43 Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I love my Tivo.

Ummm...I suppose I should tell you a few other things...

I've been told that I'm warm, funny, laid-back, loving, and possibly sexy...but ehh... these things are totally subjective, so do what you will with that info. I can tell you that I'm bright, honest, kind, creative, affectionate and always willing to have fun.

I went to NYU film school and worked in film in a lot of different capacities (most recently as a costume designer), but I've been exploring my options...the details are boring to read, so if we meet, ask me again and I can bore you in person.

I'm not necessarily interested in getting married soon or ever (though I wouldn't rule it out), but finding someone to share in a committed relationship with, where respect and kindness are a priority, is more important. If we could laugh and love our way through adventures both in bed and out...while making some kind of difference in the world, then I would feel like I've met my match.
What I’m doing with my life
Programming my Tivo
I’m really good at
Programming my Tivo
The first things people usually notice about me
That I love my Tivo (honestly, you can tell that just by looking at me),
oh, and that I don't look like Brigitte Bardot.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything that I have on my Tivo...
Okay. I'm kidding about the Tivo thing, but I'd hate to think that I can be boiled down to a series of lists, but fine, I'll play along...

although to list ABSOLUTE favorites seem unreasonable...I will not be boxed in...I have too many and I'm always forgetting I'll give you some very random preferences of a variety of things...put in the time later, and you'll get more specifics.

Martin over Sinatra (I prefer drunks to bullies)
Ella over Billie (except when I'm feeling sorry for myself)
Rachmaninoff over Chopin (unless I'm going to sleep)
Elvis over the Beatles (hips over haircuts)
Reggae over Country (pass the Red Stripe)
Motown over Rock (not that I dislike rock, especially alternative)

The Fray over Coldplay (because Chris married Gwenyth)
Gaga over Madonna (mostly because Madonna's got that fake British accent now)
Damien Rice over Ben Harper (is it okay if I don't remember why?)
Adele over Amy (but ask me again when they each put out a new album)
Jason Mraz over Jack Johnson (but it's so hard to say no to Banana Pancakes)
New Order over The Cure (does it really matter?...if it does...then the Smiths)

Museums over Monuments (especially in Paris)
Magritte over Monet (I enjoy whimsy)
Duchamps over Dali (Marcel came first)
Musicals over Plays (I enjoy people randomly breaking out into song)
Austin over Bronte (trust me, she was a feminist)
Harper Lee over Salinger (they're both mostly known for one piece of work, but Scout is my hero)

Hepburn over Monroe (sure blondie was beautiful, but she was a hot mess)
Brando over Dean (but maybe not, if he had lived longer to make more films)
Connery over Moore (do we even need to discuss?)
Blanchett over Paltrow (really?...who likes Gwenyth?..and why would you even admit to that?)
Bullocks over Roberts (I'll own it, I do like a good romantic comedy...but do not use the word chick-flick in front of me)
Depp over Dicaprio (and I will cop to Reeves...c'mon, Matrix, Speed, Point Break?)

Batman over Superman (I love gadgets and plus, Christoper Nolan rocks)
Lord of the Rings over Star Wars (Ugh, but why make me choose)
Star Wars over Star Trek (and it's a trilogy as far as I'm concerned)
Tarantino over Scorsese (let's not fight, we can like them both)
Pixar over Dreamworks (because they gave us the Incredibles)
Colbert over Stewart (it's a toss up, but Colbert takes on causes and he has his own ice cream flavor)

Paris over London (the cheese, the bread, the bridges, just to start...)
Italian Riviera over the French Riviera (it's less pretentious)
Trains over Planes...(but since I love traveling beyond the continental US, I guess it's Vodka and Valium for those flights)
Triumphs over Harleys (Harleys just get better press)

Champagne over Beer (but Scotch if I'm feeling frisky)
Malbec over Merlot (but in any case, I like to try to pair my wine with my food...I'm still learning)
Hot Dogs over Hamburgers (and that's with mustard and onions...ketchup belongs on burgers)
Steak over Salad (and there's no point unless it's medium rare.)
Mints over Gum (but you should see me lick a lollipop)
Cake over Pie (because icing is better than crust)

Poker over Black Jack (and there's no point if it's not Texas Hold Em)
Salsa over Yoga (because my hips don't lie)
Swimming over Sunbathing (I am not an egg)
Baseball over Basketball (we're talking watching not playing, but yes, I throw like a girl)
Yankees over Mets (I like winning)
Tennis over Everything Else (you don't need to play, but I've got an extra racquet)

Louboutin over Choo (but I can't afford either)
Silk over Satin (I don't do cheap)
T-Shirts over Tanks (especially if it's my boyfriend's)
Dresses over Pants ( I like my legs)
Heels over Flats (I don't have a complex about being short, but it's easier to kiss me that way)
Air Dry over Blow Dry (unless I'm going to the Opera)

Movies over Books ... (sadly, it wasn't always that my defense, I went to film school)
Cooking over Cleaning (I'll do either, but trust me, you'll want me to make you my fried wontons)
Kissing over Cuddling (or are those the same thing?...then I guess I don't have to choose)
Top over Bottom (shit, did I just admit to that?)
Funny over Money (but kindness trumps everything)
Brains over Brawn (REALLY, if you can't stimulate me intellectually, you don't get to try in other ways)
The six things I could never do without
My dogs
Tivo (I'm serious this time)
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Laptop (i'm waiting for the next gen iPad)
Pair of sexy, but comfortable pair of heels (you can't imagine how difficult it is to find)
Friends and family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to live an authentic and meaningful life...
I really do...but maybe that was that too heavy?

How about...
How do I get the student loan people to believe that I am dead?
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends...I'm a woman of many interests and moods. I'm equally comfortable out on the town, or curled up on the couch with someone special...and hell, sometimes I'm my own best company.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I read fanfic (no, seriously...I'm embarrassed by this)
You should message me if
I'm open-minded and love variety, so I'm not looking for anything in particular but it would be nice if you were...

secure but not necessarily settled,
interesting but definitely not tortured,
adventurous but not unstable,
and I guess all the other usual stuff...

In a perfect world, you are tall, love my dogs and kimchee, can sing me a lullaby, hate facebook, happily clean the bathroom, don't eat in bed, don't yell at young children, small animals, or me, don't talk while I'm watching tennis, make me laugh when I don't feel like it, appreciate great sex (admit it, you know that matters), and want to help me make lemonade out of lemons and then pour a glass for everyone.