42 Skellingthorpe, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Enjoy going out either country side or in town depends on the weather and the mood.

I have a great group of friends, but a few of them are settling down with kids on the way so don't see them as much, but we make time every now and again.

Still enjoy going to clubs pubs and cinema and gigs.

Started helping out my mother on the allotment a few years ago when my dad passed away, and got really into it keeps me fit and free veg, I'm more the builder and digger than grower.

I'm a bit off a cycle nut and have biked around Holland and nearly every trip have jumped on to a bike even if I've had to beg or borrow it. Took the Cycle rickshaw driver around the block in Florida he had know idea what was going on.

I like to travel and so far have been to

Holland (See above)

Spain x2 (first time 18 and on my own I like a challenge!, one of the best holidays, made load of new friends)

Florida (first time to America, Three mates and a lot of theme parks)

Los Angeles (saw them filming Jurassic park III)

Las Vegas (helicopter to the Grand canyon and had champagne lunch cool or what!)

Rome (twice watching 6 nations Italy v Scotland then Italy v Ireland don't remember much of that one march 17th St Patrick's day)

Egypt(most memorable bit was the balloon trip over the Nile and the valley of the kings and the HEAT)

Mauritius for 10 days May 2011 five star hotel, and one of my best mates Ely's wedding.

Love to travel.

I think I might be a bit of an extrovert on occasions (all the time, well you only live once!).

I am the proud and slight worn out uncle of two boy's and a young niece who think there uncle matt matt makes a great climbing frame and a endless sweet vending machine!