63 Altea, Spain
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My self-summary
About me: I'm a culture vulture with a passion for life, especially interested in classical music, opera, jazz and world music. I'm also into good literature, as opposed to penny-dreadfuls. I'm a keen theatre goer.Exhibitions of figurative art are high on my agenda. I believe in taking equal care of one's mind and one's body: mens sana in corpore sano, therefore I try to stay reasonably fit, avoiding junk food whenever possible. My favourite sports are: football, tennis, basketball, cycling, swimming, handball, etc. I'm fluent in Catalan, Spanish, English, Norwegian and I get by in German. I also speak a bit of French and Italian,which are similar to my native Catalan.
In the magic, less commercial seventies, I had the privilege of watching on the stage the likes or Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Derek Jacobi, Ben Kingsley, Simon Callow, Ian McKellen, Sheila Hancock, Judi Dench, Felicity Kendal, etc.
Having sowed my wild oats, I'm now ready to take the plunge and settle into a permanent relationship.
I'm sceptical about politicians and political parties.I do not support any political party. I support F.C. Barcelona. I believe that scepticism is a quality shared by truth seekers, freethinkers and realists.

The pasted link shows a small sample of what my culture can offer the world.

I'm looking for: Someone who leads a healthy life-style, taking good care of their mind and body, without being a gym junkie, attractive and sensual not being too conscious of it, always upbeat, able to spot the cloud with a silver lining in times of difficulty. Someone who will bring hilarity and serendipity into a relationship, subscribing to the view that travelling makes one modest. Someone who's not carried away by materialism and consumerism, aware that something must be done to avert disaster. Not everybody can have a rolex, a mercedes and a big villa. Several planets would be needed for everyone to be rich and spoilt.
The six things I could never do without
Physical love, action speaks louder than words, Healthy food, a healthy life-style, in addition to a sense of wonder and a zest for life.
You should message me if
If you're are on the same wave-length, with a child-bearing age, preferably without children.

Scammers and gold diggers will not get any money from me. I can spot them from miles away, so please do leave me alone.

After a 3 year spell in Norway I'm back to square one on the Mediterranean shores!