29 Bristol, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hey all, I'm Stephen and I hope you've been having a great day. How would I describe myself? For starters, a personality test gave me a INFP-T result. As for me? I'd say I'm a fairly gentle soul at heart and have a very live and let live attitude towards most things. A bit nerdy, a bit geeky, a bit of an introvert. I'm at my best around people I care about, often lost in my own little world when left to my own devices. I love to be creative and I'm not sure I've been more at peace than drawing or making things out of plasticine when I was younger. It's been a lot of fun rediscovering the creative side; painting in Photoshop, photography (desperately want a much better camera) and even dabbled in some writing in recent times. A love for World War history and a want to go to more museums and scenes of WW1 & 2. A sense of humour that goes from the grim, complex, stupid and occasionally juvenile. I've found that being able to laugh at all sorts of things helps a great deal. I perform a number of accents extremely badly, ranging from Welsh, Irish to German, as well as my own slightly Bristolian accent that I do my best to cover up! I regularly find myself breaking into said accents. The last couple of years have been a big voyage of self discovery and with it both my confidence and anxiety issues have improved greatly.
What I’m doing with my life
Still trying to decide what I want to do in the long run. Presently job hunting and continuing to look for ways to improve myself. Doing some graphics work on request in Photoshop to keep some money coming in, out with the camera more and more, writing occasionally mixed in with some gaming with friends.
I’m really good at
Using the toaster.
Using the microwave.
Coming up with ideas that don't get used.
Massaging with my giant hands.
The first things people usually notice about me
Apparently my eyes are "striking". They look all sorts of weird colours to me! That and the fact I'm no the skinniest of people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
TV shows - Luther, Spooks, Being Human, The Fades, Mock the Week, Top Gear, Spartacus, Homeland, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Silent Witness, Misfits, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, The Thick of It, Skins, The Walking Dead, True Detective, Pramface. With the exception of a couple, I have watched through most these shows several times, with Luther, Spooks, Being Human and Band of Brothers probably being my most watched.

Music - Muse, Snow Patrol, Meat Loaf, Sigur Rós, Mumford & Sons, things like that. To be honest, I'll listen to nearly anything, except rap or bloody "dubstep".

Movies - a couple of favourites are Die Hard (the original trilogy) and Saving Private Ryan. Typically though I find it harder to get into movies, unless it's the original Star Trek! More recently I loved The Martian, Interstellar, Children of Men, Star Wars Ep 7 and Star Trek Beyond.

Food - spaghetti bolognese, roast dinner, carbonara, cottage pie. Sometimes a visit to KFC can't be resisted. I must have mentioned how awesome toast is by now? You may need to keep Galaxy chocolate bars away from me, mmmmmmm.

Games - oh god, so many, but a few are Tribes: Ascend, Team Fortress 2, The Walking Dead, FIFA, FPS games, rFactor, rFactor 2, Worms, 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers. In days gone by, things like Crash Bandicoot, Colin McRae Rally, Halo. Could one say, a veritable feast?

Nowhere else have I really mentioned my passion for motorsport, I absolutely love it! From short touring car races to watching the Le Mans 24 Hours all the way through. I'd say motorsport was my first love.
The six things I could never do without
Being out in the country - As a city dweller for most of my life, I love the peace, beauty and serenity of the countryside.

Friends - although they are mostly people found through gaming, they have truly helped me through some seriously tough times.

Family - family is extremely important to me. As much as they can sometimes get on your nerves, I wouldn't be where I am now without them.

My own space - as a introvert, this is massively important to keeping sane and happy. I really do urge people to go and do some reading up on introverts, it makes for some very interesting reading.

Camera - I'm not great with a camera, but when you take a picture you're really happy with? It feels incredible.

Morning toast - mmmmmmhm! This to me is like coffee or tea to others.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we, as a species, are generally so judgmental of people that are seen as "different". That and just what the hell I'm going to do with myself in the future. Lately it's been " how the hell am I 29?!" D: Wishing I had some new knees as well.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sat in this chair, browsing, talking to friends around Europe and in North America over the interwebz. Living the high life baby!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wouldn't be very private if I put it here.
You should message me if
You find me completely irresistible! Haha. That or you survived reading through my essay, in which case you deserve a cookie! In all seriousness, I'd love to hear from you if you think we have some things in common or have similar beliefs/personalities. I'd love to find that someone special, but good friends would be amazing as well. :)