59 Middletown, United States
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My self-summary
Trolling the internet I found an article about "The Top Ten Reasons I'd Be Your Best Girlfriend Ever." And I read it and thought, well you don't want to know what I think. The whole thing was a bit long for a profile but I'll put the top five reasons for you to think over.


5. You will never see me roll my eyes at you when you say something because I will respect you. [Men want respect and even small signs of disrespect will drive a man away from you. Try that shit in public and I advise the man to walk away immediately without regret.] My note: Oh geez. Is this something I'd have to say. Of course I'd respect you, and in the morning too.

4. You will see my smile far more often than my frown. [Negative feelings are mostly unnecessary drama for men. As the Swedes say about a good woman – she should be happy, horny, and grateful] My note: I'm not Swedish but I'm generally a happy person, and even when I'm not, I don't take my unhappy mood on others.

3. You will find yourself thinking seriously about my observations on life and current events. [Many men won’t well tolerate a woman who only knows shopping and reality TV.]

2. You won’t be holding my purse at the shoe store. You won’t even BE at the shoe store with me. [Do you see that bored chump in the shoe store holding his girl’s purse? ‘Nuff said.] My note: I do most of my shopping on the internet so trust me, you're safe in not having to go shopping with me.

1. You rarely, if ever, hear these awful words: “I’m not in the mood”. [Deny sex too often and he will deny or break his commitment. Go ahead ladies, try it. If he still sticks around anyway then you will quickly learn to loathe him.]

Well, what do you think about that? Does that fulfill your requirements? Except for number one, I don't think so. But in the spirit of full disclosure I'll give you my top five reasons why I would be your best girlfriend ever.


5. You will never ever hear me whine about how many action and science fiction movies we see. Because I love them too! And I won’t drag to you chick flicks because I despise them. Okay, I will watch Kate and Leopold when it rolls around on cable but I won’t insist you watch it with me.

4. My handicapped placard (bad knee) insures that we will get a good parking space wherever we go.

3. I qualify for senior discounts at many restaurants and movie theaters.

2. I have a passport, driver's license, current car insurance and can pay my own bail.

1. Once I am your girlfriend you’d never hear “I’m not in the mood.” Life really is too short.

Please be someone within the State of Connecticut, age appropriate, AND have an actual picture of your handsome face in your profile. Also, and sorry to be a Debby Downer here, I have no interest in dating men who live with a female "friend." There seems to be some confusion on this point, but I guarantee you your "friend" is not the one confused. Life is too short to weed through the scammers and married and/or taken men.

Sorry to set the bar so impossibly high, but a girl wants what a girl wants.
What I’m doing with my life
I write for a living. Yeah, there are some people that do that. Mainly I write other people's books for them. Ssssh, I can't talk about it. I'd have to kill you if I did. (Ooops, sorry, writer's imagination at work. Pay no attention to that.)
I’m really good at
Cooking. Baking. Reading strange glyphs on a piece of paper and telling you the story of your life. And apparently, buying the same color of shoe over and over again. What's up with that?
The first things people usually notice about me
My lovely Irish eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Exotic foods from foreign lands, junk foods, salads
Science fiction
Rock (all kinds except very heavy metal) and New Age. (What can I say. I'm a woman of extremes,)
Favorite Movies: (And there are many more, but) The Last Samurai, and Practical Magic.
The six things I could never do without
high speed internet
cell phone
That's it, I'm pretty low maintenance
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The nature of the Universe and the next piece I'm will write.

Why you guys feel the need to put in your profile that you are looking for an "affectionate" woman. Isn't that rather the point?
On a typical Friday night I am
Writing. (sigh)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have bad restaurant karma. It never fails, the order comes out wrong, something is forgotten, etc. Every time. It's very sad.

What? Not enough self disclosure?

I own an official 3-D Star Trek chess set. How's that for cool?

Recently added an official Star Trek bathrobe (blue with lieutenant's strips) to my collection of Star Trek memorabilia. (No, I don't buy these things. My adult children buy these things as gifts. This is what happens when I don't update my Elfster wish list.)

You should not pay attention to the personality traits on the bottom of the profile. It say's that I have less suave, but that's not true. I buy that shampoo in the large versions all the time, so I have plenty of it.

What? That's not what it means?
You should message me if
you are single, and you want to meet a new friend and possibly carry on things to something more.