26Urbana, United States
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My self-summary
Sep 2016: I've been slowly awakening to the horrifying lack of engineers supporting progressive movements & intersectional feminism in general. The dominant thread present in me now is hunger for actual SJ theory & practice.

As a preface, I am a 6'8" neuroengineer, former specialty soda sommelier, and, of course, feminist. After graduating UIUC in 2013, I spent 2 years gallivanting about in silicon valley before moving back to UIUC for more school.

What I like to eat, where I grew up, butter-side-up or butter-side-down will come out in the path of shared experience. That's not what draws me in and makes me tick.

No, instead, I'm intrigued by the question of what you'd fight for; I'm fascinated by the possibilities of your passions. What changed you, made you be what you are? Why do you burn the midnight oil?

Each of us contains multitudes. Every conversation is an exploration of your mind & perspective. I love those rapid, sprawling conversations; making connections between our respective fields and experiences.
What I’m doing with my life
Applying to grad schools!
Learning how to make robots in a short second undergrad
Research! Human Movement Analysis, EEG brain-computer interfaces, soon, who knows?
Challenging the myth of STEM's supposed 'apoliticalness'
Trying to find a non-regressive role for my skills and research within the socialist, progressive, and compassion-based forces in ceaseless churning wrestling match that is humankind.
I’m really good at
Long conversations with strangers into improbably deep topics
Reaching the top shelf
Patience (except for racism/sexism/victim-blaming/etc.)
Quickly learning
Being big spoon
Analogical Reasoning
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm 6'8, so obviously people first notice my sparkling personality.

But seriously, I love getting to know people, coming to perceive a slice of the experience they have of the world via conversation, vigorous gesturing, back of the napkin diagrams. So often the first substantial thing they learn is that I'm curious about them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am underexposed to good media. In almost all cases, I haven't heard of it.

Youtube: vlogbrothers(since 2009), sexplus, IdeaChannel, scishow, veritasium, healthcaretriage, animalwonders, thebrainscoop, and many more

Shows: STEVEN UNIVERSE WOO! Great British Bakeoff, Last Week Tonight, , Sherlock/Elementary, Jessica Jones, Steins;Gate, Legend of Korra, GitS, Fumoffu, BSG, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, Death Note, House of Cards, Game of Thrones (until the billionth nonconsensual sex), etc

Books: Name of the Wind & Wise Man's Fear & Slow Regard of Silent Things, Raptor Red, Schild's Ladder, Controls and Art by Dr. LaViers

Music: If someone has said, "Yea, [song name] is weird, but I actually... kinda like it" about a song, that's what I listen to. Pre-goth Industrial, anything with weird sampling, vgm, acapella covers, live-looped stuff, a whole swath of YouTube musicians, and more. Here's some artists: Andrew Huang, Alaa Wardi, Made in Heights, Movits!, Kygo, KMFDM, Beardyman, Thievery Corporation, Les Tambours du Bronx, Gramatik, Mindless Self Indulgence, Caravan Palace, Charlene Kaye, Kormac, Todd Terje, TMBG, Weird Al Yankovic, Royksopp, Sneaker Pimps, Imogen Heap, Emancipator, Venetian Snares, Infected Mushroom, Spongle, Gesaffelstein Lamb, How to Destroy Angels

Food: I absolutely love middle eastern food, casseroles, a variety of noodles, pasta, sushi, California burritos, basically everything that doesn't have moderate-to-excessive capsasin.

Movies: nothing unexpectable: Mad Max: Fury Road, V for Vendetta, Matrix 1, Lion King
Six things I could never do without
-Companionship for the day-to-day of life, someones to share in life's "simply living" components

-deep conversations, ideally helping each other learn/grow or figure something out

-a sense of growth, of working to improve the lives of humankind's future by shifting the distribution up the quality of life scale, even if that just means (for now) improving myself right now

-projects, whether side or for work, that I find useful, interesting, clever, or significant

-variety, in experiences, fields of study, and activity

- physical intimacy: cuddles, hugs, kisses, lazy afternoons curled up together, sleeping together (butt to butt = optimum sleeping position)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Recently I've been pondering perspective- its fundamentality to the formation of new ideas and the desperate necessity for its diversity.

Share with me a perspective you have- doesn't need to be deep, merely different. I'd love to hear it.
You should message me if
Currently seeking:
-Interesting conversational partners and friends!

-People to see movies with, play games with, watch shows with, read books with, study with!

-Possible short relationship through the summer, as I move to Virginia Tech for grad school in the fall!

Note: I'm beginning to explore relationship anarchy, and so am interested in letting relationships take on whichever forms of interaction best suit them, though I admit my form of it is a wee bit tame and diluted; more like "relationship pushing-the-societally-designated-&-pairwise-rejected-envelope". In the past this has included friendly cuddling, loving massages, emotionally-supportive snuggles, or sleeping together (platonically), all as friends, regardless of how others would label the relationship. With open, upfront, honest, consent-driven communication and boundary-setting, there's no need to force ourselves into the buckets we normally use.

Also note: I tend toward long-term relationships; it's not included right now only because I move to Virginia Tech in Fall 2017 for grad school.
The two of us