30 Manhattan, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
As of the last few months my life has been pretty mellow. My time is spent either learning to code, in the gym, or resting. I spent a lot of time seeing and enjoying the world, but now I'm trying to focus on self improvement.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and chill

A list a made a while back of my Fridays.

Feb 20: Got stoned for the first time in a year and looked at the stars in the Caribbean night sky.

Feb 13: Friday the 13th. Took one if my best friends to a spa and a great dinner. Then went home, took half a Xanax and slept for 14 hours.

Feb 6: Went to a lesbian erotica reading. Then drank scotch and played fishbowl with a group of friends.

Jan 30: Flew to Dallas because I had never been to Texas. Played with guns, hung out in McMansions, and helped a new friend shave her head.

Jan 23: Had dinner with by brother, my cousin, and the first really close friend I made in New York. We had tequila, and tacos. Then beers at my favorite dive bar. My old boss showed up and we had a snowball fight.

Jan 16: It's rather fuzzy. I remember lots of martinis and some burlesque. The next day's hangover on the other hand is firmly planted in my memory.

Jan 9: Friend's birthday. He likes beer and dancing, so we drank beer and danced.

Jan 2: Still recovering from New Years and jet lag. Seamless and Netflix. I discovered Always Sunny in Philadelphia and watched all of it.

Dec 26: Old friend's birthday in Stockholm. Lots of mead and darkness.

Dec 19: Day drinking in Paris. Gave a new friend moral support while she flashed Paris from the Eiffel tower.

Dec 12: Day drinking and 8 hour walk in London. Touristy stuff.

Dec 5: "Day" drinking in Iceland hostel. Too fucking cold and dark to walk around for more than an hour. Roomed with Australians and gained a new appreciation for the word cunt.

Apparently I drink a lot on Fridays (and when I travel). The rest of the days I'm usually boringly at the gym at 7AM.
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