22 Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
Hmm.. Well for starters, I'm a big time animal lover.
I have 3 horses;
Bacardi, my 3 year old Quarter Horse
Jewel, my 8 year old Thoroughbred
And Sassy, my 11 year old warmblood. I have a 3 month old yorkiepoo (Yorkshire terrier and toy poodle.) and a small cat.
animals are my life, I don't think I'd ever be able go a day without having one of my fur babies.
I am an extremely laid back person, and it's fairly difficult to upset me. I'm normally always laughing, it's my first reaction to anything, you just hit your head on something? I'm gaurenteed to be laughing. I always laugh at inappropriate times, it's a trait I can't help unfortunately. I'm not afraid to get muddy, I love jacked up trucks and I always go paintballing in the summer.

I'm very into the raver scene, I love going to local shows, and I attend every festival that I can in the summer, like Shambahla and Motion Notion. I'll listen to pretty much any kind of music, except for screamo and I refuse to listen to Mac Millar, Justin Bieber, or Little Wayne.

Message me if you want to know anything else about me. (:
I’m really good at
Equestrianism; trick training, barrel racing, jumping, dressage, team penning, team roping, pretty much anything except for polo or vaulting!
I'm also super good at videogames; as lame as that sounds. My favorite games are Amnesia, COD: Black ops, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 1&2, Devil May Cry, and any of the Far Cry games. :)