30 Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
My name's Steve! I like long walks on the beach, yuengling beer, and portraits of elvis on black velvet. I am frequently on that kryptonite. I want to creatively and artistically collaborate with you. I don't want to summarize who I am in a website profile format. BUT IM GONNA!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Producer at a Reality TV production company in Bala Cnwyd. I work on a show on Animal Planet. Passion Projects: Writing and occasionally preforming sketch comedy, playing music, and freestyling the next big thing in Hop Hop. I like to animate for sun or profit. I love to cook, mostly savory things and meat. Savory beats sweet any day. Addicted to internetz.
I’m really good at
drunk freestyle rapping. And making hummus.
The first things people usually notice about me
The polka dot clown pants and clown shoes I'm wearing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV: Weird Cartoons Superjail. Adventure time with Finn and Jake. Squidbillies. Docu-stuff like No Reservations. Anything on food network. I love parks and recreation and Community. If you've ever heard of, "the young ones," or, "peep show," you know that those aren't porno titles, and you deserve some sort of, "awesome taste in British Television Award". If you've watched any of Louie Theroux's Docu-specials, we will probably be best friends. Funny Stuff, Weird Stuff, Cartoons, Documentary Stuff,
I like TV better than movies, because television shows are shorter than movies, and television series's' are longer than movies. If Networks were eliminated, it would be the superior art form.

Music wise I like a lot of Stuff. Old punk music from the highschool days. Devo. David Bowie. OUTKAST. I actually really love Hip Hop. Wutang, MF DOOM; "all that raw shit." Passionate about MMG, for the over the top theatrics and Marketing. I love hank williams the 1st. I like reggae a lot. Cloud nothings had the best rock album thus far in 2012. Kendrick Lamar and the rest of the Black Hippy movement are in the lead in my musical tastes these days My philosophy is that I will listen to music until i like it. Except all that Kenny Chesney type bulllllllshit. haha.

I LOVE FOOD. I hate all chain restaurants as a rule. Simple delicious food is the greatest. I used to cook at a chain restaurant, and once you know what these places serve it makes you kinda skeeved out or just angry. I grew up in South Jersey in the Sticks (cowtown anyone?) and i really grew to appreciate fresh produce. P.R.E.A.M. (Pork Rules Everything Around Me) I try and cook all of the food i eat myself. It's fun, cheap, and healthy. Cooking for 4 hours is totally therapeutic after a long day of watching animal planet and animating people morphing into fish for a living. Beans and rice am awesome. I get insanely excited over just about any type of food, especially if it's something brand new to me. Asian Grocery stores are so fucking good.

BOOKS!? I like comix. Buddy Bradley Chronicles, Watchmen, Persepolis, Crumb. All the Autobiographical Fantagraphics stuff. I don't read enough books. I read a lot of pointless nonsense on the internet. Science and News and Cat picture stuff.

Movies: Documentaries, Comedies, Horror Really good shit,and even really awful shit if its so awesome that it's good. I love Herzog, I love Wes Anderson, Yeah i love a lot of movies ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE LISTING!