114Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a business owner of a couple shops in Indy, specializing in building diesel 4x4's and building drift cars. I am involved in alot of racing organizations and love the thrill of a top speed run in one of my cars when things get stressful.

I'm the friend that everyone has...the crazy one that lives life to the fullest. I have a nickname to go with my lifestyle "Spaz" and I think that fits me just perfect. I have 2 half sleeves of tattoo's that reflect events in my life...tasteful as some would call it, IF you have ink....your already 1 step ahead of the a sucker for a woman with some ink, and I love electronic music to the fullest....!

Ok couple rants first off if my son doesn't like you, it's not gonna work period. My son lives with me, and I don't go anywhere he can't go, seeming he's with me 99% of the time. For being 11 years old, he watches my back as much as I watch his....he is my reason that I'm here today, and I could go on how much I love my son , but you know...if you have kids....that they are your world, and life is lived completely different with them.

I am the proudest papa you will ever meet, and am still good friends w his mother...hence no drama or baggage....jealousy is not needed in the situation, we havnt been together for 10years...but friends we will be for at least another 8 years.
I am drama don't bring any with you. The past is the past...and the present is what we all live in!!

I went to college for elementary edu, and business sales and marketing, then I had my son, and have been building high performance vehicles for the last 12 years

What am I looking for ...who knows, a wise old man once told me, the day you will find the one you will grow old with is the day you don't have to ask yourself that to say the least....I'm still asking it

Opposites do not attract!!!!! The last 7 years of my life has proved that!!
Much love to all the full figured women, but I'm looking for someone my size
I will be myself right off the if you can't handle me from the get go...I won't be improving with in saying that, don't get this idea that I'm hard to get along with....I'm not....I can walk into a crowd and announce my presence with no fears, but just have to realize at my age, I don't have time for the bulls$&t of acting like I'm someone I'm not until we settle in, then get lazy like most guys nickname is Spaz for a reason...I tend to do things on a it keeps you on your toes
I have a.d.h.d.
I'm not perfect
I've recently become a wineo..liking the wine on a rare occasion
I'm allergic to chocolate
I loved Jack Daniels
I live life at 120% as my tattoo states
I don't give a rats ass about your last boytoy/husband and what he did to you, I'm not him, being closed minded will only make you a very lonely person aren't all the same...
I'm very blunt
I am a arrowhead and artifact hunter
I love a girl in a t-shirt and jeans
I have a really big truck....I say this only for the people that say if your tires are 5' tall there not interested, trust me I'll help ya get in!!
I collect and love Hotwheels as does my boy
No pic or only head shots keep on moving--told u I'm blunt
I love snow
Lowes/menards is my Toys r us
I'm a ski bum
I hate my post office lady
Fast cars are a must!!
I rock a beard in the winter
I drink 4-5 Arizona green teas a day
I am a chef and love to cook and BBQ
I hate scary movies
Want more? Balls in your court

And last but not least, when you don't get a email back from me, chances are I'm prolly not interested in you , don't take this personally, your just not what I'm looking for, and this site has proven 1 thing to me, I wont settle for anything but what I'm looking for...end of story
The two of us