24 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary

Looking for a cuddle buddy who smokes weed. Weed and cuddles is all I want.

“You see the world from a single perspective. What you know to be true about your life and what exists around you is scratching the surface of what you are infinitely capable of knowing. When correctly opening your Third Eye, you can get a glimpse of this universal understanding that will allow you to see existence from an infinite number of perspectives.”


I'm Kat.

I like to read a lot, catch me in my local bookstore, sitting on the floor with piles of books stacked up around me.
I like to chill, smoke and keep good vibes on a regular basis.
I love music, art, poetry, weird shit, laughing till I can't breathe, having really good sex, sleeping in on rainy days, having intense conversations, meeting creative, intelligent people, trying new things, camping, road trips, trees, spontaneous beach missions, drinking bottles of wine to the face in random places, hearing new music live, going to music festivals, dancing in the forest under a full moon on LSD....you know all the fun stuff. My dream is to one day soon leave the United States and just immerse myself in another culture for a while. I need a new perspective.

I'm looking for:
A spontaneous, creative, bookworm with a love for adventure and travel and a Bonnie and Clyde type loyalty. A free spirit, someone who can surprise me every new day...I don't really know what I want I just know I like to be inspired and appreciated for who I am.

Also open for just friends, I can never have too many!
What I’m doing with my life
Just moved to San Francisco and got promoted in my restaraunt to bartender. Going to get certified to teach English in other countries so I can get paid to traveI. I kind of have a wandering personality and love to drastically change my life every few years on a whim...call it a good character quality or a flaw. I don't know it's just how I am. I want to experience it all. I'll probably end up getting certified in permaculture for fun, travel around the U.S during festival season and go to them all, volunteer in a bunch of other countries and stay in hostels. I might want to minor in philosophy and write a book. The possibilities are endless but I'm pretty much trying to avoid living an ordinary life where I settle down, pick a career, get married have kids, fall into debt get divorced and hate my life. FUCK THAT. I will never be that. I'm looking for something more, something different.
I’m really good at
Giving good advice, discovering new music, having fun no matter where I am, being honest, loving life, acting a fool, not taking anyone's bullshit, having an open mind, dreaming, loving people for who they are flaws and all, calling myself out on my own bullshit....simple things.
The first things people usually notice about me
people notice that I don't really care about trivial things, I'm all about being chill and maximizing amazing experiences of all types.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
You could have me going for weeks on end about books.
I like to read books on spirituality, philosophy, science, mysticism, religion, psychology, and anthropology. I like a good sci-fi and fiction too.
I don't watch much t.v.
Movies are cool, I like shit that fucks with your head.
I have an EXTREMELY eclectic music taste. I love all kinds of music. If it doesn't usually play on the radio top 40 I probably at least semi like it. But I'm into a lot of types of electronic music (not house!) anything weird and bassy, experimental, dub, downtempo, glitch hop, dubstep, all kinds of strange awesome sounds. l also love 90s grundge and 90s rnb...pretty much anything 90s, I like underground hip hop and rap, I loooove reggae, funk, metal. Just anything but new country and over played over processed bullshit.
The six things I could never do without
books. friends. good weed. soft grass. sunsets. genuine experiences.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
existence. And crazy shit that doesn't make sense and or conceptualize well into words. I should probably draw and paint more than I do.
On a typical Friday night I am
either working, hanging out at home with my roommates, reading, writing, or out with friends.
You should message me if
you are an intellectual, creative, funny, open minded, loving, trustworthy individual. Passion and occasional weird tendencies are also extremely welcome.