40Tulsa, United States
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My self-summary
Update: As of 10/01/2010 my dear best friend, amazing husband and life partner tremarctos suddenly shed this mortal coil. Although I have received a lot of inquiries as to why I have not changed my status to "widowed" or "single" it is because, I feel that he is very much with me. Simply because he no longer graces this earth and makes it an infinitely better place does not, to me, change that I am married to him or consider him any less important in my life than when he was here with us meat suited mortals. It has, however, changed some of the answers to my questions, at least some that are public and therefore, I suppose I need to revise them. In due time, and I decide the timeline. So if you have "single" set as your criteria, i will not show up in your quiver matches. And as some food for thought, not everyone who chooses "available" is in a relationship or married or in some other way, duplicitous. Thought I should clear that up a bit.

I am passionate about many things, like philosophy, in particular ethics, metaphysics, political philosophy and linguistics. Sometimes I can be quite quick witted, tonight is not one of those times, however. Some of my favorite authors are Alain De Botton, Rafi Zabor, Daniel Clowes, Milan Kundera and many more. I work for a social service agency, but eventually want to go into public housing policy. I can get pretty animated while talking about public housing, so be forewarned. I am obsessive about music, not just listening, but I have an almost photographic memory for lyrics and liner notes, unfortunately this often works against me as I can get some really awful songs stuck in my head. Filling out profiles is awkward for me because although I try to be as transparent as possible, I have a hard time talking about myself unless someone is asking specific questions. So, if you want to know more, ask away!
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I am curious, cranial, and compassionate
What I’m doing with my life
Recent graduate with a Bachelors in Social Work with a specialization in child welfare. Previous experience in the field of child welfare, specifically family preservation for approximately seven years. I am passionate about issues relating to the Native American population and cultural preservation

Striving to live up to two amazing examples set forth by my family. Trying to honor a legacy everyday. Asking BIG and little questions. Hypothesizing, thinking, having ideas, recognizing that life can change in a nanosecond, but still trying to be present "in the now" without sliding down the slippery slope to the new age section.
I’m really good at
Putting strangers at ease and comforting friends. This was a kind edit from a friend. Loving tremarctos because he makes it so easy. I am also good at singing loudly and badly in the car and telling the long winded way around an anecdote. Remembering conversations and events.
The first things people usually notice about me
people don't really notice me, but I am a quite a hit with bears, lemurs, dogs, raccoons, cats and other tanukis
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Okay, here is an alphabetical onslaught...
45 grave, adrienne shelly, alain de botton,
animism, authenticity, beating the dead whatever,
bestiaries, betty page, bjork, black patent
, bob flanagan, body art, bondage, bright
, bukowski, chaos theory, chelsea minnis,
chicago comics, chris ware, church of the subgenius,
city of chicago, cladistics, cocle, corsets,
cramps, current 93, curve, cutting, daniel
, david foster wallace, death in june,
depression, discordia, discordianism,
disinformation, donnie darko, dr. seuss, drug
, ecology, emily the strange, erotica,
ethics, etymology, exit, fetish photography,
foetus, genesis p-orridge, green design, hail eris,
hal hartley, jan svankmajer, jeff noon, jim
, joan miro, john zorn, jonathan lethem,
julie doucet, kant, ladytron, lamb, legendary
pink dots
, lewis carroll, linguafranca, lycanthropes,
m83, mark eitzel, mary janes, milan kundera,
mola, monsters, muppets, my bloody valentine,
neo, nick hornby, non-traditional relationships,
nurse with wound, obtaining original slack, opiates,
philosophy, phoebe gloeckner, piercing, play
, political science, psychic tv,
psychopharmacology, public housing, puppets,
quimby's, r. kern, raccoons, rafi zabor, richard
, richard linklater, salvador dali, shoes,
skulls, sociology, sonic youth, stanislaw
, stars, steven jesse bernstein, suicide
, sylvia brownrigg, tanukis, the brothers quay,
the empty bottle, the fall, the onion, the pixies,
the reader, the the, tony millionaire, tortoise,
urban studies, vonnegut, weetzie bat, wilco,
william s. burroughs, zoology, ztatek.
Six things I could never do without
my open heart, my brain, books, ideas, animals, tremarctos
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"what ought to be done" and what I have learned from experiences and the people I have met, cared for, loved and lost along the way. How to best put those experiences and ideals into everyday life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out at a club, dancing if I feel like it, but more likely just hanging out watching movies or reading, or creating weird worlds to play in my imagination...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It is very easy to hurt me, but I get over it quickly. I can be loyal to a fault. I am also give into self doubt and am an anxious person who can sometimes hide it very well.
You should message me if
you want to ask or you want to tell
The two of us