53Market Drayton, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
If you are a fan of Donald Trump, crawl into a dark hole and never speak to anyone again
The idiot is more of a danger to the world than any terrorist.

some people say they won't chat to "married men or weirdo's" and yet list themselves as believing in god??
well I am single and no ex wife or kids and if you attend a church, or believe the world is only around 5,000yrs old, we probably wont get on.
as for a weirdo? please define normal?

First of all , if the idea of kink, bdsm abhor you, then read no further.

I identify as a sub, but that doesn't mean I am weak.

Single, 53 year old male whose wants to meet a lady with dominant desires to fall in love and share experiences with. someone open minded .
I'm not looking for someone who thinks that this would mean wearing leather outfits all day or having her man grovelling on his knees 24/7. although those things can have their place. i would ideally like to meet someone who is interested in a subtle (behind closed doors)kink relationship. to others we would appear as a 'normal' couple, but with a definite FLR dynamic between us.
i would like to meet someone who i can click with on an everyday level. someone who is interested in exploring life and would like an adventurer with her along the way. someone who is as happy jetting off somewhere, sitting in a cinema or sitting reading a book.

if you know what D/s is and you are more D than s then I might be the man for you.. if you have an interest in cuckoldry and/or chastity, then definitely message me.
if you don't know what that is but want to ask, please do..
if you have an open mind or already like those things mentioned previously, then you might like to look.

last week I saw a phrase which has an appeal to me. a woman said she wanted " an oral eunuch". I find that idea fascinating.

I could of course not mention this side of myself at all and then try to introduce someone to it later, but that is totally dishonest in my opinion.
that's why I make reference to it in the opening few lines.

Ok , so we have established that I have an interest in kinky stuff, however that isn't all there is about me.
I am a pretty normal guy as well. I have a vanilla profile on here too, but this will do for now.
unlike most, I don't like football. I do like F1, WRC and MotoGP.
What I’m doing with my life
i have a full time job and a couple of diverse hobbies.
I’m really good at
Lots of things. I sing well. I am fairly good with my hands. I am a good listener.
The first things people usually notice about me
i am usually smiling
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i don't get to the cinema anywhere near as often as I would like. When I do i enjoy comedy and thrillers.
I don't read many books and feel guilty about that.
I enjoy the theatre especially plays. I also like to take part in amateur plays.
Guilty pleasure is the big bang theory. Love it.
I cannot abide Towie, made in chelsea or big brother. I would prefer to watch paint dry.
Six things I could never do without
1: Company. Although I value solitude sometimes, I love company. Especially someone special to talk to about anything and everything and put the world to rights.
2: a car. public transport in UK is a joke. (see answer 1, second sentence).
3: the lake district. I love the place.
4: Internet access
5: Meat. whilst i respect a vegetarian standpoint I am an omnivore.
6: Tea.
7: a phone.
8: rules are to be broken.....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
many many things. for example, how the fuck did Trump manage to end up with Armageddon at his fingertips?

do mobile network providers ever come out of a city and see how crap their networks really are?

why do people still think that man DIDN'T land on the moon?
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing after a hard weeks work.
Sometimes out for a meal with friends.
I tend to go out Friday rather than Saturday for a drink and sometimes a karaoke....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
D/s bdsm
Feel free to ask me about it if you want to ......

== Results from ==
100% Bondage Receiver
100% Submissive
96% Experimentalist
96% Slave
91% Degradation Receiver
88% Masochist
79% Exhibitionist
75% Girl/Boy
75% Voyeur
69% Brat
66% Non-monogamist
58% Bondage Giver
50% Primal (Prey)
39% Pervert
34% Sadist
33% Daddy/Mommy
33% Switch
29% Vanilla
26% Primal (Predator)
13% Brat Tamer
8% Dominant
4% All-Rounder
4% Degradation Giver
4% Master/Mistress
See my results online at
You should message me if
I am happy to chat with you about pretty much anything you like. music, space, life in general.

i usually have an opinion on most topics, but it would be nice to meet someone to give me hers.

if You share an interest in D/s and a man who could love you.
The two of us