61Cathedral City, United States
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My self-summary
I was born and Raised in Santa Rosa California. From there I joined the Navy. Lived in Hawaii for three years. Then moved to Indiana and Kansas for a year. Came back to California to work as a Jet Mechanic. Well my Love for music got to me. I played in various Rock bands. then Back to Kansas where I met my Ex Wife. Quit music for 2 years,then it got me again. I put a country band together cause the man that meant the most to me in the world, ( my Grandpa ) was getting old and i wanted him to see me play it. he loved Country. I remember the last time he saw me on stage I could see him out in the crowd pointing at me, saying to the person next to him " that's my grandson up there" That was the best feeling I can think of. Johnny Lee, ( who did Lookin' for love in all the wrong places) found us and hired us. we toured with him for 13 years, as well as doing our own thing. I play bass and sing. a few years ago I had enough, so i took a break and started a Limo service. The economy killed me so I got on with a plumbing company, HATE IT!
I love to spend time with good friends maybe Bar-B-Qing and watching the Chiefs get the snot kicked out of them. I not a fan of clubs, gets old having shaved head jackasses asking your date to dance all night, like there are no other women to ask, THE NERVE. I could really care less about making an impression in that type of environment. As a musician I spent most of my life in Bars and clubs, so for me a little of that goes a long way.I love the smells of the country, yes, including horse manure. I like trucks over cars. I like boats over Harleys, however I may have to have one at some point.I have no problem with kids, in fact I kinda like them.I have been asked if i am a breast man or a leg man or what? Well I am an everything man. It depends on the person. if I like her i don't care what she has, big, small, doesn't matter..what good are great breasts if you don't like the owner. I like to camp, but i like hotels too. A good weekend for me would be go to Laughlin Nevada, boat all day, get cleaned up have dinner and go see a band later. I have nothing against getting a buzz, but I have no desire to ever get snot slingin drunk again. But if I do, I am a happy drunk. I have never been a mean person. I hate to see a woman cry as a result of anything i did. though I do love when a woman cries on my shoulder. I need a woman that can look like a million when needed but can't wait to get out of that stuff and back into her jeans. Someone who I can say.. fire up the boat and meet me at the dock, I'll park the trailer. someone who would make a big deal out of the fact i made her dinner and stopped and got her cleaning. As well as say when we are at the river.. " can I fix you a plate?" It's those little things that get me deep down.
wouldn't it be something to hear a woman say on her first date she would like to take a long walk in the forest or by a lake or in the desert. I see people in Kansas say a long walk on the beach, WHAT BEACH? Also does it say somewhere in my profile, if you don't have a picture be sure to contact me? One more thing, Face it, if you are looking at me, we are in our 40's or 50's, I could care less what you looked like in high school or when you were a model, so if you have a bunch of pictures from that era don't bother, That's not who I am talking to. I am talking to who you are now and that's who i want to see. If we ever make it to a phone call or a date I may talk about a past relationship, past relationships are part of what make us who we are today. So please don't play psychologist and take it out of context. It is the past and that is all any of us have to talk about at this point.
What I’m doing with my life
I own a septic, grease trap pumping service, Somebody has to do it. Not my dream, but with any luck I will get back to that.
I’m really good at
I am pretty good at playing and singing music. I sail pretty good. I am great at cleaning house and I actually like it. good at fixing almost anything.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Self help books, Movies mostly comedy, all music to some degree, Food, I'll eat anything
Six things I could never do without
Coffee, fresh air, music, dogs, smart phone, peace and quiet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Playing music. What I can do to make a difference.
On a typical Friday night I am
exhausted from work and ready to do nothing..Maybe take the bike out with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll just wait on this one.
You should message me if
I'm not too old for you or tall enough.
The two of us