42Astoria, United States
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My self-summary
Here is what I think I think of me:

I'm pretty good at not knowing whats coming next. Makes life fun. What also makes life fun; is having someone to experience it with. Beyond that, I'm a bit of dork who finds more things funny than I probably should.

Good folks, raised a gentlemen. Pretty close with them. * editors note - thankfully they are not Trump supporters. It's be tough watching friends having issues with their rents because of politics this past year.....

Just a kid from Queens. Born raised in NY, work in film tv. Own and operate a lighting rental company, which means I own a couple of trucks and too much equipment. Proud of the business. Work hard at it. I also work on set as a lighting designer or gaffer.

Enjoy staying creative and working on personal projects. I'm pretty much a failed filmmaker, but I'm okay with that. Those skills have taken me around the world, on other peoples dimes. Produced a couple of movies and music videos, that you can find, I just won't tell you how. Recently took a play to Edinburgh for the Fringe fest.

Lived in Cali for a couple of years, that was a lot of fun and I still have a lot of ties there. Been through a lot of the states. Seen a little bit of the world beyond that. Haven't made it too Japan yet, that is something I will change in the next year or so.

I like the kind of bars where dreams go to die. Usually that just means its dark, maybe a little dank, has a good jukebox, and preferably a pool table.

Just bought my idea of a dream house. It's right in the middle of nice neighborhood in Queens, tree lined streets, great backyard, fireplace, feels like it could be any nice suburb in the country. Difference is, its a 10 minute walk to subway or 15 minute drive to get into manhattan. Move in soon. Very excited.

Got no problem with the online thing, I've had a long and very good relationship from one of these sites. I'm on here looking for that again. My film making pursuits of my 20's and my moving around in my 30's made relationships harder then they should have been. I've had the most consistency in my life for the last five years and its made life pretty good. I do believe its better and I certainly enjoy it more with someone to share it with. :)

Just about to turn 42, making me the answer to the ultimate question! Health, happiness, business are all good. I think I know what Douglas Adams was getting at.... he was a smart funny fella.
What I’m doing with my life
Keeping the business running, while pursuing personal creative endeavors. Which used to be just weird short films, but have expanded into other endeavors.
I’m really good at
Losing things. Like no joke. Pretty certain its my super power as lame as that is.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music; tribe called quest, the clash, bobby darrin rounds out three favorites who get a lot of play. But I always got a new song that I'm usually playing death. According to iTunes the last two albums I bought was Best of X-Clan and the Mary Poppins soundtrack, that seems about right.

TV; BSG, Its Always Sunny, Breaking Bad, were all excellent shows. Really into The Flash right now, lot of fun. Always down for some Law Order reruns.

Movies, definitely something I'm dork about. Blade Runner, Wild Bunch, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Big Lewboski, Manhunter, Evil Dead 2, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, Serenity, Glen Garry. Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson. I go to a lot of screenings of older films, especially if I haven't seen a print of it.

Books; read all things Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Elmore Leonard, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler, Douglas Adams, unfortunately I've read all of them. big fan of nonfiction. Lately I've been consuming Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.

Love to cook, will try anything. I've had some really good lessons from little old ladies in moo moos. Got a well used BBQ and a turkey deep fryer out back. Like new restaurants, it takes a lot to get me to go to the same place twice... unless its walking distance.

Sports; UFC, baseball, football. I'm a Mets fan, which I pretty much regret every day. Setup a tv on the back porch because baseball was meant to be watched outside. If there is a big fight in a city I haven't been to or if its in Vegas during winter, chances are I'll be there and make a weekend trip out of it.
Six things I could never do without
I am A Cat Daddy. So my two kitties George & Bob top the list. (However if I ever have to make a Sophie's choice, goodbye Bob. George is #1!)
The Illo Family.
My treadmill.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stories, always working and day dreaming about something. That, and whats the deal with all the yoga poses at the beach and in the park?
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm going with the R S T N L E of answers for this one: "no such thing as a typical friday night. Could go out, or sit on a couch and watch a movie. yadda yadda yadda".
You should message me if
Your happy with your life but could use a nice fella to make it better.
The two of us