37Griffin, United States
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My self-summary
I can't see "Likes" because I'm too cheap to pay for it. Please feel free to message me.

I'm a very unique sort of person. A strange mixture of things, sometimes things that almost seem to contradict, but yet, work. I'm a jack of all trades, a hack at some, probably not a master of any. My profile here, as frustratingly long as it has become, doesn't do much more than scratch the surface. I'm more of someone who you really need to talk to and get to know, to really get to know. I'm an open book, but its a pretty thick book - sometimes the pages do have pictures, though. ^_~

I'm a very loyal and loving sort, eager to please, and very affectionate and touch-oriented. I love to cuddle, and I love to be close, but I am like a cat...sometimes I need space. I am more of the friendly old house cat sort though, who is mostly happy to be cuddly. I really can be very cat-like...I've been told this by many people.

I'm an odd mix of scientist, tinkerer, hippie, and just a little bit of good old redneck in there.

I'm very very passionate about the things I'm interested in.
I love machines, big things, engines, trains, aircraft, cars, ships, space travel, heavy yellow road equipment, etc. The thunder of a jet engine is a beautiful sound. I love to see them, hear them, drive them, work on them, study how they work...I am very handy with a wrench, and can say with pride that I've never called a repairman, and its not because I have all new stuff, either. Quite the contrary, I prefer fixing up older things to make them useful again

but yet.,

I love nature...I love being outside, I love the smells of the woods, the birds, the animals, the LIFE! I like to go for walks, and find streams and lean over to watch the fishes. Or, look for the tiny details - something odd growing on the side of a tree trunk, or a strange bug, or animal track. I live in a very rural area, on what most would consider a fairly large tract of wooded land, and I've plenty of wildlife I get to see every day in my own yard - birds, wild rabbits, deer, the occasional raccoon or stray cat, and once even had the luck of seeing a large hawk perched upon the power line near the window! I like to see life thrive, outdoors and in. I have four very spoiled cats and a fat and happy black and white pet rabbit.


I love science - I love learning. Physics, astronomy, psychology, damn near anything. Some things I'm more interested in than others, but I tend to be well rounded in my ability to talk to people about stuff. I am fascinated by space and space travel, and the mechanics of how it all works.


I love art and music...I play drums reasonably well, I pick at keyboards, but not that well. I own a couple of vintage synthesizers, and have built a couple analog synths of my own, though my playing is pretty weak. I love to draw and to take photos. My drawing is horrible, but my photos aren't too shabby.
I seem to get along well with artistic people, and the friends I have I am closest to are all creative sorts.

but yet still,
sometimes there's that redneck streak that wants to go camp, or go fishing, or just go out and have a noisy romp in the mud on a four wheeler or go-kart. Or, go to the shooting range and blow of some stress to the aroma of gunpowder.

And even more still,

I'm not a religious person, but I have my own personal spirituality. I believe in energies, balance (not that I'm always balanced or stable), I am fascinated by "Talents", reiki, empathy, and the like.
I believe there is more out there than what the books say there are, but that if we pay mind to it, we realize it is as much a part of us as anything.

And lastly, the one bit that seems to be the negative for everyone. I used to put it first, but now I put it last, so that maybe I might get a second thought before you turn away...

I am polyamarous. This means I believe it is not wrong to for one to have more than one close, loving relationship. This is NOT the same as swinging or cheating. It means that I think it is not wrong to have more than one person who is very dear to you, and that it may come to pass t one of the people who is so very dear to you is someone you share a physical closeness with along with the mental and emotional closeness. It is all completely in the open - you must never, ever, be dishonest to someone about any relations you have with another. Doing things behind someone's back is cheating, and that's only going to hurt someone in the end. This seems to be the sticky point for people, and its really, honestly caused me to lead a very, very, lonely life. I am very grateful that I have recently met someone who sees eye to eye with me on this, and feels the same way for the same reasons. I will always be thankful.
That being said, as of the time I am writing this, I am in a serious, but open, relationship with someone I love dearly. I would not carry on other relationships without their knowledge and permission, and a lot of discussion. I don't believe in hiding things in a relationship or in going behind the back of someone you love. My views may not fit entirely with societal norms, but nonetheless I am still loyal, honest, and faithful. Basically, this means I'm not going to cheat, period. I am still looking to make friends, and am not objectionable to the possibility of a friendship becoming very close emotionally, or even physically, if that is the natural path for that friendship, but anything will be in the open, she will know, as I believe foremost in open communication and trust. Besides, chances are if you get along with me, you'd probably get along with her too, and then you get two new friends to talk to and hang out with! ^_^
What I’m doing with my life
I've done a lot of things, from selling bottled water, to fixing cars, to occasionally helping a close friend who was in the death care business when they were short handed at the funeral home.
Currently I drive a big commercial truck and flatbed trailer hauling people's stuff around the Southeastern US. I actually kinda like the job. I am also trying to start a business on the side repairing and restoring tube amps and vintage audio equipment. I used to repair computers, and I have A+ and Cisco CCNA certifications, though I really really got burned out on it when it went from "open the lid, run the wires, get out the soldering iron and oscilloscope" to "sit in front of the screen and wait on crap to load/compile" or "spend hours cleaning out spyware only to have the customer's teenage daughter come crap it up again in minutes"
Otherwise, I'm just trying to make a living and be close to those who I love, and find others to be close to and to love.

I live in a little old farmhouse in the country, on some overgrown wooded land, with five cats and a big fat bunny rabbit. Its kinda nice out here. I own my own home, several cars, and a worn out old motorcycle in various conditions of operation. The cars and the bike are paid for, the house, not yet. So, I've not really got much money, but I'm not a bum!
I’m really good at
Giving Massages, hugs, fixing mechanical things, listening, problem solving, being a good friend, collecting strange cold-war era stuff, being able to identify most aircraft that fly over, and threatening noisy neighbors with surplus soviet munitions. Oh, and classic rock trivia.
The first things people usually notice about me
Long hair, unplacable accent, odd humour, affectionate nature, sarcasm, and I hate to say it, I'm short and not that great looking, so I frequently get a good ribbing about my height, or lack thereof.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) too many to list, I love to read when I have time, usually its either repair manuals, or something in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.
(b) Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, Army of Darkness, Princess Bride, Harlock Saga, Escaflowne, The Fifth Element. I watch very little TV, but when I'm exposed to it, I dig Top Gear, Doctor Who (both old and new), the older incarnations of Star Trek, COPS, House (though I've only seen a couple episodes), The Walking Dead, Dexter, and various anime and older cartoons, and the occasional educational/nature show (Nova, Nat-geo, stuff on History, etc).

(c) classic rock and epic metal, mostly - rush, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody, X-Japan, Nightwish, Symphony-X, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to music though, so you'll find other bits and pieces stuck in there between the staples of rock and roll - Anything from Jazz to classical to trance might come up on the playlist in between "Aces High" and "Space Truckin'"

(d) I never tire of Chinese food, but then I also learned most of my cooking skills from a little Korean lady. ^_^
Six things I could never do without
Music, touch, friendship, colour, creativity, love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My friends and loved ones, what parts I need for whatever bucket of car I'm trying to restore, music...everything reminds me of a song...
...the stack of books I should be working my way thru. Why does this shirt smell of Diesel fuel? where did the cat hide my contact lens case/socks/whatever this time?
On a typical Friday night I am
Ether at home, tinkering with the car or something, or sitting at the computer talking with friends who, sadly, all seem to live far away now. I'm not that exciting by most people's standards.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
ehhh....I dunno anymore. I don't keep much to myself, I tend to be very open.
You should message me if
I dunno...if you feel like it. I'm generally friendly, and I don't bite unless I know I have permission to *grin* And, I'll pretty much talk to anyone who will stand still long enough.
Also, big points if any of the following have any meaning to you:
Vacuum tubes (6L6, 12AX7, 6BQ4, etc)
Geiger Muller tube
x degrees before top dead center
fuel/air mixture ratio
major/minor key
Bernoulli's principle
Convair B-36 peacemaker
Hammond B-3
Buddy Rich
The two of us