42 Fairfax, United States
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My self-summary
Im going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are a grown up, have most likely endured some life experiences and therefore don't require any motivational words of wisdom or inspiration from me, as I often read in these bio intros.

Fit, healthy, God fearing Sportsaholic seeking funny, nice and fitness minded intellectual who enjoys similar lifestyle.

I think this site should require us all to choose one of the following categories to help us weed out the non-potentials:
1. Those looking for a serious relationship
2. Those waiting for the next better thing to come along
3. Those only looking to shop up
4. Those that are in no hurry what-so-ever
5. Those who are looking for friends with benefits

I'm not looking for an instant wife from another country who all of a sudden has miraculously fallen in love with me by the second email. I am interested in someone real, fitness minded and with a great sense of humor...Even sarcastic would be appreciated. If a man can't appreciate sarcasm from a female, he's never been properly insulted by one.

I really enjoy reading and looking at your profiles and I appreciate those of you who are being artistic with them, but is it really necessary to show me a picture of a mountain? I'm not trying to date a mountain, I'm trying to date you. Also, if there are more pictures of your pets than there are of you in your profile...You need to start teaching your pets how to take pictures.

Also, its OK for you to make the first move and email the boy vice waiting for us boys to email you. Its what is so great about utilizing this medium.

For those who have commented on my uniform pic. No I don't work for Chick-Fil-A, our team is just sponsored by them. Unfortunately our games are on Sundays which means we don't get the games catered. And the bulge in my cheek is not tobacco for those grossed out by that. Its sunflower seeds. Yes, Im a chipmunk.

Finally, if the word "Princess" appears anywhere on your profile or if there is a photo of you with a tiara on your head, please refrain from contacting me...Unless you are informing me that Princess Bride is one of your favorite movies... Thanks for reading
About me

I am Athletic, Sarcastic, and Considerate
I’m really good at
Any sport