65 Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
This very single African-American male is seeking an unattached female who has a kind, pleasant, and very affectionate personality, with whom to establish, partner, and maintain a steady long-term romantic relationship. I am 5ft. 8.5 inches, about 160 lbs., with dark brown eyes, dark brown hair (now turning "salt & pepper" in color), and a dark brown complexion. I am a Philadelphia, PA native and lifelong resident and have a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in philosophy from Temple University, and an advanced degree from the University of Pennsylvania in legal philosophy. I am very loyal, honest, sincere, monogamous, have a very good and irrepressibly buoyant sense of humor which I love sharing with my relationship partner, am gentle, kind, pleasant, fun loving, well-mannered, attentive, very, very affectionate, and somewhat cerebral but at the same time eminently down-to-earth.

By the way, there are at least ten photos in the "Photos" section of this profile. But you have to click on the blue letters that say "Profile Photos" in the "Photos" section in order to view them and to read the accompanying captions under some of the photos.
What I’m doing with my life
I am seeking that special woman who will complement my life, and I hers. For me a woman's personality or what she's like on the inside, i.e., her internal characteristics and composition, always clearly take precedence over and trump her physical appearance or looks, including what type of build, physique, or figure she may happen to have (or whether she would ever have been considered fetching according to popular or conventional standards --- and also age is not an issue --- I go up to 74). My partner's body can be just about any shape or size (full or very full-figured included), and her facial features, hair, and complexion (including having wrinkles), can also be quite homely or plain. After all, the point is, I'm not looking for a "trophy" girlfriend or a perhaps "trophy" future or prospective wife, but instead someone very genuine and sincere who seriously wants to, and with whom to, share love, companionship, and a steady long term monogamous relationship together. So she need not ever have been eligible to be any type of beauty contestant or runway model to be the premier and permanent love of my life. As I said, to me, it is her having a kind, pleasant, and affectionate personality that is most important, and not whether or not she could ever have appeared in or on the cover of any glamour or fashion magazine, or ever was a Barbie. Also, I'm open to women of any race or ethnic background. In fact, I strongly appreciate and enjoy the broadening of my horizons and perspectives, and the added enlightenment regarding cultural nuances I receive when the cultural or ethnic descent or lineage of my relationship partner is not the same as mine (in other words, I learn a great deal that I did not or could not have otherwise known before).
I'm also internationally well traveled having been to at least 6 to 10 different countries, including Paris, Morocco, London, two countries in South America, Aruba, Madrid, Saskatoon--Saskatchewan, among others, and truly enjoy experiencing other cultures.
I’m really good at
1) Analysis and discussion of any subject or topic; from the mundane and routine to the highly conceptual, abstract, and abstruse.
2) Being monogamous and totally loyal, faithful, and committed to my relationship partner.
3) Holding hands with, kissing, and showing affection and love to my romantic relationship partner.
4) Making a mean tuna fish salad (based on a very ancient, secret recipe) and cooking natural brown rice (I used to be a macrobiotic vegetarian or vegan but now eat everything except pork and non-kosher style fish, i.e., fish that didn't have scales).
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not exactly sure about this. It could depend on the person doing the noticing or observing, and I suppose also even on the circumstances.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For the past over 40 years, I have played electric bass and electric upright bass in Salsa (Latin), Jazz, Reggae, Samba (from Brazil), R&B, and Blues music groups. I have also developed quite an appreciation and love of Bluegrass music and hope to one day also play in a Bluegrass band (at least for awhile).

I also have a longstanding love of the Tragedies, Histories, and Comedies of William Shakespeare, but particularly the Tragedies, such as Macbeth and Hamlet. (I do not have much taste for violent, often euphemistically called "action" films. That is, unless under very rare circumstances, that aspect is essential to the realistic portrayal or presentation of an otherwise great film [for example, Scorsese's "Goodfellas"]. Another example is Roman Polanski's version of "Macbeth". Which despite some very violent parts, is nonetheless a groundbreaking masterpiece exemplifying the vast visual freedom available when interpreting Shakespeare, while still remaining completely true and faithful to the exact words and format of the play.)

I'm also a devout aficionado of foreign and independent cinema --- Brazilian and Eastern European films being among my favorites for their exceptional realism, thematic and visual candor, and total lack of pretentiousness.
The six things I could never do without
The six things I could never do without, hmmm:

1) air, food, water, shelter (in law called "the necessaries").

2) love and affectionateness.

3) Music (for me both playing and listening to it).

4) Knowledge and the relentless pursuit thereof, including an attempt at metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.

5) A very recent edition of Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. (For me, Random House or any other substitution, including other Webster's, simply don't make the grade.)

6) A fine classic or vintage premium grade mechanical watch (either automatic aka self-winding, or manual aka wind-up).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why humankind seems to be incapable of extirpating engaging in war, violence, cruelty, and unkindness against each other. I simply don't understand it and try to do my little bit each day to counteract it. Accordingly, I try to make someone laugh or smile or show someone some kindness each day. In like manner, I also enjoy volunteering by visiting inner-city seniors who have no family. It's ineffably rewarding and thwarts their feeling isolated and disconnected from the world, which is very important to their well-being.
On a typical Friday night I am
Most probably wishing I have found and were with my steady long term romantic relationship partner. And in the meanwhile watching an independent or foreign film on my dvd player (so I can control reading the subtitles while visually absorbing the scene) necessarily thinking how much more enjoyable it would be to be watching it with my steady long term partner. Could she be you? Let's explore that possibility and find out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a completely open book for the asking. No question or subject is ever, nor ever will be "off-limits" to ask me about myself. --- I also have no issue with being in touch with and displaying my emotional side. For example, a very well done sad, touching, or romantic movie can cause me to become emotional and send the tears cascading down my cheeks such as you might never believe, which happened to me just the other day while watching a Korean serial drama that I have been following for several months. This was always true but seems to have gotten particularly more pronounced the older I get, I mean in my later years (say for example, after age 40).
You should message me if
------- I would appreciate sincere and serious replies only, since I have a strong proclivity to be a part of a monogamous couple because I miss the joy, companionship and fulfillment that derive from being in a relationship. I am wholly averse to ephemeral hook-ups, one night stands, serial daters, casual encounters, and the like. At this stage in life, I cannot help but to disdain such relationships as a rather unproductive use of time. So please contact or respond to me if you've read and like my profile, and are seriously inclined toward exploring the prospect or possibility of forging a steady long term relationship together. After all, life is undeniably much more interesting and exciting when it is shared!