45Ventura, United States
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My self-summary
I moved to LA in January 2006 and in June 2010 moved up to Ventura to get out of the big city.

I'm a geek. I was a Star Trek fan at three years old. I started reading comics when I was four. I saw Star Wars in the theater in September '77 when I was in first grade. I read the Lord of the Rings in fourth grade and started playing D'n'D the same year. I've played video games almost as long has there have been video games, first on the Atari 2600, then on the original IBM PC.

I've done theater work off and on since high school. Aside from nerd pursuits, theater is my biggest passion in life. My ultimate dream right now is to get a job teaching high-school English where I can build a theater program for my students.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Education with a California teaching credential. So, that's taking up most of my time. When I can, I'm gaming, reading comics, riding my bike, hiking when I get the urge, playing my guitar, watching Netflix streaming on my XBox.
I’m really good at
Correcting people's grammar.

Creating fantasy worlds for friends to explore.

I'm not very good at playing my guitar yet, but I'm getting there.
The first things people usually notice about me
Used to be my hair, which had grown out to beyond shoulder length. I cut it last year though, so I honestly couldn't say.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not sure I've ever read a book I didn't like, except maybe Beloved, and that was probably because I had to read it while I was running a fever, so I was seeing the characters at the end of my bed. That sort of sucked. In broad genre terms, I've always enjoyed sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries (classic British style and American hard boiled). Some of my favorite non-genre authors include Gabriel Garcia Marquez (everyone says that don't they?), Robertson Davies, and Alexandre Dumas.

In general, I like any movie that was made by a director who respects the intelligence of his or her audience. I'm not a fan of comedies that pander to the lowest elements of human nature (in other words, don't expect me to watch a Rob Schnieder movie). I love Sci Fi and Fantasy (especially space opera stuff like Star Wars and Star Trek), but I also love a good, well-written romance (Moonstruck, Strictly Ballroom and When Harry Met Sally are three of my favorite movies). I also love old movies. There's a heart to movies like Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia that just isn't present in modern films.

There isn't a category heading above for television, but I'll throw some of my favorites out there: I've already mentioned Star Trek, but there's also Sports Night, West Wing, and Studio 60 from Aaron Sorkin, HBO's Rome and Deadwood, and for older stuff Hill Street Blues, St. Elsewhere, Night Court, Newsradio, and Homicide: Life on the Street. I'm also a big fan of Alton Brown's Good Eats on FoodTV. I tend to watch more sci fi than anything else, so Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, and Eureka are high on my list.

Everybody says they have eclectic tastes in music. I'll let you judge whether being a fan of the Who, Gary Numan, the The, Jack White, the Scissor Sisters, Nine Inch Nails, Kate Bush, Morphine, Classic Rock, early '80s Pop and New Wave, '90s Alternative, cool jazz and jazz/rock fusion (Miles Davis and John Coltrane, not that Kenny G crap), qualifies. I listen to what moves me at any given moment.About the only stuff that never (or at least very, very rarely) moves me is Country (except really old stuff like Patsy and Hank) and Hip-Hop (except the really early stuff like the Sugar Hill Gang et al and early heavy stuff like Public Enemy). That's just how it is.

As for food, I'm an unabashed carnivore (Mmmm, rare prime rib of beef) but I do like vegetables too, really. Also, I'm big fan of salmon , especially in sushi. I love italian in particular, being from a big italian family, but I'm also partial to chinese and japanese. Not too big on mexican as a general rule (too many damn onions; blech!) or thai (food shouldn't hurt). I prefer vanilla to chocolate. Always have.

Also, I'm a life-long comics fan, greatly preferring DC to Marvel. Yes, comics are silly, but that's sort of the point. Everybody needs some mindless escapism, right?

I'm an avid, cross-genre gamer. On my PC I've enjoyed Fallout 3, the Mass Effect series, Civ, and the various Total War games. On the XBox, I played through Assassin's Creed and its sequel twice, am totally addicted to Skyrim, and have to admit a fondness for the various Lego games. I also love board and card games, like Colosseum, Race for the Galaxy, Power Grid, and Dominion. And I used to run a biweekly game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Have I mentioned I'm a nerd?
Six things I could never do without
The occasional rare steak.

My computer and its Internet connection; what the hell did I do before IMDB?

Friends who play games.

My new Gibson SG Classic Faded guitar. It's a dream to play.

My Subaru. I love driving it.

My XBox and Netflix streaming, which together allowed me to do away with my cable TV, probably for good.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Grand political and philosophical notions; I ponder the meaning of life on a fairly regular basis. I'm nowhere close to an answer, of course; I don't have the training to reach any resolution. Mostly, it's a good way to pass the time while driving or sitting in a boring meeting.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have a group of friends who regularly hang out on Friday nights. We're all gamers, so Fridays are usually game night, but sometimes we just kick back on the couch and watch Netflix.
On the occasional Saturday night, you can find me at various stargazing events around SoCal. You haven't lived until you've seen Saturn's rings with your own eyes.
You should message me if
You like geeks. This means not finding the fact that I like science fiction, comics, board games, video games, and role-playing games funny or embarrassing in the least. Even better if you enjoy any of those yourself.

You think that most sitcoms are pretty boring.

Or if you just think I'm cute.
The two of us