43β€’Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
❀Polyamorous since 2002 I am not a newb❀

This has been on my mind a lot lately because the OKC profiles I have been reading have all starred sounding more and more similar to each other.

I'm part nerd, part hippie dippie new ager, part hillbilly, with some punk added in. I strive to become the best human R-2 unit possible. I can be super irreverent, hope that's okay. The personality section says I'm not polite at all. I would say I am informal and inappropriate, but I'm really not an asshole... really.

I have two relationships, one of which is long distance.

It is absolutely mandatory that anyone that I am seeing meet my other partners and that I meet theirs. If you can't bring yourself to do this, I suggest avoiding polyamory altogether.

I do have a strong spiritual leaning, however I keep it to myself unless asked about it. Then I strain to use words to describe it.

There is this new term the kids are using a lot these days. GGG, I had to Google it. Yes, I'm that. However I draw the line at pain.

Once when I was a kid I snuck up on a feral cat while he was sleeping and started scratching him between the ears. The kitty was in utter bliss until he opened his eyes, then he ran away.

I can pet bees.

I am ENFP or INFP, the champion or the healer. I guess I can't make up my mind

Enneagram type 2, the helper.

My love language is touch.

When faced with a dilemma it is not unusual for me to analyse it from every conceivable angle, try to imagine every possible ramification, deem a certain course of action severely unwise, then do it anyway.
What I’m doing with my life
πŸ’˜ Finding more love than I ever thought any one person could ever have.

< angst >
After 9 years of insisting that I have a meaningful job where I help people for a living. I've finally had it with this self imposed poverty. It's sad how our society treats their elders, and how little society values the people who care for them.

So now I'm working for an almost livable income in a machine shop. It's actually kinda fun, and wow what's this? Health insurance? I never could get this when I was providing care.
< /angst >

I particularly enjoy hiking, camping, Yoga, and archery. Oooh! and hot springs it's been too long.

🌳 My sweeties got me a new pair of hiking boots for Christmas. I need to break these in!

πŸ”₯ I miss campfires that throw sparks up into the night sky and mingle with the stars. I used to thrive on this magick.

β›΅ Much of my life I live with the flow of things, like a ship at sea. You can't change the winds or the tides, but you can adjust your sails.
I’m really good at
πŸ’€ I'm your go-to guy in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

🌟 Polyamory. This is a big one.
🌟 Cuddling.
🌟 Listening.
🌟 Litotes.
🌟 Hyperbole
🌟 Admitting when I'm wrong.
🌟 Tempting fate.
🌟 Staying out of trouble.
🌟 Getting into trouble.
🌟 Slipping through the cracks.
🌟 Inciting rebellion.
🌟 Keeping the peace.
🌟 Seeing both sides.
🌟 Remaining calm while being yelled at in a fight.
🌟 Random acts of kindness.
🌟 Teaching inappropriate things to toddlers.
🌟 Being wise for the sake of practicality.
🌟 Being foolish because it is so much more fun.
🌟 Putting holes in inanimate objects from far away. 🎯
🌟 Caring for the elderly.
🌟 Rotating my owl for science.
🌟 Throwing mezcal bottles while driving a car and flipping the bird with both hands.
The first things people usually notice about me
People who meet me in person seen to often be surprised that I am actually like my profile presents me. I don't understand who would waste time creating a dishonest profile. The truth will come out so why bother pretending to be someone else?

Either that I am a human road flare of an extrovert or that I am so introverted that I am nearly invisible. Sometimes I can exert control over it and other times I totally lose it.

I look deeply into people, I try to see through their facades and find the good in everyone. It makes people uncomfortable sometimes but I am one of the least judgmental people you can meet. I remember first meeting someone who actually told me, "Hey, quit looking at my soul." πŸ‘€
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is always the longest part of a profile and also the part that no one really cares about so I'll keep this short.

πŸ“š S.M. Stirling, Neal Gaiman, Charles De Lint

🎢 Black Flag, Beats Antique, Johnny Cash

πŸŽ₯ Before Sunrise, Waking Life, Tolkien

πŸ“Ί Game of Thrones, Firefly, Archer

πŸ• Mexican, Indian, Pizza

If you are interested, you can read my yelp reviews, some of them are amusing.
Six things I could never do without
Considering I once lived in a tent in a forest without much electricity as a caretaker, I realize that there is a lot I can do without. I would probably make an excellent monk if it were not for the celibacy involved. However life is more fun when you have a little more than the basic Maslow stuff.

🌟 Love, lots of it in many different guises.
🌟 Exciting plans or prospects.
🌟 A tranquil home to escape to.
🌟 Celebratory gunfire.
🌟 Really inappropriate humor.
🌟 Whimsy and general harmless mayhem.
🌟 Trees and other green growing things.
🌟 Cuddling.
🌟 Swype's new emoji
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I wonder what flavor I am on quick match.

I have a hard time hearing what people are saying in a crowded room. It's all just one big wall of noise to me.

A blind friend of mine says he has the same problem and thinks it might be that they are at least partially lip reading.

Then someone else gave me another theory, that no one can hear anyone really. That they just yap away without caring what anyone else is saying. Could a crowded room full of people be so self centered that this can happen? Are all those people basically there doing nothing but filling the room with noise?

Why won't bars and restaurants just put up stuff to dampen the noise? Those rooms echo like crazy.

Sometimes I'm tempted to yell an inappropriate non sequitur just as a lull is approaching. Like as the noise dies down out comes "You mean like in the butt?"

I tend to win women over when I cuddle them, however I'm also very conscious of boundaries and seldom get that close on the first date.
On a typical Friday night I am
Perfecting my warrior robot race.
Building them one laser gun at a time. πŸ› 
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have this awful way of being a foul weather friend. When shit gets bad I'm usually the one there to help. Unfortunately I also have this tendency to vanish when I'm no longer needed. I'm not sure why I'm like that.

I can proudly say that my genitalia has never been photographed.

When I'm really tired I babble incoherent profanity to myself. I'm a morning person working a swing shift. My co-workers think I'm insane

I think I may have been broken one too many times.
You should message me if
I prefer that you already have other partners who are also good at poly. However I will still consider the right polywog or newbie.

🌟 You are willing to take more than a couple hours to get to know me. I take a while to warm up, once I do you won't regret it.
🌟 You understand what is involved in ethical non-monogamy (poly for keyword searches)
🌟 You are interested in knowing more about me.
🌟 You have any questions about Polyamory
🌟 We keep running into each others profiles over and over.

References available upon request
The two of us