34Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
I am sure judging by the name you can guess that I am a geek. Yeah..guilty! Not to brag or anything but when I started to follow Joel Hodgsons's project (think Joel from MST3K) Cinematic Titanic I became pretty heavy in the forum and community. I ended up meeting the entire cast of CT and we know each other on pretty good terms. Yeah.....It makes me happy!! = ) In addition to that geek awesomeness I collect comic books and have a rather impressive collection of Clue(do) games. I would love to talk to anyone who loves Clue or Cluedo and if they collect HELL YES!

Besides my various geek collections I love to write, watch movies and party with my friends and boyfriend. Seriously, if I can think of a reason to celebrate I will do it. I am a bit of a kid at times. I love to color, doodle and watch kid movies. At the same time I love to sit in my rocking chair and read Taste of Homes. I love collecting recipes, especially anything from the 1940s-1960s. I love collecting cookie cutters and cake pans and would love to have all of the supplies to make super amazing deserts for my friends and baby.

I am admittingly kinky and very sex driven and sex positive. I identify as pansexual though that is not an option on okcupid. If you are curious as to what pansexual means please message me. I am active in the GLBT community as well as a supporter of equal rights for ALL including the trans community. I wish I was more active in the community however and will certainly start doing so once certain aspects of my life fall into place. I do NOT tolerate haters of any kind, hating ANYONE for a part of who they are is wrong and I will not allow anyone near me with that attitude. You think like that? Go fuck yourself and have a shitty day! ; D

What I’m doing with my life
I am in the process of going onto disability. I have multiple issues that prevent me from working. It is something I have been dealing with for a long while and I am still not over that fact yet. I have a bulding disc (my L5/S1), curvature of the spine, degenerative disc disease and I was also just diagnosed with Fibro. I have been fighting for Social Security for four years now and am hoping that soon, and I mean SOON now my fight will be over.

I live with my amazing boyfriend and our cat Tink in our apartment. We both moved in here in November and having my own home is still new to me. Before that I had always lived with family or friends. It is nice to have the apartment be ours. I love the space and the location is very convenient as well. There is a lot I can't do due to my disabilities and there for I am working on getting a PCA. I am actually hiring my best friend for that due to certain things I need help with. Plus, ya just don't wanna trust just ANYONE into your home. Know what I mean? I very much love the 1950s and try to be an old fashioned house wife which is very fitting of me and my boyfriends relationship. He is very much an old fashioned gentleman and I love it. He goes off to work and I do what I can to put food on the table for when he gets home. Of course I can't always do what I would like to do but hell, a girl can try!

My boyfriend and I met in June but did not start dating officially until August. Which is nice, because that is both of our birthday months. Its like officially winning over his love was the best birthday present ever! We are in a poly relationship and we focus very heavily on communication. I am open to dating, secondary relationships or maybe even play partners depending on the dynamic. I am personally not interested in casual sex.
I’m really good at
Cussing, caring and worrying, coloring in the lines, over doing things when I know I shouldn't, baking an epic batch of tater tot hotdish! being just as vulgar as the guys, throwing out a geek reference or two, playing an epic round of Clue! Knowing more then the average person about The Beatles and Clue board games! ; D
The first things people usually notice about me
I am not sure...hmm, physical? Probably boobs, eyes, smile? Personality wise I am sure either the fact that I cuss like a sailor on crack or the fact that I crack a lot of really bad lame jokes. I will have to ask my baby later!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I tend to go for stuff aimed at teens and young adults. NO! NOT FUCKING TWILIGHT! Sorry to all the Twilight lovers but damn. Vamps are NOT suppose to sparkle. I like my vampires sexy and scary! Anyways..rant over. I love Harry Potter! Lemony Snickets rocks my world. I also love Goosebumps as lame as that is. I love true life murder books like Helter Skelter and books about forensics and solving crimes. With a lot of those books laying around I tend to come across as someone who has a shit load of dead bodies in my basement. not to cross me ; P

Movies: I love horror, comedy, Disney..pretty much everything. I love a good bad movie. Ya know the type? The kind that hurts! I LOVE Julie Andrews so Mary Poppins is the best movie on the face of this mother fucking planet! Besides that favorite movies tend to switch off depending on my mood. Rent is always a favorite, as is 21 Jump Street, Children of the Corn and Meet the Robinsons.

Television: BBC tv makes me so fucking happy!! Doctor Who, Sherlock, The IT Crowd, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Twilight Zone, Unsolved Mysteries, The Brak Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The X Files etc

Music: The Beatles rock my god damn world!! I can listen to them all day every day and never be sick of them! Besides them I love Dave Mathews Band, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 80s awesome shit etc My favorite song of all times is Roam by B52s. Don't know it? Youtube that motherfucker. It is epic!!

Food: I am a true Minnesotan!! I LOVE me some tater tot hotdish! I also love anything involving cheese and bacon. I love a good burger, pizza, Chinese food is always a winner with me. I am a bit of a Mountain Dew Addict. I buy this peach juice and it is like the best mother fucking shit ever! I am part native american so I grew up eating wild rice soup with venison and a good piece of fry bread. Fry bread is amazing, Indian tacos rule my world too! am allergic to oranges and peanuts, which sucks.
Six things I could never do without
I could be logical but when it comes to this question I actually find that annoying. need air! I like to take it a little more silly yet serious at the same time. goes

1) my man. Yeah...I need him in the sense that he completes my heart and I feel whole because of him. He has given me so much, helped me to grow and I want to be a better person because of him. He constantly keeps me motivated and wanting to do and be the best and yet, he is so appreciative of who I am and what I can accomplish. Plus he is a fucking old fashioned gentleman. SEXY!
2)pain pills. I know, I come across as a bit of a narc-aholic but with pain levels at between a 6-9 ya damn well gonna need something to take the fucking edge off!
3) swear words. With out them like half of my fucking vocab would be gone. I need that shit!
4) my bestie. She keeps me sane, happy and helps me in so many ways I could never repay her even if I tried. I try to do the same for her but damn..I feel like she has been brought into my life to keep me from imploding on myself. She is a true scientific miracle.
5) Geekery. I love geeks, being around geek shit, geek discussions and collecting geek stuff. Yeah, I love all things to do with geek. Geek is a total part of my every day life!
6) BACON!!! Ok seriously, kinda lame but this bitch needs her some fucking bacon!! NOW. That is right, go get it for me. NOW! And please, if it can be apple smoked then even better! kthanksbuhbye!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sex, unfortunately my pain level and when the last time I took pain pills and muscle relaxants is, until February 2nd I am spending a lot of time thinking about my upcoming social security court hearing. I worry about my boyfriend like ALL the time and also constantly I am worrying about my small circle of friends. I worry...A LOT!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends, usually hanging out with my bestie and waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. Possibly cooking dinner or cleaning the apt. Housewife stuff ; D
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If it is private, think I am going to post it here? Yeah, ya gotta get to know me pretty damn good before I will tell you anything personal!
You should message me if
If you are not an asshat. If you wanna eat bacon on ice cream and laugh at MST3K riffs. If you love a good game of Clue(do). If you are a geek, love geeks or both. If you know what Cinematic Titanic is and want to indulge. If you are kinky, identify as a little and wanna play with legos or barbies!
The two of us