49 Pell City, United States
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My self-summary
It's simultaneously easy and difficult to describe the way other people think of me and what I think of myself. I'm at a point in my life where I like what I like, and I am who am, to everybody, and I don't care who they are.

I'm known as a guy who is happy being himself and is good to people just because it's the only way I know how to be. I was raised that way. The way I see it, the good people in life are all we have to keep one another going. I not only believe in the good people of the world; I absolutely count on them.

I have a blonde daughter who looks a lot like me; my son is red-headed and is sensitive the way I was when I was little. Neither of my kids will probably ever own a tan and they live with their mother. I get to see them every other weekend and some other times through the year. Being with them makes me feel like a man in ways not easily described, and it's easy for me to see that I am important to them. So I make the most of what time I have with them.

I have always taken a small amount of pride in the fact that not everybody gets my jokes. My nickname is one of those jokes. Most think it's something dirty in light of me being tall...but it's really a joke about the carpet in my bedroom when I was a kid...tall shag carpet. Really!

I've not seen very many profiles here that talk about sex, and that is too bad. Anyone who says they don't like it, or don't want it, is lying. So how come hardly anybody ever talks about it?

I'll talk about it because I am not a liar, and besides, I am thinking it will ultimately make my life easier if I just talk sex here, up front.

I am not shy about wanting to pleasure and ravish the body of a woman I find beautiful for all of who she is, in ways that will make her memories of nights spent with selfish men fade into obscurity.

But I want a whole hell of a lot more than sex, from a woman. I want the woman who will give me her heart, mind and soul. I want it to the point that she becomes the woman who makes me lose interest in meeting any other women. The woman who gives me that, gets it back in return. I might not know who she is, or where she is, but I will know when I meet and get to know her.

The girl I'd like to meet? I have no trouble telling what qualities I like in women, and what I like about them..."she" could be a lot like me or kinda different than me. Looks are what gets my attention at first; intellect and spirit is what will keep it.

It would be great to meet a woman comfortable with her lot in life, a strong woman not afraid to speak her mind, already happy being in charge of her own life responsibilities, and open to a man as friend, lover and partner. (those last three words are must-haves, actually)

I want the girl who wants commitment when she "feels" it with a man who's gotten close to her, for the right reasons. This girl won't feel the need to prove anything about the way she loves her man, to anyone other than him.

How about a few things not very many people know about me?

1. When I was a newspaper reporter I was periodically given school news items for publication, by teachers. If it was something the teacher had written on their own, it was often riddled with typographical errors, poor grammar and incorrect tense. I liked correcting their stuff, and hearing from them later after they saw it in the paper.

2. I would go barefoot just about everywhere, were it not frowned upon so unjustly.

3. I never went on a date in high school. Just didn't feel it. I compensated in the years that followed.

4. The popularity of wearing clothing printed with names (such as Hollister, Abercrombie, Hilfiger, etc.) has always been completely lost on me. I think it makes people look a little bit like overly-conformist prison inmates.

5. When I was about 13 years old, a fellow passenger on the school bus teased me and slapped me playfully just before his bus stop. Scared, I punched him in the face and immediately I thought I was going to get my ass kicked. Instead, he cried, and was ridiculed by other kids who got off the bus at the same time as him. When it later came my turn to get off the bus, the driver told me that she'd seen what happened and that she wasn't going to tell on me.

6. I participated in a civil rights march in Forsyth County Georgia in 1987. While my overall sense of social altruism has been tempered considerably by life experience in the years since, I am still proud I went there, walked, held hands with strangers and sang while rednecks screamed at us and called us nigger-lovers.

7. During my stay in the NICU at Carraway Hospital following a 2001 car accident that very nearly killed me, I had morphine dreams featuring people who came to visit me there. I had been chemically paralyzed for my own safety and strapped to my bed, which I do not remember at all. But I remember the morphine dreams as if they happened a night or two ago.

8. At the old video store in my hometown, I was only brave enough to ask for the key to 'adult' room once. After entering and perusing the titles, I opened the box of one of them and saw the movie tape was not there; instead there was a personal tape a previous renter had put in the box by mistake. In spite of that (or perhaps because of that) I rented it and watched it anyway. It was an attempt at homemade erotica made by someone I knew from church.
What I’m doing with my life
Slinging pizza and looking to get back writing for a living. Writing is the job I do best; pizza pays better. It pays the bills and lets me play a little.

Over the years life has taught me that sometimes I get to "do something" with it, and other times it gets to "do something" with me. I remain who I am regardless of what happens.

The most important things I do are, showing my son how to be a man, and demonstrating to my daughter how a good man treats people.
I’m really good at
Making people smile, talking to people whether I know them or not, gardening and landscaping, cooking, writing, helping people about whom I care, expressing gratitude and affection.

People have always said I am good with a rifle when I go shooting with them.

And photography. I used to do it as part of my job and I got to be good at it. I shoot with a Canon digital Rebel because if you like good photos, why mess around with a crappy cheap camera?
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall, usually smiling, care about the way I look and if I seem to like looking at them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not out to impress you here...I want to save something for later! But here's a taste.

MUSIC I like: Jane's Addiction, Talking Heads, Beatles, Beastie Boys, David Bowie, Ministry, Prince, The Black Crowes, The White Stripes, Liz Phair, The Cure, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Ween, The Rolling Stones, Urge Overkill, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Firehose, it goes on and on but hopefully you get the idea.

FOOD: Barbecue like black people make it; Asian food about which the origin and ingredients I may be unsure; just about anything with avocados; Southern home cooking that reminds me of when people in the South usually cooked at home; vegetables I grew myself; authentic Japanese cooked by Japanese people and served right; a variety of dishes with a decadent fat content; and Korean.

MOVIES: I know a good one when I see one. Most of the time they could be better; sometimes they just suck.
The six things I could never do without
It's tempting to write a bunch of gadgets and cool things I like. The reality is, there is no material possession I can't live without. However it would surely take some getting used to if I gave up:

My own home
iced tea
My car
My computer
My stereo
My digital camera
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many of my alleged matches on this site are hopelessly far away.
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking forward to getting off work to either go out for the night OR to go pick up my son and daughter.

Maybe I'd be meeting up with you on Friday night. Here's how that might go:
I'm here to meet women, so the first "date" is the reason I have written what I have thus far. (And maybe the reason you've read it?)
It could be just about anything, really...such as hanging out together someplace wide-open with plenty of other people around; sitting somewhere quiet and relatively private and talking; a walk through the park or amongst the hustle and bustle; the good old dinner and drinks; walking around Wal-Mart debating the relative merits of Great Value vs. name brand, going out for Chinese food as long as it's not any cats we know; laughing it up over profile stuff we have seen here; you showing me where your ex-boyfriend parked his Camaro at the house of the woman he left you for so I can come back later and take a dump in the driver's seat; any old place I think you might like once I am sure you get my jokes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My most-favorite local place to go is private and is somewhere I can hang out, fish, shoot guns, and relax. It's about 5 minutes from my house and when it's warm, I can go swimming there, and/or tan naked without worry of being bothered.
You should message me if
You have gotten one too many emails featuring such profundity as, "Hi." or "How are you doing?" or "UR HOTT."