44Austin, United States
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My self-summary
...Are you a little bit of a sexynerdy smartypants, with an insatiably dark, perhaps wry sense of humor, and an incredibly creative yet somewhat dirty mind?

...Maybe you like NPR, you like surfing, scuba, yoga, tantra, old punk, artsy-schmartsy things, or snowboarding?? Maybe you are a bit of a hippie, you might like to wander about the globe in a stolen bathrobe, take lots of photos?
Do you believe in aliens? Or better- *are* you an alien??
Do you own own a pair of kitty ears, fangs, perhaps some light fetish-wear, perhaps some fairy wings?
If not, would you like to?

Likewise, you can please feel free to move to the rear of the bus if you have not yet taken the time to fill out your profile with something meaningful, if you don't completely understand how to spell, if you are "2 kool 4 skool", if you make excessive use of emojis or the abbreviation "lol", or if you use yet *ANOTHER* goddamn car selfie (ladies, c'mon-- you can really do *sooooo* much better-- and you wonder why the men here keep polluting the pool of attractive suitors by sending you the dick photos??)...

Ok, now on to the exciting stuff...
What I’m doing with my life
Anyway, I've been taking control of my destiny; because-- if you don't push the boundaries to find out who the hell you are, probably nobody else will ever find out either.

Like Lawnchair Larry said: "...A man's got to do *something* with his time."

...Also currently working on a plan to go take my 4x4 and find mystical lost ruins in the vast remoteness of the Darien Gap.
I’m really good at
Analytical thinking, goofing off with a grand purpose.
...Wandering the earth in my bathrobe, like The Dude.
The first things people usually notice about me
An old girlfriend of mine once surprised me with an aloe plant and a very nice note that said:

7 Things I Like About Stephen:

1). You have good taste in music
2). You go your OWN way
3). You let me be me
4). You don't eat fast food
5). You make me laugh
6). You are good in bed (glad to hear that!!)
7). You like to play in the snow

...And, while I will fervently admit to being somewhat disappointed in her running off to Chile with Hunky Pablo, I still think that's probably a bloody damn fair assessment of the situation!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books? Obviously Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Ken Keasy, Ginsberg, Hacking Roomba, Backyard Ballistics, The Dangerous Book for Boys...

Well you know, I do like eating the fruit of knowledge-- especially if it would come in the form of a nice librarian style package?
*Definitely* would eat that again!

Music?? I like a lot of shoegazy dream pop, probably also stuff like A.A. Bondy, Phosphorescent, but also soul music (like Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band), dancehall, reggae, funky stuff.
Six things I could never do without
Left thumb, Left index finger, Right thumb, Right index finger, Left eye, Right eye. Eye!
...Christ kid, you're going to poke somebody's eye out with that kind of speculative talk!!
...Wait-- what's that you say?? ...I can't fucking HEAR you because, apparently I got higher than six!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The way the world works.
...Perhaps I'm a little introverted or reserved at first, but you can easily rev my engine by making me insanely curious about something.

(Like, you know- maybe spout off some interesting fact- like that graham crackers were originally invented as birth control; hence, the reason why the monkey animal cracker was always wearing pants. See? Voila! Anthropomorphic Reductionism...)

...And then, once I actually get to know you-- I'm absolutely certain: never a more loyal friend, never a more dedicated lover.
On a typical Friday night I am
No Friday night is typical, but OH!, those Saturday mornings...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an amibvert, (INTJ- if you know what that is), a dog lover.
...Ask me! The rest, I'll tell you later!
You should message me if
...What's that you say?? ...You wants me to come up there and sees your etchings?? Hmm. Precolumbian, you say??
No- but seriously, if you think I'm at all interesting, why not just say hello?
The two of us