32 St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
You look weird. Shit, we all look weird. Just because we named our random-ass body parts things like arms, legs, dicks, etc and got used to it doesn't change the fact that it is strange as hell. Seriously, right now, take a look at your body. Laugh at it. The fuck are we anyway? And we hate on people for whether they have an innie or an outtie between their legs and the shade of goo-container they have?

If you're not an anti-racist feminist or womanist, get the fuck off my profile now. Seriously.

Also, I'm really weird. Don't expect an apology.

I live at Radix House, a household built on the ethics of radicalism and intersectionality seeking to empower, heal, and organize the community at large. We live mindfully by limiting our environmental impact, practicing empathy, and enabling meaningful dialogue. We are dedicated to social justice, challenging the establishment, and improving our world.

I love storms, dancing, playing music, cooking healthy food, biking, improv comedy, social justice, Sex+, social entrepreneurship, and activism.
What I’m doing with my life
Getting teargassed then going into work and being an executive at a prestigious start-up the next day.

I'm an entrepreneur, angel investor and the CTO at LockerDome. I do improv (comedy) for fun. I'm also the co-founder and board chair of Lindy Hop St. Louis, a local swing dancing non-profit that puts on weekly dancing, regional events and classes.

I also work with Hands Up United and other folks from the movement on black and oppressed liberation. I believe in the power of grassroots education and have been a part of launching several community programs that help the rest of the world hear the voices that are so often ignored.
I’m really good at
being arrogant. No seriously, I'm actually really arrogant. I'm working on changing this. In the meantime, I love being around people who call me on my shit. That's probably the quickest way to get me to consider you a friend.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall and extremely outgoing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... how to connect people from very different backgrounds. I have friends that are often homeless and friends that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars or more. We're not that different, really. A big part of my platform for St. Louis and the rest of the world is to help connect people and enable them to humanize each other. It's much harder to bomb your friend, y'know?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty open and honest, frankly, but any of the following might shock the more judgmental among you:
1. I've voted for a woman president
2. I think reality and time are both human constructions
3. I'm a Taoist and have been since I was in 8th grade
4. I believe humans (myself included) are extremely primitive and stupid
5. I'm not scared of dying
6. I'm probably crazier than you are
You should message me if
... people have described you as a "radical" feminist.

You are smart, compassionate and have a great sense of humor.

Also, it wouldn't hurt if you're interesting enough to pull me away from work to go hiking, camping, dancing or do something else awesome.

Feel free to stalk me online. I am way too visible in this world to hide: