32Bridgewater, United States
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My self-summary
"Because it takes a Warrior to love a Goddess and it takes a Goddess to show a Warrior what real love is"

I forgot that I still have this profile so somethings need to be updated .
Please read my profile. If we have the Spiritual, the Vanilla, and the Kink interests in common please indicate that in your message. When I'm ready to open my heart up to you I'll respond to your message.

If my mail box is full rate me or try back later please because I don't check my mail everyday, I apologize.

I must start with
some little warnings :

(I know some of you guys hate that but you will
Understand when you're a woman some day haha)

1.) Please be respectful when you message me.
2.) I do want a real relationship
3.) This isn't a profile where I'm just seeking wild, casual sex (sorry swingers and married folks)
4) Please message me with something more than Hi
5.) I'm open minded but I'm not poly
6.) I have a real/ vanilla profile available too with lots of other clear face pics and info about who I am

Lets see if I can possibly describe this ,well...I do mean that quote above. I'm not looking for a King but the qualities of a warrior. The king likes it easy and doesn't like to get his hands dirty.
But life isn't like that and a Real relationship takes a warriors heart. Men who give up quickly just aren't my type. You can be a Warrior-King though!

I'm looking for a Loving Daddy Dom and I rather you be more Daddy than Dom. I seek a committed relationship, influenced by
Tantra (not limited to Sacred Sex), D/s dynamic of loving devotion, subtleties and experimentation of DD/lg
(age play and non-age play).
All are important. If Tantra isnt of interest to you than please move on.

I see D/s as a gateway to spiritual liberation if it can be developed with the right intentions and a like-mind-hearted person. In many ways I'm very unconvential and in other ways I'm old fashion. I could be considered a post- modern feminist. I'm the result of feeling and understanding the power of what it means to be a woman and having the choice to consciously direct that power how I choose. Some call this an "awakened woman".
Of course I'm always learning about all truths while I'm stilling breathing.

I'm not necessarily looking for someone in the kink scene per say or imposters looking to copy pornos and pump their ego. I simply seek an organic evolution of devotion and exploration in supporting each other through our journey of spiritual Wholeness.

Ideas of what this relationship this could be is totally open for discussion as things naturally progress
( I'm In no rush) . Nothing needs to be decided too early
But lots of trust and vulnerability are involved so I'm not looking for a casual thing here. You should be open to growing into a LTR...
If we do start spending time together beyond a few dates I expect and request I am the Only woman you are seeing me .
If this is a problem please communicate it with me.
You will become the only man I focus my attention on in time, I expect to be the only woman to receive all of your attention as well...
In all honesty I'm looking for unconditional love; to give and receive with that special man.

I've been meditating daily for 12yrs, go on yearly retreats and have varied alternative practices and beliefs in spirituality outside of religion (as I believe all religion is oneness). The relationship I envision has spirituality and path of enlightenment at its core with D/s,DD/lg, Bdsm, and vanilla wrapped around it. As important as matching kink chemistry is for me the spiritual chemistry comes first.
There is so much more I can say about this topic. Hopefully we'll do that soon :)
If that description doesn't sound very appealing then I'm not the woman you want.

Even though I'm fairly educated on this topic of D/s , any real life experience is still a little new to me...
please take it slow and savor as we find our way.

What this profile represents is only a part of myself and what I seek . Its not easy to sense my personality with this one. But I do have a real profile on here telling you all about me with a bunch of clear pics. I would be happy to share that profile with you if we get that far.
What I’m doing with my life
I live a holistic life of health, wellness, and spirituality . I relish how unique and fun it is to experience daily. I take life in moment to moment, day by day with my goals out in the horizon.

I work for myself helping others find joy in life through health and wellness.
I’m really good at
I would feel like I'm bragging so you'll just have to find out :)
The first things people usually notice about me
My natural red hair and compassionate nature
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Too, too much. We can do this when we're getting to know each other.
This is my song of choice at the moment. If it moves you, message me.
Six things I could never do without
family, books, yoga and meditation, laughter, the great out-doors, all kinds of touch and affection.
That's more than 6, I guess I broke the rules
(punish me? Lol)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How beautiful nature truly is...
Everyday I'm impressed by it's grandeur.
On a typical Friday night I am
It's ever changing...we'll talk
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Heres a little something you'll eventually find out...
Top things you may find odd or awesome

1) I hug trees and I enjoy sharing that with others, being barefoot in nature is liberating

2.) I think compassion is the most valued trait in a person

3.) I don't like when people are obsessed with their phones. And I don't like to be touched after you've had it in your hand...rub your hands on some cloth or wash your hands( not an OCD thing I have good reasons)... and don't get me started on ear pieces, If we start dating I'll beg you to throw it away.

4.) I always mute commericals ( there is no need to get brain washed)

5.) Silence is beautiful and communicates its own song

6 .) You'll never want to leave once you've eaten one of my special sandwiches ;)
7.) I don't run with the pack so you'll never hear me use the term "binge watch" even if I do the very definition of it, I won't use that term. I just dont enjoy alot of these new cultural phrases.
I don't watch reality TV either(yuck). If you want me to watch some with you I will but its not my thang.
8.) When I listen to music it's usually beautiful Yoga Mantra music

That was just 8 I'm sure there's alot more where that came from. Feel free to message me with your top 8 oddities.
You should message me if
Before you ask, I do have a fetlife account.

Message me if what I listed below vaguely
describes you in some way:

* a somewhat experienced, loving, nurturing, Daddy Dom

* some experience or serious interest in Tantra as a way of life

*Open to exploring age play and the subtleties
Of DD/lg dynamic in a non-age play way too
(just a curiosity for me right now)

* possible interest in exploring "1950's household"
(Just curious about it but I love the idea of doting on Daddy when he comes home from work)
* Meditate regularly (very important)
*not a Sadist
*you're a gentleman
* you're a romantic
*Very, Very Patient and caring
* self aware
*very Dependable
* unselfish in harmony w/your own needs
*Compassionate *affectionate (public and private)
*great sense of humor

*not controlling
*not into the Master/slave mind-set

* It's very important that you're into existential conversations, Meditation, and enjoy living a life of health and wellness with healthy doses of spirituality ( I don't mean religion not that I'm against that.)

* you aren't looking to train me to your liking but bring out my true nature

*You accept and care for a whole person

*doesn't take themselves and life too seriously but has a serious side too

* not superficial
*open and honest (communication is always key)
*disease free
* sane
*not into humiliation, blood play, fire, urination and things of the sort

*Not a pot head (I'm 420 friendly but I rather be around someone who isn't smoking every week).
*You don't drink to get drunk
* your tastes lean more toward the curvy, full figured woman variety
* You have a means of a stable income
* you may want children in the future

In the end I desire us to be best friends, spirtual equals, and for you to be the master of my heart, body, and soul.
Lol too much?

It's difficult to get a sense about me from this profile but I'm usually perceived as warm natured, easy going, compassionate, intelligent and blah blah blah lol
You get the picture...I'm a good person to be around.

*I must make this clear once again, I'm not looking for a relationship based on sex alone but trust and intimacy. Foundation is key here. If you're JUST looking for kinky sex it won't happen . I can sense the abusers and fakers from the real Doms that respect and cherish submission. Be upfront and honest and I'll do the same.

My submission will take time and doesn't come easily as is my nature and need for safey . I'm very, very selective.
I doubt you would want me to make it that easy for you anyway .

In the end this is simply about our natural connection and the qualities we tend to bring out in one another.

It's quite a sign that you read through all that!
If you liked my little mission statement let me know...

" If you want my body be sure to seduce my mind...if you want my mind you must arouse it with love before you massage it with kink"

If you made it this far I'm truly impressed. You may as well read the icing on the cake..what it means to be loved my an awakened woman :)

"It is a monumental risk to love an awakened woman, because there is suddenly no place to hide. She sees everything, therefore she can love you with a depth and presence that your heart and body have yearned for so hard, so long, so fiercely…that you wonder whether you have actually been alive for all the time that she has been away.

Loving a woman like this is a choice you make to start living with your Soul on fire.

Your life will never be the same again once you've invited her energy in."
The two of us