44Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
one of my fondest memories as a child was when my folks woke my brother and i up in the middle of the night and drove us through the woods to the end of our 1/4 mile driveway to the road. surrounding the mailbox and plants by the road were thousands of lightning bugs, probably in some mating swarm. it was incredible, all those little yellow glows floating around disappearing and reappearing. beautiful.

i've been in columbus for just over 3 years and i’m seeking outdoorsy-liberal folks, good brew-pubs, and hiking spots. i'm a stream ecologist working at a non-profit institute. reality tv makes me want to vacate the immediate premises. actually, most tv makes me want to vacate the immediate premises :-) naps are the answer to all of life's problems...especially with two cats on top of you :-) good tight acappella harmony (no instruments - just voices) gives me goose pimples. i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and have been told i am very thoughtful in relationships. i don’t follow the crowd unless they happen to be going my way. i get most of my news from npr. i'm always up for a road trip. sharing really good hugs...not those lean-in-and-pat-my-back kinda hugs...makes me happy. i strive for honesty and integrity whenever possible and expect the same. i grew up in ohio and i've been in georgia the last three years. i am constantly singing something. i was into the lord of the rings and the hobbit way before they were so 'cool'. I've been told i am creative. friends and family are extremely important to me. i'm shy, but only at first. i love to make people laugh and smile. i'm a friends first kind of ‘sensitive guy’. snuggling makes me happy :) i love to cuddle in front of a good movie with somebody special. i prefer boxers over briefs. i love chocolate! i've traveled and lived in several different places in the usa (or, nv, oh, pa, co, nc, ga, sc) and abroad.

still interested? here are my views on a couple of the big make/break items people usually look for. probably more than you are used to reading on one of these sites, but i'd like to get messages from people who are actually somewhat compatible. thanks for reading :-)

looking for - i'm open to just about anything right now. friends, short term, long term. but i am not getting any younger and i would like to find a woman that will stick around for the long haul in the near future. traditionally i've gone for cute, sweet, smart and petite, but mutual chemistry is more important.

kids - i don't have any...unless you count my cats ;-) but i might like to have the option in the future. i am also open to dating somebody with kids.

education - I have my masters degree. although i'm pretty silly and goofy on the outside, i tend to think deep thoughts. but you don't need to have some high level degree to ask me out on a date. as long as you have real ambitions and a quest for knowledge and intelligent understanding, i'm happy :-)

social life - i am a very social person. i seem to get my energy from being around other people. i tend to organize things that get people together, who otherwise would not have, and make something fun happen, such as starting a vocal group, a soccer team, political discussion group or a sports fan club. life is better when shared. i really enjoy a good brew and like to have grilling parties, movie nights and game nights at my place. i would like to meet somebody with an active social life.

religion - freedom of religious philosophy and the separation of church and state are key to any open and free society. i myself am a secular humanist with a penchant for the thoughts of carl sagan's pale blue dot. things make more sense to me when there is actual evidence to support it. i do not believe there is any one true way to enlightenment as many roads can take you there. i won't force my views on anybody and i expect the same in return. i am open to dating somebody of any faith if they can accept my beliefs.

politics - i am pretty liberal. i think that a well educated public, free of propaganda and misinformation from both sides, can make a difference in our limited two party system. however, the influence of big money and bickering politicians stalling the system are making it much harder. fiscally, i think there should be an upper and lower wealth threshold past which it is immoral to let anybody in the world live. socially, if it doesn't infringe on the rights of somebody else, you should be able to do it. i celebrate human diversity. i actually really enjoy political discussions, as long as it is based in personal research and empirical facts.

did i mention i like fireflies? ;-)
What I’m doing with my life
i'd like to spend my life playing in streams throughout the usa.
I’m really good at
organizing people and making fun things happen. being loyal and supportive in my relationships. having barbecues on the back patio. being a lazy boy for my two cats.
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes, smile. plus i'll probably either be humming, singing, making percussion sounds with my mouth or trying to make somebody smile.

i have a shaved head, not because i'm bald, but because i like the feel. i shaved it all off in 2005 for 'st baldricks' and 'locks for love' and kept it that way ever since.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books - lord of the rings and the hobbit, Douglas Adams

movies - contact, shawshank redemption, star wars episodes iv-vi, lord of the rings.

music - dream theater, rage against the machine, committed, alice in chains, alison krauss and union station, rockacapella, led zeppelin, steely dan, tannahill weavers, thievery corporation, street corner symphony.
Six things I could never do without
my iPhone, my cats, my car, love, friends/family, nature
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i think a lot about Carl Sagan's pale blue dot (youtube: We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot) and how we all can help make it a better place. social and economic justice, research and fact based policies...reporting and political discourse, freedom of religious philosophy, protection of our only life support system - the earth, true democratic principles and considering non-violent solutions to conflict, the diversity inherent in the human race, how to achieve equal rights for all, what i can do to increase the chance of happiness for myself, those around me, and those i will never meet.
On a typical Friday night I am
usually i'm watching a movie with a friend or two. or enjoying a good brew downtown.
You should message me if
your friends can't describe you without using the word 'sweet'. and my profile makes your heart beat a little faster.
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