39Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
I am happiest when hiking, tromping through fluffy snow or crunchy leaves, paddling, biking, or otherwise exploring and checking out natural wonders. Let's play outside!

I'm adventurous in terms of sampling experiences, but not a risk-taker. My best memories are more a feeling of quiet awe or the comfort of friends than adrenaline and wild-and-crazy.

I enjoy off-the-beaten-path entertainment&art like the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the Ignobel Awards, small venue live music, low-budget theatre productions, and am always happy to explore whatever someone else is excited about.

I'm analytical, curious, creative, responsible, independent, indecisive, optimistic, idealistic, stubborn, impatient, a little snarky.
What I’m doing with my life
I moved to Boston from Canada in 2006 for a job and an adventure, without any long-term plan. I now have my Green Card(it's green the way a $1 bill is green, ie, only vaguely) and a condo. So I guess I'm sticking around :)

I like it here, have built up a good set of friends and activities. I was pleasantly surprised at the opportunities for outdoor adventures and love the casual grad-student nightlife in Cambridge and Somerville. I also play (ice) hockey and ultimate (frisbee), neither very well, which involves a lot of laughing and swearing.

In 2013 I quit my engineering job(making computer chips) and took the summer off to find a new career. I did a lot of networking and learning and also thoroughly enjoyed the time off :) Among other things, I took a solo Appalachian Trail road/hiking/camping trip from New York to Georgia.

I've now got a new job as a tech writer, which is fun so far, and I'm getting more involved in local environmental sustainability.
I’m really good at
looking stuff up, figuring things out, exploring, reading, editing, analyzing, rambling on. :)

listening and then lending a hand, level-headed perspective/advice, or a hug as needed.

noticing and finding joy in the little things
The first things people usually notice about me
my favourite colour is red and it usually shows.

i have a bazillion freckles on the parts that see the sun, they fade out a bit in winter and then pop back in the summertime.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love libraries and bookstores. I like fiction that's clever and speculative, that's poetic and plays with language, whose characters are deep and interesting. Mary Doria Russell. Tad Williams. Barbara Kingsolver. Isaac Asimov. Ursula LeGuin. Gordon Korman. China Mieville. I listen to audio books on my commute, recommendations always welcome!

i watch most of my movies & tv on Netflix. Contact, A River Runs Through It, Monsters Inc., Fifth Element, Microcosmos. New Girl, (older)Bones, Due South, Better Off Ted, Black Mirror... and The West Wing may make a patriotic American out of me after all.

i like cozy pub-style shows and laid-back outdoor festivals. mostly rock-blues, some folk(i don't mind a twang). along the lines of Susan Tedeschi, Stevie Ray Vaughn. I love a live funky dance band, particularly with a horn section. i haven't joined the 21st century regarding music consumption...i still listen to the radio :p WXRV, and WZLX, mostly.

pretty much anything someone else cooks is fine by me. french toast. tuna melts. enchilada verde. vietnamese subs. coconut curry. little packages of goodness like dumplings or tortellini. blackberries. lumpy skinny carrots that taste like sunshine. pecan pie. zingy and chewy ginger cookies. Comfort foods are mac & cheese, banana bread(no chocolate chips!) or cinnamon buns(with yeast dough, not pastry!).
Six things I could never do without
hugs, sunshine and/or breezes on my skin, non-populated places, libraries(evolving.. but i think there's still a place for them even if hardcopy books become passé), being able to see the stars

not technically essential but a great deal of fun: funky red shoes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the plan for the upcoming weekend and which of my friends i can rope into joining me on whatever minor adventure catches my fancy!

random things i find/read on the internet:
-sustainability.. we can't just *stop* industry and development.. how to evaluate and deter impact? how to change culture and norms?

-figuring out how things work, how i think things *ought* to work. both science and sociopolitical.. there's an element of civic duty to the latter.. i'm by no means an activist, and i'm in ex-pat limbo and can't vote in either country, but i can share my opinions with others. i talk back to NPR a fair bit in the mornings :)
On a typical Friday night I am
..with friends at a pub with live music and good food

..curled up on the couch with a movie and some dessert

..frantically packing for an early morning outdoor adventure
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle. (that's not a sexual euphemism for anything, is it?!) But i can change. If I have to. I guess. :)
You should message me if
you play bagpipes or(and?!) harmonica ( no, i'm not starting a celtic blues band, but i'd be thrilled to be a groupie for one )

you have dimples under your beard. Gets me every time!

but seriously :
you are curious, thoughtful, and playful

you think we could have an interesting conversation over a pint or on the way up a mountain.

you think having kids would be a grand adventure to share with someone you love.
The two of us