36Turku, Finland
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My self-summary
I'm an aviator, a diver, a photographer and most importantly a traveler. For my work I play around with IT systems mostly as a diagnostician. On the other angle I'm a spontaneus and lovely teddybear.

Shortly trying to describe myself I have to ask first if you do know the TV series House? If yes, then you know pretty much about my personality, at least so many of my friends say. If not, I'm a pretty successful in IT business mostly working as a diagnostician and system architect and my social skills are not exactly among the best ones. To those rare who belong to my trusted and loved ones I'm still the most reliable and best companion they could wish for.. Even if I still manage to sometimes have hard time even with them.

Otherwise my personality is pretty much spontaneous, I never know what I will be doing next month or even next week. I get stupid ideas and put them into practice. Other describing words would be caring, self-confident, weird, fun and comfort loving, altering moods..

Somebody might find the spontaneous personality annoying to live with, somebody else might think it's great. I would prefer people who fall into the later category. I just might get an idea of baking buns for my loved one in middle of night if I cannot sleep or decide to depart to another country in two hours for a weekend buying tickets for both.

I do work a lot, and spend time even in my spare time playing around computers and high-tech in general. Besides that I'm an aviator, a diver, a photographer and most importantly a traveler.

Aviation takes most of my free time during summertime. I fly motor planes and attend a lot of activities related to them, working in events to raise money for our flying club and just spending time at airfields with friends. I also just completed my open water diver license and intend to continue practicing diving. So, licensed for every environment. :)

What comes to photography, I have been said to be quite good in it. Nowadays I do it less at home, but I'm still always interested in things related to it and when I'm out of the home country I always have a camera on my hand. My parents are journalists, so I caught some journalistic attitude from them and my photography is mostly reporter-style. Been to Chernobyl nuclear plant three times, for example and had articles and pictures taken there published on Finnish newspapers.

The most important thing to me is traveling. I spend two months a year abroad, basically all my vacations and other free time. Sometimes backpacking around the world in developing countries, sometimes driving around Europe to meet my Couchsurfing friends. Most of my friends are actually scattered around Europe and consist of members of We try to meet once in a while at some corner of our small continent and have fun together.

There are not much continents or areas in the world where I still haven't went, and those which I haven't I want to go.. And I want my partner to go with me, as far as vacations permit.

Even though I count myself as a decent photographer, other ways of creating art have never been my thing. I love art as audience, but I have never been good in drawing, painting or doing anything else with my hands. How was it.. Bad painters become photographers. And I have been banned from singing or otherwise creating music by the Geneva agreement.

I'm more oriented to natural sciences and in some ways also mathematics, have always been since school. I enjoy nature and knowing about it, so I have decent knowledge and understanding of physics, biology and so on.

Considering pets I love cats, can stand dogs and basically any other animals. I used to have three cats with my ex-girlfriend, and now my loved hairy babies went to live with her.
What I’m doing with my life
Work, unfortunately. When I don't work, I fly. Then I do everything related to aircraft. When I'm not doing that, I travel. Besides those I photograph, grow chiles and do just about everything else between agriculture and high-tech. By the way, Geocaching is fun.
I’m really good at
IT business, diagnosing things. That diagnosing thing also works on free time. Learning things is another, point me a thing and I will teach it to you in a month if I'm interested in it myself. Nature, science, getting along in the uncivilized dark corners of the world. Social relationships unfortunately do not belong under this subject.
The first things people usually notice about me
Big hairy teddybear who depending on the company and mood is either shy and silent or very active. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I eat everything. That's valid answer to any of those: food, music, books.. I'm not so much into popular culture, but I need music especially in car and my scale is really wide, it just depends on my mood. Basically anything works just depending on the day.

Movies, TV-series (House, Californication, Rome to name some for example) are consumed randomly, and so are books. Nowadays I never have enough time to read much, though..
Six things I could never do without
Aviation, the feeling you get when you take off. Sex. Internet. Traveling. Sun. And yes, I forgot hugs. They are maybe the most important thing.
On a typical Friday night I am
It totally depends on my mood and company. Wintertime I might be just playing online games at home and sipping a few beers, or sitting in a good pub with good friends. Summertime I'm most likely at some airfield having sauna with friends after a flying day, or at some random summer cottage of a friend. Or doing anything else imaginable.
You should message me if
You find yourself thinking if you should do it. Just do it, send the message. Let's see if we could get along. We can just have a coffee, take a flight above our home town or later go somewhere together for a while just to see how it works out. I'm lazy sending messages and bad in writing them, so don't expect me to make the first contact. :)
The two of us