does sound ideal.
What I’m doing with my life
not enough dancing. you wouldn't know it upon meeting me but when it comes to getting down i can bring it. i spent the early nineties raving like a fiend in san francisco.
my job is cool and gives me a sense of doing something meaningful, valueable, with potential for learning new approaches to urban pressures.
somewhere along the line from becoming a little punk, to a mushroom eating raver, to a union organizing bike-messenger i became a productive member of society. just don't call me a cog.
I’m really good at
shaving my head. cooking. making sure i have a present if i am going to a birthday party. changing flat tires on bikes. playing air drums. being honest even if it means it will get me in trouble.
scrabble. i would go on a date with you simply because you love scrabble.
The first things people usually notice about me
that i am really good at shaving my head. that i am pretty confident about myself and that i have a laser like focus with regards to what i'm doing with my life. not. that i can stare hard. imagine my photos with my fist clinched and my arms all muscle. intense, right? henry rollins would cower. truth is i have never been in a fist fight in my life and i intend to keep it that way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
authors: thomas pynchon, jd salinger, james ellroy, lester bangs, william burroughs, martin amos, david sedaris, don dellilo, celine, p.k. dick, gillian flynn. i just finished Gone Girl and i am pretty much terrified of human intimacy in general and women specifically. i can't help but think that we are all looking for an accessory that completes whatever bullshit ideal vision of ourselves we have. but no, i am not at all cynical about this process of selling ourselves to the lowest bidder.
movies: the big lebowski, apocalypse now, the big sleep, l.a. confidential, welcome to the doll house, 2001 a space odyssey, the usual suspects.
shows: the butthole surfers, sonic youth, black flag, emmylou harris, the dirtbombs, david byrne, luna, echo and the bunnymen, aimee mann, the minutemen, funkadelic, x...showing my age here.
food.: i will try almost anything although not that crazy shit, like, hyena ass, that anthony bourdain eats. or the balls of mammals. well, define "eat."
The six things I could never do without
tunes, quality television, sarcastic bitches, delicious food, bicycles, and love.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
tuneage, dude! i spend a lot of time listening to music. and my taste are eclectic. mostly indie. and i am aware for the semantic hang uppers of the contradictions inherent in those last two sentences. i wouldn't call myself a hipster but some would. i was recently told my profile made them think of portlandia. i felt equally unsatisfied and accomplished.
how or when i became feeling so irrelevant. i thought i had a novel or two in me at one time.
food is pretty high on this list. i am always up for trying something new and my palate gravitates towards savory and spicy. i read restaurant reviews and am up for trying something sumptuous and new times infinity.
sex in its endless permutations. although i quit reading savage love with any meals. some pleasures and curiosities are not meant to be mixed.
why i think about the the things i think about.
why people with otherwise good taste can indulge the band sublime.
why i pretended to not like led zeppelin when punk-rock happened.
how a band such as the xx can create such lush, sophisticated compositions of minimalism that are vaguely erotic and richly atmosheric and yet, uniformly, have abysmal taste in footwear.
what the political landscape of the u.s.a. would look like if the disenfranchised voted.
why some women feel it is acceptable to wear sweatpants with the word "pink" on the ass. for about two seconds i may forget you have a vagina and keep my end of the conversation flowing. not now. thanks for the reminder. how about i wear cargo pants that have the word "shaft" on the zipper cover?
why radio in this town is more or less terrible. especially "alternative music" on KNRK.
why we water lawns. how much water is wasted with bad irrigation systems that i could fix.
On a typical Friday night I am
having beers with my friends at the basement pub. my friends are boss and love as quickly as they ridicule the silly or dumb statement. which i certainly make my share of. and that, dear reader, only partly sums up me and what i give and take. love and ridicule. this spectrum is one of many offered by the springloaded experience. dynamics abound. paradigm shifts are pretty much guaranteed. irreverence is required. sweetness is in no short supply. hopefully, good belly laughs will top it all off.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i had a mullet circa '82. i have no hair---on the dome---and will never make this ill-conceived choice again.
i enjoy being humiliated in sexual situations. probably due to early formative experiences with older kids in my lower income neighborhood. not sure when it took a turn, but i really enjoy being on my knees and serving a superior.
You should message me if
you want to chat. you want to make fun of me. you want me to make fun of you. you like awkward mutual attraction being revealed. you play air guitar. we could be the next black keys, white stripes, power duo. you think we could take down all fools and playas with our wicked air band. you like to go to genies for breakfast.

you are some kind of crazy. have a borderline personality disorder. secretly harbor an end of the world fantasy. are "kinky." like everything about leather. you want to wear a strap-on and play with gender roles. if you identify your sexuality as perverse. we probably wont be a good match if you are vanilla. can watch a baseball game and not find it boring. need directions.

if you like to totally dominate your man and make him your bitch. i am that bitch and i want to serve you.

you have a sadistic side and want to test my limits.