57 Foxborough, United States
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My self-summary
Well..about me ..here goes. I must admit that I am a bit shy, but I warm up rather quickly if I feel comfortable with you.... ..... I am very easy going,down to earth , mild tempered, loving and kind. I hope to find the same qualities in my mate. I am surely not a high maintenance type of woman....heck..I don't even come with a manual ! :) ...I'd like to be with someone who can make me laugh..( the kind that makes your stomach ache). I am extremely compassionate and empathetic towards others. I am looking for a gentleman who is respectful, kind hearted ,giving and affectionate. A man of his word....Some one who knows how to communicate...because it is so important in any relationship....All that I ask from a man , Is the very same I expect to give in return..and more... I love hugging, holding hands, snuggling together watching a movie, and kissing !!
I don't believe in games....I never did.....life is too short....Please say what you mean,... mean what you say,.... and never be mean about it. One must be very careful with regards to another's heart.
I guess I'm kind of old fashioned in many ways. I think of myself as a well rounded person.I don't mind working with my hands in the soil , mowing the lawn, ....but I shine up pretty nicely and can dress quite elegantly if I'm out for a lovely evening with someone special. I'm comfortable in flannel pajamas...or something feminine and sensual.I am looking for a man with strong morals, dependable,...spontaneous,...and playful.( I'm still a young lady at heart )......Yes...I am a romantic woman, looking for a passionate man in all aspects of life.
I'll know you when I look into your eyes....for they are the window to the soul....
I love the beach in the early morning, waking up to the salty ocean breeze, the harvest moon on a crisp fall night, the earthy smell of a greenhouse, the sound of childrens' laughter, the warm glow and crackling of a campfire , love large gatherings with family and friends.
I am passionate about art and music...I would love to travel more but Trains, Buses, and Automobiles, please !!
I'm not really a sports fan per say , however I don't mind if my mate enjoys watching sports..( I'll serve the snacks )... or doing the activities that he loves....as long as he doesn't mind when I drag him along to a gift shop....or pull him by the hand to an antique auction..Museum of Fine Arts..Live Concert....Ride to the Ocean.....or garden center perhaps !!!!
I'm looking for my best friend as well as my lover...Someone with whom I can share my most intimate thoughts and feelings with...and his with me...an unspoken bond between two....
I hope that I find you........
What I’m doing with my life
I try to live each and every day being the best person I can be...and helping others along the way....always keeping the highest regard , appreciation, and awareness for nature and all of its beauty....even down to the tiniest spider's web....sparkling with dew at dawn's first light.....

People come and go in our lives all the time...and I don't believe by accident....something is to be learned by each encounter....

There is a plaque on my wall that reads....

So Many People come into our lives,
and leave the way they came,
But there are those..precious few,
who touch our hearts so deeply...
We will never be the same.....

Was I meant to meet you ?... We'll see !!

The last couple of years have been life changing for me, and often times the lessons we are meant to learn, cost us dearly.
We each have one throw of the dice.. however they land... ..that is not our choice ...So we pick them up.. and make the very best of what we've been given. ----------------------
That being said, I have decided to '' Step out of my comfort zone ''...... Forge ahead , ......and pursue my life long passion. I don't want to leave here, with any regrets for not having tried my very best.

'' The Creator Has Not Given You A Longing To Do That Which You Have No Ability To Do '' Orison Swett Marden

Tom Petty '' I Won't Back Down ''

I am searching for my one last love...to have and to hold for the rest of my life ...'' To Complete My Story ''
That is the man that I will love and adore ......... And he will know that he is Loved .............

''It's Now Or Never '' Elvis Presley '' 1960 A VERY GOOD YEAR !

This was my mother's favorite song , by a famous singer from her time......
It is a beautiful song about finding Love :)

'' And I Love You So '' Perry Como
I’m really good at
Being a mom , a daughter, a sister, and a friend..I am very devoted to the people that I love....
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile....My green eyes....My sincerity.......My compassion.....Okay ..if you really want to know who I am ..here it is quite simply put...... Given the choice between " GINGER'' or ''MARY ANN''....I am definitely, Mary Ann !! The wholesome , sweet, kind, farmgirl from Kansas....always helping out , and the one that could cook !! ( Well ....coconut cream pies ..anyway :) ).....unlike ''Ginger''...the superficial , shallow one ....who basically stood around doing nothing...looking gorgeous....in her never ending supply of evening gowns...that just happened to be on the deserted island !!! GO FIGURE !!!....... :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am very artistic and creative....so I usually enjoy books along that line.... interior decorating or gardening books... I am a hands on person, so I do love how to books......I love many movies...The Great Outdoors..a classic..Uncle Buck..loved John Candy.. My Cousin Vinny.. ..got to love Joe Pesci :).. What About Bob..anything Clint Eastwood,The Good The Bad and the Ugly....Dirty Harry of course.....love comedies and mysteries...no horror !!....PBS specials or classics,..like Sherlock Holmes or Charles Dickens...lately I've been hooked on the NCIS marathon...Got to love ''DiNozzo'' !!!..so many more...

I have a passion for music....there isn't a day that goes by that I am not listening to something....whether at home or Blasting it ....as I'm driving along in my Jeep..... :) Golden Oldies, Classic Rock, 60's..70's..Country, some Classical, Celtic, Eagles, Ricky Nelson,..... Elvis of course...my FAVORITE :) !!!.....
.Love lots of different foods,. good old fashioned home cooking..I love to cook..but it would be so much nicer to cook for someone and have them beside me in the kitchen ..!! Sneaking a kiss here and there....:) Italian of course !!...I am half Italian and half French...I was told recently that I could use my picture for a logo on spaghetti sauce !!.. Oh come on !!!!
( I don't look that Italian do I ? :)
The six things I could never do without
Love...Faith... Hope....family and friends......music.....
compassion ....my creativity..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The second chapter in my life ......people who have come into my life....how they have touched me.... and those that I may have touched...even in it's smallest measure..perhaps changing their life for the better...

How often do so many ...toss away a gem..because they are so busy sifting through to find that perfect pebble...

How the words and/or actions of one person ....can have such a lasting and sometimes devastating effect on another human being...... we must be very careful to choose our words wisely.

The Way Love Should Be... '' Like a moth to a flame ''

All of us ...here ...going along this journey...searching for our sweetheart... sorting through so many faces ..so many loving souls...not knowing which one ....could he or she ..possibly be THE ONE meant for me ? This much I do know ...the right one...is the one... worth waiting for... :)

Mumford & Sons...." I Will Wait "

How two people, who could be so perfect for each other....never meet.... just missing each other... like two ships in the night --- sometimes because of a misunderstanding or a miscommunication in their words ... Heartbreaking ------
'' Time waits for no one '' Take a chance ,and talk to someone :) You may just find your reflection-------
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends...or at home alone....listening to music or watching a movie .....waiting for you to find me.....Can you hurry it up a bit !!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I guess you'd have to find that out for yourself :)
You should message me if
You are honest and sincere and can appreciate a kind ,
loving, affectionate woman.....
P.S. I have posted recent photos.....please do the same ...Thanks