35Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
*full disclosure: i'm in an open relationship with spiraledsilence. you've probably seen us being ridiculous cute somewhere on capitol hill. sorry about that.

but hey, we're open to many things. yaaay. i'm here, like i say to your right, for new friends (connection is great!) and if that leads to some dating-ish behavior, that's fine too. this is not one of those unicorn-seeking profiles, by the way.

also, please don't "like" me - just message me. you don't have to use the like button to message me. hell, you don't have to like me at all to message me. call me stupid if you want. it'll be fun.

on to the rest of the thing!

i hate the entire idea of a self-summary.

instead, i'm going to copy-paste stuff from other parts of my life.

*last night i dreamed i was floating down a tropical river on top of a volkswagon bus like huck finn. with me was a hydrophobic turkey, which i later ate. it was tasty.

* For three years, I taught high school language arts and social studies at an accredited special purpose school. This position enabled me to provide students – both high achievers and low – with the individualized attention and encouragement they need to prepare for higher education. I custom tailored each student’s curriculum, keeping in mind their challenges (most often learning disabilities and emotional or behavioral issues) while making their coursework as interdisciplinary as possible.

* musical malapropism for the day: methmaker methmaker, make me some meth!

* just saw a tag from a distance, and I could've sworn it said 'anchovy for life.' I was all like, since when are tiny fish against abortion?! then I saw the anarchy sign, and it made waaaay more sense.

* hank green on the declining relevance of news media. one of the main points: news media has given up its legitimacy as an institution to pander to ideology and target audiences. which is a funny thing to assert when you're a YouTube star seeking hits saying that YouTube stars are more honest than news media.

I am contemplative, physical, and insoucient
What I’m doing with my life
i teach high schoolers and grownups and weirdos. i read a lot. which is mostly the product of my great love of words, a little bit my trying to catch up with the literary canon (which is impossible, by the way), and more than a little the before and after of teaching. i throw things on ultimate fields (frisbees? yes. hats? sure. beer cans? as often as possible. toddlers? notsomuch). i cook sometimes. i try to stay in contact with all the amazing people i happen to know in the world, which is hard. i spend some time having overactive empathy neurons. i spend some time trying to stuff my face with the tastiest possible everything.

basically i spend my time, one way or another, trying to have those hilarious conversations about existentialism and quantum mechanics and sex and hipsters and pop culture and mormon jell-o cuisine and literature.
I’m really good at
relative to whom? what a terrible prompt. in terms of myself, i'm best at ultimate, talking about stuff that matters and stuff that doesn't, holding my licker (and apparently phonetics), making random connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, and making an artful mess of things. also i make nigh-perfect eggs over easy and a pretty spectacular homemade mac and cheese.
The first things people usually notice about me
fun facial hair. maybe that it would be easy to make the muppet version of me.

i've been told i'm a jumbo sized cool tough furry jacket cat for the ladies.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books (well, authors): kurt vonnegut, dystopian literature, palahniuk, natalie angier (favorite nonfiction!), ingrid muscio, zadie smith, dave eggers, hermann hesse, sherman alexie, milan kundera, sarah vowell, ray bradbury, margaret atwood, neal stephenson, mcsweeney's, etc etc etc etc etc. also, the news, though i'm no junky. i read more than most, and though i more or less despise pulp, sometimes it's just the thing.

movies: (i don't watch a lot of movies anymore, so this list is really quite old) memento, eternal sunshine, in brouges, snatch/lock stock, chasing amy and kevin smith in general, more i can't think of right now. anything well-written and/or that which makes one think is my favorite, but genres are genres for a reason, and movies should be fun if they're meant to be. this is something i learned from my hetero lifemate: sometimes you want explosions; it's OK to watch movies that have a bunch of explosions with nary a plot to tie the explosions together. also i really liked kiss kiss bang bang because of all the grammar jokes.

music: tool, dresden dolls, regina spektor, radiohead, atmosphere, sage francis, fiona apple, pj harvey, the builders and the butchers, etc etc etc. lately: phantogram, menomena, kaki king, ida maria, cloud control... lately lately: sylvan esso, warpaint, chastity belt, gary clark jr., bonobo, rubblebucket, dengue fever.

food: good food, but not necessarily expensive food. case in point: taco wagon mexican food is much better than cheese-smothered tex-mex. i love to cook, except when i'm too hungry to keep my fingers out of it.
Six things I could never do without
6. whiskey
6. reading
6. excellent food and other art
6. friends who understand
6. physical activity
6. my middle finger
6. cop-outs
I spend a lot of time thinking about
philosophy, books, big ideas about people and the human condition, sex, politics, world affairs, social patterns and interactions, sex as a social concept and all the hangups people and the mainstream have about it while yet steeping themselves in it, music, my friends, fist-fucking in the mouth the people who make the world a terrible place.
On a typical Friday night I am
either getting saucy with friends or being profoundly nerdy or both.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
my handle's left over from high school. for a while it was embarrassing, but now it's just kinda ironic.
you'll find me a lot more share-tastic in person.
You should message me if
you're fun. extra points if you'd like to play cribbage or watch people over a beer.
The two of us