56 Snohomish, United States
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My self-summary
Just to save some folks reading: We're poly, mostly on the polyfidelitous side of the spectrum. We come as a package, meaning at the very least, you'll want to spend as much time with my amazing wife siouxiequeue since 1992 as you do with me - and visa versa. We don't exactly "date" as much as spend some time with each other doing stuff. If we end up in bed, that can be very sweet. We like to share, with the right folks, but finding the right people can take time. It really helps if you're bisexual.

We're Americans, in our 50s. We have bellies. I've spent a lot of time and angst fighting my belly (was a gym rat for awhile a long time ago) and have made a conscious decision to be happy with it, while I continue to eat well. (We're pretty good about mostly non-processed food. Haven't done fast food in years... )

You should also be comfortable with the idea of our long distance loves since 2005 rev_dr_ace and Eric4211 who live in Utrect. They visit once or twice a year. We have different life goals, but if they were surmountable, we'd all be living together.

We've had a taste of the possibility and know it can work.
I feel both lucky that I've found what many people think is rare, and hopeful because I know finding more people that fit is possible and desired.

If you have partners, we want to know them too. If doesn't work for all of us, it doesn't work for any.

On to the "me" stuff.

I'm a sapiosexual. I find smart people really attractive. I read everything I can get my hands on and love a well done story in any format. The same goes with music. I'm a bit of a musical peerlet. I studied jazz in college, though I've kind of lost my taste for musical gymnastics in and of itself. These days I like stuff that mixes serious groove with interesting lyrics. My guilty pleasure is prog rock. Jethro Tull, Yes, Zep, Aphroditie's Child - a bunch of the pretentious. More modern stuff: Florence and the Machine, Train, Soul Coughing. Country leaves me cold as does most rap and a lot of pop and rockabilly. I rarely care about teenage angst. I don't care about street cred, or musical "authenticity."

I have a persona that I sometimes embody: St Crispy. patron of flashbacks and household clutter. Be one with your whosit and do it for the joy of making it way cool. I'm like that sometimes. Maybe I should add non sequiturs to that.

I write music and perform it fairly often. I used to have a band called Gaia Consort until it ate it's own tail and became Bone Poets Orchestra. I'm moved by things like light through trees, rivers, beautiful women and men and good working brains. I enjoy using the lens of evolution to understand life. I believe that the evolution of consciousness is as important a reproducing our kind. Tell your life story, get the important ideas into other people's heads! Live your life as an example and you help change the world.

I like my creature comforts: warm water, perfumes, high thread count sheets. Tea: earl grey, hot. I'm an omnivore who likes mushrooms. Scotch: A'Bunagh - though my natural tendency with alcohol is pretty low key. I'll sip a double all night and that's about all I want. I'll skip it altogether for months at a time.

Maybe you're part of partnership that would fit. Maybe you're single out of a home where the kids are gone or soon to be on their way. Maybe you're a couple of bearish guys that like women as well as men. You just never know what will work.

Right now, what I'd really like is good conversation. I've found that the good conversations tend to move toward being lovers in ways that last. Working toward radical honesty (neither lies of omission or commission) baseline happiness and the future.

Bathing is a social event. I most enjoy the friends I can be comfortable naked with. Saunas, hot tubs, nude swims. I want to help build a sex positive / body positive culture. I'm the guy that coined the term (and made the bumper sticker) "Body Modesty is a Social Disease. "

I celebrate the natural world through the lens of the scientific method. I came of age during a time when psychedelics were a right of passage and appreciate the worldview, though I firmly believe that once you know the number any phone will do. Sagan's "marriage of skepticism and wonder" and Joni Mitchell's "We are stardust" about sums it up for me. We are made of the dust of the Big Bang and I find that inspiring and wonderful.

As a child I used to pay attention to the zodiac, but I got better. These days I'm firmly non-religious. I enthusiastically support your right to believe anything you want to - but if the idea is silly, I'm gonna make fun of it.

Really if I look interesting, I probably sound better. Check out the life's work at

If it beats your box, maybe we can talk a little more. If it doesn't - well, maybe we can talk a little more too, but you might get bored with me. I do this stuff all the time...

I am experienced, non sequitured, and nutritious
What I’m doing with my life
I write music,from psychedelic chamber rock to orchestral pieces. I'm living in a bucolic small town in a 1924 craftsman house that makes me crazy, but it's ours.
Aside from that - not a clue. Living the moments doing my best to love well.
I’m really good at
Painting time with sounds. Pulling myself out of the ocean by my ponytail. Finding that spot in your shoulders that needs release. Recently discovered Cards Against Humanity. Yes!
The first things people usually notice about me
My lovely redheaded wife. The plethora of earrings in my ears. I have some pretty nice tats on my arms that show in summer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors, Non-fiction Sagan, Zimmer, Lovelock, Margulis, Wade Davis, Michael Pollen, Greg Palast, poet Gary Snyder, Abbie Hoffman, Howard Zinn, Dawkins, Sam Harris, Eliade, TONS of mythology authors. Other poets: Carolyn Forche, Connie Martin, Gingsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, William Kloefkorn, the usual masters. (Let us go then you and when the funk is stretched across the sky like a disco ball on the ceiling of the Apollo...)

Fiction: all the sci fi greats - Herbert, Heinlein, Delany, Stephenson, Bear, Pournelle, Asimov, Bradbury, some fantasy - Anne Rice, Jaqueline Carey, LOTR, Phillip Pullman George RR Martin.
Mysteries - Sara Paretsky, Patricia Cornwell I read a book or two a week all over the map.

Movies: Terry Gilliam (Tideland!) the Coen Brothers, Secretary, The Tin Drum, The Fifth Element, City of Lost Children, Serenity, The Forbidden Zone (Danny Elfman!) Princess Bride, Gangs of New York, American Beauty, heist flicks, Blade Runner, - I see movies and I want to make them.

Music - Kate Bush, Bruce Cockburn, Jethro Tull, Gjallarhorn, Yes, Pat Metheny, Supreme Beings of Leisure, the Dead, Deep Forest, Gaia Consort and Bone Poets - music has been the bigger part of my life for years. I have performed in front of audiences of tens and audiences of thousands. For awhile there, we were filling some rooms and getting some headliner slots at festivals. Not so much these days. I ran out of schmooze somewhere. Maybe you have a rock promoter fantasy you'd like to make reality - that could happen too.

I like a great melody, a solid groove and lyrics that say something about the world. I get bored with the blues, I like a balance between pretension and realism.
The six things I could never do without
My loves, Good tea, hot water out of the wall, smooth sheets, a good guitar, books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The natural world, evolution of species and consciousness, the next line for a song, the next stcrispy rant/revelation (Be one with your whosit and do it for the joy of making it way cool.) how to make my wife's day a little better, far too much politics.
On a typical Friday night I am
There are really not many typical Friday nights. The schedule is always changing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
um, nah
You should message me if
You want to. I may or may not respond.