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My self-summary
I would like to be your LAST, FIRST kiss!!! (Boy in pic is a friends son, not my son)

First: I am interested in a mate who is sold out to the Lord. Who will embrace my vision for ministry (which is to Change the World for Him) through my book and ministry. I want her to live Deut. 28..."fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all His commands"...and Prov. 31 for herself, Eph. 5 for us, and walks "By His Side" (Name of my ministry), then by my side as she builds her inner-person in Him. - I desire someone with whome to grow old together, to be best friends, both being transparent, and both giving 110%. I am looking for a great Christian lady who highly values her relationship with Christ...with a nice personality...who smiles a lot...who wants to be appreciated...held, loved & cared intelligent, pretty, loyal, caring, submissive...who can love and be loved...likes a good time...likes the beach...loves walks, movies, parks, Broadway shows...cradles honesty and integrity...and most of all can be a best friend and lover. Prov. 12:4 "A wife of noble character is her husband's crown,"

I would like to know your goals and your dreams. Then encourage you, and help you to achieving every one in time.

I desire a woman of wisdom, insight, and one with the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) overflowing. One who will encourage me, build me up in the Lord as I do the same with her. A lady with a deep walk with the Lord and He is her all.

A lady who along with me will sing: "I'm coming back to the heart of worship, and it's all about you, it's all about you Jesus."

I believe communication is extremely important. I think ideally, there should be a few emails or Quick Messages, then phone conversations, then meet. I am not one to email forever to be honest.

I am passionate loving, caring hugging, and loving cuddling
What I’m doing with my life
I am a very loving, kind, caring, considerate, gentle, strong, dependable, honest, and trustworthy gentleman. I hope that you will like holding hands, hugging, kissing, and being randomly pounced on by your lover for a hug or a kiss even when in public. In my arms is a safe haven for you. I believe trust and communication are probably the two most important ingredients (other than the Lord of course) in a relationship. I strive for both. I am very honest and of high integrity.

Note: One of the above items I desire in a lady is for her to be submissive. This is clear in Ephesians 5. However, this chapter also tells the husband to "love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her...? This is a tall order for a man. The Lord alone can help a man love his wife that much. Any marriage, built on biblical principles, will have Gods blessing.
I’m really good at
I have been a Christian all my life. I am 57 years old. I am very serious about being the best Christian I can be. However, I am still striving to "live a life worthy of the calling" (Eph. 4:1) I have received.

Since I was a child, my life verse has been Prov. 3:5,6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths." Lord, direct my path today.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me, come, and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13
The first things people usually notice about me
I own a construction business. I love what I do and work very hard at it. However, sometimes I would sell it for a

My dream job would be to be in full time ministry speaking and encouraging others to walk "By His Side". In addition, I am at the planning stage (as the Lord directs this vision) of starting a Christian organization I have a goal to go to churches and organizations all over and encourage Christians to walk close to the Lord. But not by just telling them what to do, but also how to do it. It would be a Saturday or weekend seminar entitled: "It's Time to Make a Difference for Him!" Would you consider walking with me or beside me in this? Would you be willing to at least support and encourage me in this ministry?

In a secularly setting, I would love to trade stock options
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
To grow old together with a Special Christian Lady that I love and cherish dearly. To hear these words on every anniversary: "Sammy, I am so glad your my husband, if I had to make the choice of who to marry 1000 times over, I would marry you again each of them."

A life-mate to support her, as she supports me in my goals and ministry.

To get my book published. Hopefully it will be published soon. Your prayers for this book and ministry are appreciated. Through this book, I hope to go all over the USA and world (yes I'm dreaming big in the Lord) and teach Christians the timeless principles listed above. Teach how to live the Christian life, overcome strongholds, and "have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10). I also wish to begin a worldwide organization and recruit others. Teach them how to teach and encourage at seminars, therefore multiplying myself as Jesus did. Of course, all this is as the Lord leads. Nevertheless, it is my vision.

It is not a requirement that my future life-mate minister with me in this, because she has to seek what the Lord has for her personally. However, if the Lord sent a lady who would have the wisdom and calling to teach women at the seminars, it would be fantastic. Would you consider walking with and/or beside me in this?

"Let us break the seal which seals up holy things and give wings to Truth..." Johannes Gutenberg, c.1455
Six things I could never do without
As for my situation, I will give the basics here. Then if we continue, I would rather continue with details over the phone because of the length and the ease of communication on the phone.

In 2002, my marriage separated. Being married for 32 years, (I am not one to jump from marriage to marriage) I tried my best to work everything out. It did not. I believe that a couple should do their all to make a marriage work.

If the Lord sends a lady who loves Him, our families, and me then I am very open to this. I don't know what the Lord has, I only know today. I ask him to "give me this day, my DAILY bread"

I want to walk close to Him first, and close to a Godly lady second.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Every day of life can be a great adventure if we allow it to be. It can be filled with affection and intimacy--two things that should embrace a couple's relationship in its entirety, of course along with the Lord. Love, affection and intimacy are what you and I are really looking for. Intimacy is defined as a close personal relationship marked by deep affection and love, frequently characterized by depth of knowledge and attention. Affection is defined as fond attachment or kind feelings toward someone. Intimacy and affection with the Lord first is a prerequisite.

We all have something in our character and personality that we can improve on...I would want to see you move toward as a person. "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect" Plus, I am human also and am not perfect. (I thought I was would like you to help me be a better person also.

I want to take a break from the norm here and encourage you. I have the gift of encouragement (exhortation) and want to use it here. Be an Eph. 5:1,2 Christian. Much of the Christian life can be accomplished successfully by carefully living out these verses. "Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Imitate Him & live a life of love. I want to encourage you to study these verses, and the complete book of Ephesians, (my favorite) and follow it. The word God here mean the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the only and true God, plus refers to the things of God, His counsel, His interests. This is what we are to imitate.

I love romantic encounters as a couple. I love walks on beach, in a park, through woods, feeding ducks, etc.

Being an American male, I have my desires and temptations, however, sex is for marriage - period. Ephesians 5 states "But among you there must not be a hint of sexual immorality..." NOT A HINT!

Some of my favorite quotes:

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us (The Lord)."

"Touch a women's mind and you get her interest

Touch a women's heart, and you get her love,

Touch a women's soul (along with the Lord touching it) and you get passion beyond your wildest dreams.

Once you have touched all 3 you have found your soul mate."

"Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." - Albert Camus

"The saddest words, spoken of men, are the words 'It might have been'"

"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when with you!"

Could I hold you for a lifetime? Could I look into your eyes? Could I have this night to share together? Could I hold you close beside me? Could I, I just want to hold you. Could I, I want to share the Lord with you and others forever, & glorify Him Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever And ever, forever, oh forever.

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD." Prov. 18:22


I put this at the end purposely; many won't get this far. If you are reading this, you must have an interest. I felt the Lord saying this to me today.

My love, at the time of this writing, the Lord has not told me who you are, what your name is, or when I will meet you. However, I do believe. But he told me you will have both inner and outter beauty that will shine. You will have a great desire for Him. He told me you will compliment me, encourage me and support me to be all I can for Him, as I do the same for you. He told me you are to be cherished, loved and cared for.

He told me you and I will be beautiful together. We will be an example of what the Lord can do with love, unity and the stars.

I am praying for you. Praying for your safety, well-being, happiness and most of all for you to walk closely By His Side. Praying for you to receive every inch of what He has for you. I pray you will have a mustard seed faith of believing we will find each other. Then we can have many "mustard seeds" together.

When we meet, we will know. The Spirit of God will connect with our spirits, we will join hands and hearts, and the three of us will walk life together. Our goals, dreams and visions will be one. We will be one.

I already have the diamond ring picked is the most beautiful and intriguing ring I have ever seen.

"Fall asleep in my arms, and walk up in my heart!"

I wrote this a few months ago: Titled: Let's Dance on the Mountain.

"Let's both take the Lords hand. Then, please, take my hand. Let's climb the mountain of life together. And when we get to the top, don't look down, the fall is steep alone, but keep holding my hand. When at the top, we will enjoy it together, we will fly and soar together, you, the Lord, and I. But do not worry, you will not fall, I will be the wind beneath your wings. Do not be afraid my love. The Lord and I are here."
The two of us