26City of Westminster, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Mad but grounded eccentric.

Love my mind first and my body second.

N/b good at writing profiles- crap at small talk!

I spend most of my time on the fetish and cabaret scene or in the art world, performing, working, creating and modelling. I'm a busy gal looking for someone interesting to get to know and share fun things with, chilled out Sundays of massage and cake and inquisitive weekdays- fighting over who's turn it is to get dressed and make tea.

I'm a culture vulture- I like the theatre, opera and the ballet. I attend poetry readings and write more than just pornography, I studied philosophy and miss her dearly. I enjoy literature and weird films but its rare something which tickles my tastes is on at a cinema.

I am a creator rather than a consumer.

I get on best with people over 30, I maybe in my 20s but most of my friends are from 30 to 50 and often still I'm the responsible one!

I'm an artist. I follow the concept of life as art- more when you meet me...

I'm a bit of a hippie, I like swimming but not in pools, only in the sea/ rivers. I'm vegetarian and I don't do drugs. I never have and they just don't appeal to me. I'm kind of pagan, in that I follow my intuitions and do what is important to me, but I don't really believe in a godhead persay more of a greater power which effects everything.

Equally I'm a bit of a goth, I love goth music, but haven't been goth clubbing in ages- I just don't have time. I really like all those trad goth things which I can't be bothered to list but I am sure you can guess at anyway.

I'm like a punk but with out the yobishness. I don't really drink very often but I have quiet a punk attitude, that is more of the genuine I don't care than the full frontal fuck you I don't care (to piss you off) I go on protests, I have political leanings, I do what I want but I don't need to shout about it.

I'm a relaxed open individual and I try and be realistically positive. I like cafs and charity shops. I'm polyamourous (IE- I am open to having more than one partner at a time, that's relationally not sexually- thus the 'amour' opposed to saying I'm in an open relationship which is different!) and pansexual so gender doesn't matter so much, respect, positivity and eccentricity do.

FYI I will not be your manic pixie dream girl, this is a two way street.

N/B- Show me you want to talk to *me* rather than anyone by including the word 'Mask' In your first message to me.
What I’m doing with my life
Creation, performance, modeling, event hosting, dancing, partying, museums, art galleries, good food, cooking/baking, walks in nature/ the city, debates, books and writing.... oh and life as art baby ;)

Work wise- I put on (award winning!) parties, model, and perform.
I’m really good at
Creativity, promotion, talking too much, dancing, being a drug free club kid, walking long distances, pulling off strange clothes, penniless adventures.
The first things people usually notice about me
Lack of hair, my choice of outfit....perhaps I am singing to myself whilst walking alone in platform heels and neon clothing during rush hour....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
People inspire me more than books and films at the moment- Sheree Rose and Bob Flanagan, Gen Breyer P Orrige, Roccio Bolivar, Fakir Musafar, Ron Athey, Franko B, Marina Abramovic, Aktionism, Leigh Bowery etc

Angela Carter and Fairy tales, The Art of Cruelty, The Last Unicorn.

But I'm a Cheerleader, Das Experiment, Drop Dead Fred, Eastern Promises, Crash, Hard Candy, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The History Boys, The Hannibal Films, Jubilee, Kamakazi Girls, David Lynch, Lolita, The Moomins, Pink Flamingos, Requiem for a Dream, Save the Green Planet, Shortbus Spaced, Taxidermia and Walk the Line!

I rarely watch TV but when I do its, RuPaul's Drag Race, American Horror Story (FreakShow/Coven), Twin Peaks, Adventure Time, Black Books, QI, Absolutely Fabulous etc.

From Nina Hagen to Nick Cave via The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band, X Ray Spex and Poison Girls, Throw in Bruce Springsteen and Rasputina too... metal, rock, Goth

Love the theatre, performance, cabaret, burlesque, circus, whether its cheesy shows or deep and artful.

I'll be at, Galleries, Soho, The Southbank, London's Parks and markets, The Box, Torture Garden, Rubber Cult, Resistance Gallery, The Flying Dutchman, Sleaze, The Double R, The National Gallery.

Food- lots of it, well made, cakes, fruit, fry ups, sushi, roasts! Hearty vegan cooking- all the good things.

Weight lifting, long walks, yoga.
Six things I could never do without
Love, Art, Fetish, Nature, good food, good company.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Queer politics, feminist issues, the beauty of the world, performance, feminism, Dominance and submission, latex, art, bringing the underground into the light, walks in the park, nature nature nature, poetry, prose, writing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Performing, partying or resting up.
You should message me if
You're a wacky, creative individual and words like freak, queer, whore and pervert are terms of endearment. If you are as high on life as me. Female weight lifters and PTs who fancy a gym date- lets roll- always fancied being one of those amazing fitspo couples? Lets go.

P.S Freaks and fruits take refuge here, long haired men, skin heads, facial tats and piercings admired, circus skills and tribal dance encouraged.

Is there anybody ALIVE out there??

Not interested in hearing from...
people who just want sex/play
People who just want me to fulfil their fantasies,
People who just want me to show them how to 'party'- unless you find me attractive we're wasting our time,
straight cis boys who think its all about them,
straight girls who want to experiment.
People who aren't even based nearby- you'll have to prove your an exception otherwise.
(FYI I probably don't find your beard attractive- sorry!)

<3 Sane freaks and weirdos only. <3
The two of us