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My self-summary
I used to consider myself to be the biggest geek ever... and not to say I still am that geek, I would have to say that my interests, goals, and direction in life extend much farther beyond just that.

I haven't visited this account in many years (via a random "3 Quiver Matches" email in my inbox) and reading back on how I described myself, I am absolutely fine with saying that I was such a dork (yes - a large whale penis). That said, that person then is still a part of who I am now, and part of the direction I am taking my life - whatever that direction may be.

Compared to a few years ago (I think it was circa 2005?), my life revolved around computers. Now, in more recent years, I have spent much of my time exploring my beliefs, both in the spiritual/philisophical as well as my morals: identifying the concepts of ideas/theories/beliefs that I've believed my entire life; exploring the extents and my ability to love and care for people; doing a lot of self-reflection on who I am, where I've been, where I'm going, and who I want to be.

I have come to appreciate my parents for all the things they've done and sacrificed for me; those of my family who have been there for me, are sticking by me and have come to understand and appreciate those of my family who don't support me, but are just trying to deal with their lives and what life throws as them in the best way that they can; and my friends who really care about me - not only about the status of my well-being on a day-to-day basis, but also my mental & physical health, work/academic performance, and my level of happiness in life.

My long academic history - exploring a myriad of different career possibilities (Computer Information Systems, Culinary Arts, Architectual Drafting, Urban Planning, Fashion Design, Sociology & Psychology & Women's Studies, Business) in different programs in different schools, while long, expensive, and time-consuming (some would say "wasteful") has led me to try to figure out what makes me truly happy in my life; what leaves me feeling not only fulfilled and satisfied but ALSO happy at the end of the day. I've already "been there" and "done that" with trying to create social change, helping people by being supportive when they are feeling like they're they only ones, being an activist, doing as much community outreach as I could manage, connecting communities, creating awareness of injustices and inequalities. I have been fulfilled. I am satisfied. I am appreciated. But at the end of the day, am I happy?

As a result of much exploration, self-reflection, and being honest about who I am, I: am fully out as a transwoman (Male-to-Female) and am in the midst of transitioning; have finally identified that I am a Transhumanist, believing in such concepts/practices as Quantum Mysticism, Animism, Pantheism, Technopaganism, among other things; I am Pansexual, Polyamorous (not to be confused with Polygamy), Kinky, and am generally sex-positive, queer-positive, and love-positive.

I am honest, interesting, and true to myself
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently attending university studying Women's Studies and some Business (a good combination if I wanted to go into Non-Profit Organization Management); I have been the leader of my campus Queer organization for over a year; and I have also been volunteering for the student newspaper and the women's centre.

However, I have once again done some deep self-reflection and have realized that once again, I am not happy at the end of the day. It is definitely fulfilling and extremely satisfying knowing that I can be the voice (or one of the few voices) of a community/group of people that may not normally be able to have the courage to do so; to be the person that some people can feel that they can tell their inner desires, feelings and problems to, so that they wouldn't feel alone, so that they could have someone to talk to (and some people have, and I'm the only one they've told, and I feel very honoured and priviledged to be the person that they feel they can *really* be themselves with).

So, instead of working towards a career in NPO (Non-Profit Organization) Management, I am now focusing on getting into Emily Carr University to do a degree in Art - or more specifically, either Industrial Design or Interactive Digital Media. Why? Not only am I a pretty big computer geek (well, I am!) but all kinds of art, design, and forms digital media have not only fascinated me, but also been a large part of my life - as both a "general" interest, but also in my hobbies, and interests... especially when it comes to the digital/technological forms of these areas.
I’m really good at
Honestly, with so much going on, I really have to think about this one. If anything, though, I am really good at inspiring others (Well, apparently I am, anyways. Random people - some I've never met before - have told me that I inspire them.)

I suppose I am also really good at being a person that people can trust, and are sure to know that whatever they want to share with me, they can. I'm not going to judge, I'm not going to freak out, I'm not going to divulge details of their inner selves to others. I can be the sympathetic/empathetic ear, the blank wall they may sometimes need to scream at to feel better, or the counsellor and help them through their problems. I always try my best to be supportive, and I give them my all when they really need me.
The first things people usually notice about me
I know this is just may sound like a cop-out, but with all that you've read about me so far, (and the transhumanist in me is always curious to know, as well ;) ) what would you say you first notice about me?

I mean, just from reading my profile so far, what do you *really* think of me? What is your first impression of me? Am I genuine? Am I interesting? Do I spark some kind or ANY kind of feeling or reaction in you from what I've said about myself?

After all, the Next Best Thing after constructive self-criticism as a way to constantly strive for self-improvement, is constructive criticism from others - friends, family, and strangers alike. Each person has their own point of view and therefore has something to contribute.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I would normally answer this question... but trust me, it's a long one. So let me just say this: My interests in books, movies, and music are varied, wide-ranging, and some would/have say/said "eclectic", which is fine by me.

But just to start out (and not to sound like I'm being lazy), I'll say this:

For Books: I have a "Books to Read" list that seems like a mile long that ranges in topics from Business, to Spirituality, to topics in Gender Studies: to Sexuality, to Science Fiction, to Self-Improvement.

For Movies: I have over 500 movies, and have seen nearly all of them. SciFi's, Comedy-Romances, Crime, Drama, Horror (I'm fine with Zombies, Vampires, and Gore, I just can't handle the ones that mess with your head), Teen, Documentary, Animated...

For Music: I have worked as a club DJ (and am still asked DJ now and then), I enjoy my Manilow, I love House and Dance, I am into some Indie bands (METRIC!!!), I like some Metal, and I know how to really appreciate Classical (Classical/Baroque/Romantic) music. I enjoy singing to songs, and even though I have had many years in music training (15 years of violin, viola, string orchestras, music theory classes, etc) I can still appreciate the simple feeling/act of enjoying music for what it is, and not *how* it is.

As for food, that's also quite varying, and wide-ranging as well as specific and sometimes picky.

And like others have said: Just ask!
Six things I could never do without
Love. My support system. Learning. The Freedom to Think for Myself.
And the 2 others? I've only lived for 24 years of my life so far. How would I know?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I don't mean to cop-out or anything... but really? I think about everything. If there are things that I don't know about, I think about those. If there are things I'm not yet aware of (and I *know* there are), then I may think of them eventually, or I may not. However, I do think about everything that I *am* aware of, and I try to consider all those things from multiple points of view.

Having ADD helps thinking about everything a lot, as well ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
I am typically catching up on all the TV episodes I missed during the week, or spending time with my friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not really a private person. Only when it comes to the portions of my life/experience/knowledge that involves other people trusting me with what they share with me whether through experiences or discussion am I private. Because at that point, I'm not the only one in on it.
You should message me if
I have sparked *some* thing in you to react to what I've said, or that has caused you to think about something - an idea, perhaps - in a new way or from a new perspective, or even if you feel intrigued by how I've described myself thus far.
The two of us