29 Mobile, United States
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My self-summary
The one line version is this: romantic asexual gender-abolitionist male seeks strong willed and inteligent female of similar orientation and views.

...not a lot of those I know. I want a girl who breaks stereotypes. A girl who is not defined by her sex. I tell people that I am not black or white, male or female, young or old. I am ME. I define myself rather than letting the world define me. I want a girl who thinks the same way.

On to the self summary: ***************************************** I am...complicated. The most important thign about me is my religious beliefs(if you can call them that), yet they are to complex and unusual to explain easily. I'll give that a shot later. Some basics though: I see the spiritual and physical as seperate, with the spiritual being infinitely superior to the physical. I believe this to the point that I see no meaning in sex. For this reason I call myself asexual, though I am physically straight. I'm still looking for a significant other though(finding someone like me is gonna be a real pain). Logically there is no reason why this person couldn't be male or female, yet I am just materialistic enough to be creeped out by the thought of such a relationship with a male(since I am physically straight). I think that emotions are 90% evil. This is because they are ultimately just the end result of chemicals in your brain that twist your thinking and make you illogical. I do recognize that there is more to things like love than the physical emotion though. That is why I only say 90%

I hold myself to very high standards, exspecially as far morality is concerned. If I did not then I couldn't look in the mirror at night. Unless I do all that I can to be the best I can then I do not feel as if my existence has been validated. I become indescribably depressed. I cannot even begin to understandd moral apathy. That is so far from me, and so disgusting to me that I am tempted to see such people as sub-human. This isn't easy for me to admit since I consider myself to be very unjudging and understanding in most areas.

I am antisocial. Fanatically, Religiously antisocial. That statement is a bit deceptive though. Let me put it this way: I think that there are many people on this earth that are good and worth knowing or loving, yet the idea of loving humanity in general disgusts me. To want to be with people just for the sake of being wiht people is evil. Reasons: 1. To desire human contact for it's own sake is just blindly folowing an instinct, an instinct that makes you trust or "love" in times when you should not, and that makes you sacrifice a part of yourself. You lose the strength of being completely independant. 2. It is always better to love people for who they are. Love should be personal and specific. Explanation and Elaboration: It is a simple fact that there are good people and bad(or at least less good) people in the world. I love good, and good people, but even if I understand it's reasons fully I cannot tolerate evil. I will never love evil. 3. For the most part the only things that all humanity has in common are physical things such as emotion. So from my POV loving humanity is loving the worst parts of people.

I an indepandant and rebellious. I believe that we can only find answers about life in ourselves. I think that everyone should spend time in deep though looking inside themselves. I believe that you should be able to depend only on yourself. I think that governments and other establishments should seek to control as little as possible. I think that we should all strive to be different. We should not fit a mold or fall into a pattern.

Thesse thigns do not mean that I reject people or do not accept help when needed, or that I am unable to open up to people. There is no reason for that, and I am nothing if not reasonable. I say that I am rebellious, but I am not unnessicarily so(of course I probably think it nesseecary more than most). Neither am I any more ssolitary than need be, of course as you can see I definetly think that we need some solitude in our lives

I believe that the mind and spirit have no bounds. I believe that we should strive to answer all questions with logic, and that in a pefect universe all would be logical.

I never give up, unless logic indicaters that I am wasting time on the near impossible that could be better used elsewhere. As far as improving my mind and soul I never give up period. I will never submit to evil under any circcumtsances. Example: My ridiculously confusing and unusual beliefs include the belief that god is pure evil and basicall wants to enslave us all(by a very unorthodox definition of slavery). I also believe it is very likely that he is omnipotent and omnifiscient. Therefore, logic indicates that nothing I do to fight him can have any effect. I fight h him anyway. I believe that odds are 99 zillion to one that it is completely pointless, once I even believed that it was 100% pointless, yet I fought and fight anyway as a matter of prinncible.

************************* Also, MOST OF THOSE PERSONALITY AWARDS ARE WRONG, or at least incredible oversimplifications. How do I take the darn things off my profile? Well I felt the need to comment on some of the worse ones, and here it is.

More compasionate: This is extremely true and extremely untrue at the same time. I care for people, but not in aan emotional sense. I do not love humanity as a whole, but in my experiance everyone has something about them that is truly amazing and worth loving them for. It's just harder to see with some people. Everyone has potential, and for this reason I would put myself in harm's way for a complete stranger. On the other hand I could kill my own family without hesitation if it was nessecary.

Less Socially free: Well judging from their definition of socially free the creators must be highly liberal and highly close minded. If you know me you know that I'm about as free from society's influence as can be, and I certainly think others should be. People should have morality of course, but as long as it's based in reason of some form I don't much care what your morality is. My morals can seem conservative at times, but there's nothing conservative about wanting to abolish sex and gender roles entirely, or oppose god in every possible way.

More Republican: I didn't know whether to laugh at or be insulted by this one. The Republican party is almost as stupid and corrupt as the Democrat one, and that's saying a lot. Wow I hate politics.

I am solitary, virtuous, and rebellious
What I’m doing with my life
ambling through college trying to think of somethign meaningful enough to devote my life to.

I used to [[dirt bike]ride a lot, though I got bored of it. I love and have a natural ability inTennis, though I've not had time for it lately. I am a member of Dagorhir. It's kinda like an RP game only it's real life and we beat the stuffing out of each other with swords. Dagorhir: Where nerds and jocks collide. In my spare time I invent strategy games of all kinds. I'm considering mailing a few off to a complany to get published. I find few things more satisfying than challenging my mind.
I’m really good at
figuring out how people think and what makes them tick, except when I'm not.


Martial arts of any kind. I've little training in them actually, it's just that theyu come to me effotrlessly. I progress much faster than my peers.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a Star Wars fanatic. You say Star Wars and suddenly I'm riveted. I've read all 80-whatever books, and probably know more about it than George Lucas does.

Other than that it's difficult to say. Kinda depends on whether I'm sleep deprived or not(which is fairly common). I try to change people and the worls arouind and never eb afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Of courrse considering whta I believe this often ends up causing a scene. I don't always feel like giving that kind of effort everyday for little to no return. SO somedays I'm very quiet and introspective. Always thinking.

I'm definetly a social misfit though. Don't understand half the things that come out of people's mouths and I couldn't tell a Puff Daddy from a Lexus(yeah I know one's a rapper and one's a car. Just making a point Don't knwo anymore than that either.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read every chance that I get. Favorite booksare Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Traitorby Matt Stover, Star Wars: Shatterpointby Matt Stover, The Sea Wolfby Jack Londan, Hamlet, The Lord of the RingsTrilogy, Pride and Prejuduce, and others that I'll remember later.

Hate music and food. Wish we didn't need to eat and music had never been creatted. Has to do wiht my beliefs. More on that later.
The six things I could never do without
Well these would be thigns like freedom and total control of one's mind and body, also that great big Truth that everyone's always searching for, and knoledge that life has meaning and isn't a lie. Wait a minute, I have very few of those kind of things, maybe that's why life sucks so bad.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
philosophy, morality, religion, life. The Big Questions. You should know that by now though. Also enjoy thinking of puzzles and stuff that challenge me.
On a typical Friday night I am
going to bed so that I can wake up in time for Dagorhir meeting tomorrow.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm psychic. I see the future, I sense some sort of spiritual/mental/emotional energy that is generated by people and maybe other stuff like ghosts and thigns, not sure if I believe in those though. Don't have any control really, so yeah mostly it's not fun at all. Makes it hard to sleep at night. Did save my life once though. Saw a danger coming in time to dodge.
You should message me if
You actually agree with any of my beliefs. That would be awesome. We will talk for hours if you agree on something big.

If you disagree I'm mostly gonna have to ask you to keep your mouth shut. I just aint got the time too get in ANOTHER infitetly long debate. No disrespect.

Or if common sense tells you that we have some interst in common or whatever and you should message me. It's not complicated.

Please no pointless messages though. I don't even keep up with mey emial as it is..