30Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica
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My self-summary
Hey future love of my life (hopefully),

I live in Playa Hermosa close to Jaco. I was born in France, grew up in Canada. I have a degree in physics and have done some interesting things that I hope to someday share with you in person :) I decided to follow my dream of moving to Costa Rica and being closer to nature, good waves, and a simpler lifestyle.

I am currently in an unusual situation: I am in the middle of launching a startup that I think will change the world. It's a new global community based on good vibes and helping each other. You can check out my progress at (still under construction)

So I guess I am ambitious but relaxed, and a workaholic but pretty peaceful. I am really extroverted and love to do gatherings with friends. I love philosophy, travel, and I try to surf every day.

I am looking for a girl that is very intelligent, very sweet, and very down-to-earth. A girl who likes surfing, or is interested in learning would be ideal. Like that we could travel the world and share that passion together :)
What I’m doing with my life
Sometime in the near future, I'm planning on buying some land and starting a community with some close friends. Orchards, farmhouse cheeses, collaborative agriculture, community lifestyle, etc. Living simpler, working with your hands instead of with a computer, eating what you produce, living close to the ocean and surfing regularly... this is my dream!!

I don't care about "things". I care about my friends, having fun and making my dreams a reality.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to make the world a better place
You should message me if
- you think life is an amazing miracle and you like to hang out and talk about it
- you like to play pickup soccer, surf, poker, or go camping
- you speak portuguese (I'm trying to learn)
- you want to practice your french or spanish
- you believe in the power of "good vibes"
- you want to do something somewhat revolutionary with your life
- you are interested in getting involved in the Karma Tribe
The two of us