48Manilva, Spain
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My self-summary
Haere mai! Bienvenidos, Welcome to my profile!

Tangata's vita:

It was a day in May 1969, around the late morning hours when torrential rain soaked the fields and the neighbourhood of southern shitville, the same as it has been over the last 10 days. But at this day it was different. The air raids went on for already 3 hours and a woman, highly pregnant, couldn't make it to the hospital, hiding at a public toilet, gave birth to a little boy. . . OK, if you haven't figured it out yet, I've got a very twisted sense of humor. . . There is a lot to tell about myself and how do I start? I'm me, myself......pretty much. Finally being able to enjoy life again, taking the day as it comes and making the best out of it is a great gift I really appreciate.

I am kinky, nuts, and misanthropistic
What I’m doing with my life
BDSM is not just something what happened in my fantasies. It is an important part in my life, and when others say that I'm different - yes I am! And I'm proud of it, never go with the flow. Freedom, respect, honesty; play hard, play fair.

I can't exactly pinpoint a day when I found out that I am kinky. I just realized it over time. There has always been an attraction to tie up the girls while playing the cowboy and Indian game :-). Later it went onto other play and I took the time it needed to find my position. Today I'm able to say what I want and what I need, but I will never claim to be perfect. I'm human; I will never be perfect; life is full of making mistakes and learning.

I'm not a Master, because I'm single. I might be able to become a Master, but only of one person and not in general. It is a title and a title is earned and not just given. So, if you would like to mail, I don't like to be addressed with Sir, Lord, Master etc., I have a name. As long as you don't know my real name, a simple hi or hello will do it ;-) And just as an aside, I don't take the whole D/s part of BDSM very serious and if 24/7 is your cup of tea, so be it, it is not my one. . I see a submissive as a human being and not as a piece of flesh I can play with. There is a heart and a soul inside. Play hard - play fair. A limit is a limit and deserves respect. . I have a very creative mind and this is also my most favourite "toy" (apart from all the leather, steel and other stuff I own). I have been told that I'm a sadistic bastard more than once; at daytime people often say they want to talk to "the gentleman with that foreign accent" judge by yourself if you ever get to meet me. . Communication is key to any successful relationship. I'm someone you can stay in with and talk about everything over a good wine until the wee morning hours. . I've got a fetish for leather; cuffs, boots, corsets, steel has also got its fascination. . I have a very open mind and living over the years in a number of different countries gave me the opportunity to discover and learn a lot about other cultures and to speak more than one language. . Apart from BDSM, I have a wide range of interests and am sometimes drifting away in my thoughts and on other days I can be frightening silly. Life is about having fun and some days kinda joke too. We have only this one and I want to take the most out of it.

I like to spend time discovering and exploring nature, for me it is one of the best places to chill and to relax.

A good diner in excellent company is something I don't want to miss and have to admit that I like to prepare it by myself. Some people say that I should open a restaurant, but I prefer to cook for close friends only.

Other interests include architecture, mostly of the Bauhaus style, Le Corbusier, Gropius, Mies van der Rohe etc. Also Art Deco in general (ever been in Napier?) Gaudi with his beautiful architecture in Barcelona is unique. And the Art of Hundertwasser speaks for itself (Ok, I've known him in person; so it's sort of a subjective view anyway). . I paint by myself and there are a few of my paintings on this profile. 5 years at music college earned me also a degree in percussion and classical and modern music. So, don't be scared when I listen to Beethoven and the next moment want to listen to AC/DC. Coldplay, Anstacia, Fenua, Die rzte, Tote Hosen are all-time fav's. . At times more a misanthropist than I would ever admit, but not in a bitter way, I do enjoy being by myself and away from people at the fullest when I want it.
I’m really good at
They didn't had the right boxes here when it came to fill out the rest of this profile.

Orientation: I know what I want and know how to get there

Education: Yep, apart from owning various papers with Diploma and degree written on them, I know how to behave.

Work: The way I work is how others would like to spend their holidays

Religion: There are many in this world and I believe in freedom of religion and the freedom off it. I don't see a problem with being kinky and going to church, I do both.

Height: Tall, 1.82 m or somewhere around 6 feet, want to know my shoe size?

Eyes: Got two of them, thanks

I consider myself to be: Unique, me even

Hair color: A mix of grey and some darker ones are still there

Hair Length: In inches or cm?

Body hair: Yes, I have that too, but neither chest nor hairy back!

Pubic hair: It's getting grey - the age...*sighs*

Breast size: An A cup wouldn't fit me

I am at least functional in: I'm functional, at least I hope I am. Oh, the languages it was! I mostly speak english and spanish, sometimes teaching German

I prefer my partner(s) to be: alive

I want to meet someone: I want to meet many people

I prefer my partner(s) to be: breathing

I'm looking for: the next question

When it comes to sex or intimacy: it should be sexy and intimate

My current status is: logged on, otherwise I couldn't update this, right?

Somebody's appearance: If they appear and say hello, would be a nice start

Relationships should be: based on friendship above all and mutual feelings

When it comes to couples: I know a couple of them

I'd be willing to relocate: Take me home to Aoteraroa! Turkey and Germany are at the top of my NO GO list. Places like Beirut, Dubai and Argentina have a strong appeal lately.

When it comes to pets: I know how to rear a calf and I gave them names, Pansy was my favourite one. The steaks of Heather have been delicious. Yes, I used to live on a farm and loved it.

My clothing preferences: Clean and comfortable and suitable for the occasion. I have a weakness for boots

For entertainment, I like: to be entertained

Favorite Foods: I wrote a little cooking book. The title is: "DIFFERENT COOKING"

I'm allergic to: Liars and ignorant people

Alcohol Consumption: I've bought a six-pack on Christmas and still have 7 beer in my fridge.update!!! there are now only 3 left, I better go and stock up

Smoking (tobacco): I'm now on the way to become a nonsmoker....be afraid, very afraid.....

Hobbies: Have a lot of them, boredom is something unknown to me

Music Preference: I prefer music, and don't like to watch the news on telly while having tea.

I am a: "el chico mas guapo del pueblo" - Comment of the people in the village

At parties, I am: normally a guest, like most of the other ones there

I'm into Bondage: Yes, pretty much

My BDSM experience level: My cherry got popped many moons ago and I've never found myself in a 'nilla relationship. There is always one who is more experienced than you. I've done a lot and it is always different with a different partner. Don't try and put a label on me, it will never fit.

S & M: Pain can be sweet, very sweet

Disabilities: All my limbs are still firmly attached to my body and I'm able to cross the road without assistance if you mean that kind of thing.

Health issues: My doc keeps on telling me that I'm the perfect picture of health. He's a fucking liar.

Group Sex: Is that groups having sex or what?

Regarding Anal Sex: Yes?

Anal Sex: Ok, lets do it!

When scening, I like: Are we talking about the evening when she was throwing plates at me?
The first things people usually notice about me
Dunno, see by yourself if you ever get the chance to meet me.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Scar Tissue - Anthony Kieding , The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Movies: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Fargo, In China they eat Dogs

Music: Nirvana, Rammstein, Tchaikovski, Ravel, Fenua, etc.

Foods: everything but junkfood
Six things I could never do without
Sea, mountains, freedom, silence, my friends, my music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You don't really want to know, It's scary.
On a typical Friday night I am
usually moderating an online forum to keep the 'kids' at bay
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This is the internet, since when is here anything private?
You should message me if
you think that the above is not all dead serious and if you have an interst in Bondage/BDSM and live somewhere in teh Malaga province (that's not written in stone, ok?)
The two of us