50Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary

HOBBIES: Being a good listener, Travel, Nature, Landscaping, Sociology, Political Strategy, Philosophy, History, Archaeology, Tennis, World Religions and learning new things every day. I like kids, tho I've never had any of my own.

I just recently learned that some women thought that if they merely "visited" me, it would then be up to me to follow up with them. Please don't think that. I'm not going to chase innocent people who were just looking - you should be able to "shop" without getting jumped on by every ape.
If you're interested, let me know - then I'll take it from there.

Good luck out there....!
What I’m doing with my life
GOALS: Achieve financial security to provide quality of life.

My two dogs are my best girls and we have lots of fun in the desert together.

Hey - I want to stick this in here cuz I think it's pretty important if you have kids.
I have an acquaintance who is a woman and a retired marriage counselor/social worker.
For fun one day, I'd asked her to take a look at my profile.
She did - liked it - but this is the interesting part......
She asked, "how many women are showing pictures of their children on this site?"
I said, 'most who have them - they want to make it clear right up front, love my children/love me.'
She was horrified.
She said, "Do you know how many pedophiles are shopping this site right now as we speak, targeting women based on how attracted they are to their kids?" ...and the women most likely are flattered that a man would take an interest in their children.
We all know internet dating carries that "danger" stigma - why would anyone willingly expose their children to it?
I’m really good at
Mensa. Free-thinker.
And I mean - FREE THINKER.

I'll never demean you or dismiss what you have to say because you're female. I also won't play games or cheat on you but I hope that you won't play games, either.
I was raised by a smart and capable woman and sincerely regard you to be my equal.
Believe it or not, that has challenged many of society's memes.

Adult women who are seeking to finally find REAL RESPECT and who long for a FUN & MATURE RELATIONSHIP may be glad they've met me.
Little Girls, Angels, Princesses, Queens, Divas, Fairies & Avatars looking to be worshiped by a fantasy hero through socially-conditioned game playing & archaic mating rituals are setting themselves up for manipulation.
Be careful.
"Players" can't wait to meet you.

I've dated a lot throughout the years and there have been several gorgeous women and several brilliant women but nobody special.
...and yes, the problem could be me.
Upon reflection, the ones who impressed me the most were those who were simple, kind and positive.
They didn't ask for much and as a result, I felt like I just couldn't stop doing enough for them; I was so appreciative that THEY were so appreciative.
Time with them was easy, effortless and cathartic.
Some of those beauties and geniuses were a bit neurotic. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm expressive and easy going - I'll put you at ease with a good-natured comment......although, I've been told I've got penetrating eyes, too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
MUSIC: I like everything ... and in this case, I sincerely MEAN everything - except for rap and heavy industrial grunge metal or whatever they're calling the growling vocals and cacophonous rage that's typical of the genre.
Read non-fiction for the most part - like to learn things.
LOVE discovering new and exotic foods but sometimes, ya just can't beat chocolate pudding and mac & cheese.
Six things I could never do without
Can't do it.
I'm adaptable.
Have spent time in the third world and it really sobered me to what a person REALLY needs to be happy.
Madison Avenue will never manipulate me and I'll never be distracted by " Bread & Circuses ."
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Myself and my role in society.
Others and their roles in society.
Do we make the choices we do because it benefits us as individuals and typifies our species or is our behavior modified through propaganda and conditioned response?
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to talk on the phone or meet pretty quickly.
There are folks who'll spend weeks secretly texting and giggling in the dark of their rooms at night - I'd rather be dating live human beings like regular people.

Ever gone for coffee on a first date?
Lotta people are pretty nervous making that first contact.
Has it ever gone like this for you?

We each drive there separately, we tell our friends where we're going ahead of time so we're both safe somehow, in case we're murdered.
There's lots of people around so nobody feels obligated or compromised.
You're not a rapist - I'm not a rapist, all the lights are on and we're in the full eye of the public; not to mention, cops are all over coffee shops so if one of us suddenly goes berserk, the other one is covered.
Then we get down to business...
We engage in a light conversation and there are no expectations or feelings of entitlement - no egos, no obvious lies - just an open exchange of ideas. We keep it simple, guarded and superficial, stay on our best behavior, act like the other is brilliant or hilarious and if we're lucky, allow each other to glimpse a mere sliver of who it is we really are. Hopefully, that's the part the other one likes.
We've each arranged for a friend to call us after about an hour so we can pretend we need to head off to an important appointment if it turns out that one of us was a loony, after all.
We walk each other out to the parking lot, say our goodbyes, share the awkward moment where I'm supposed to kiss you but if it's on the cheek, you'll think I don't like you and if it's on the lips, I might be too forward, so I kiss you on the forehead and you feel like you've just won the Special Olympics.
We both wonder if we played this one right as we stroll up the rows, stopping in front of a much better car than we arrived in, pretending to fish in our purses or take a cell call while waving to the other person as he/she drives off the property.
We mutter something under our breath (hopefully it's complimentary) and we are either titillated for the rest of the day or can't wait to get the heck home and back onto Cupid.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Let's talk about this later...
I'll admit a bunch....
You should message me if
They only give choices like - "short term dating," "long term dating" and "I want you to have my baby."
The fact is, I'm not looking for a platonic friend or I wouldn't be naive enough to try this site.
However, I'm not desperately racing a clock to land a wife.
We go out.......... we talk.............. we laugh............... we have fun............
........ we'll know what it is when we're in it.
The two of us