61New Lebanon, United States
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My self-summary
The quick snap shot is that I am an unconventional, bohemian, ethically non-monogamous, passionate Earth-based eclectic; living a full and rich life that continually provides me with a sense of abundance. I live in a constant state of gratitude. I am open to exploring connection and the forming of bonds with friends and lovers who are similarly inclined.

Now for the larger picture -

I'm playful, a bit spiritual, sensual, Tantric, earthy and Earth-based, joyful and very open-hearted.

I'm into organics, living "green", sustainability, permaculture and biodynamic growing methods, wild food foraging and wild medicinal plant identification, social consciousness, eco-activism, pacifism, naturopathy, holistic wellness, and chemical-free living. I absolutely thrive on being outside and close to nature. I'm not a city girl (wouldn't want to live there, but it's a fun place to visit on occasion), and go barefoot as often as possible.

I practice a love-style called polyamory, and consider it my true relationship-orientation, rather than simply "a choice". I am in a cohabiting polyamorous relationship with my "nesting partner" (and lover), Kyther9. We share a wonderful, dynamic, playful and soulful relationship, and we dance in the celebration of life and love. Together - and independently - we find great richness in exploring and forming nurturing, heartful and playful connections with others. I want to add that I use the term "polyamory" with some trepidation, as it seems to have taken on a meaning that I do not resonate with. I want to be clear that I am/we are not into "couple-centrism", "poly-hierarchy" or other dynamics which create an imbalance of power in decision-making that directly affect others. We are - just to be even more clear - into holding ourselves to a level of integrity in alignment with impeccable ethics....to the best of our knowledge and ability.

I enjoy feeling rooted in a larger multi-partner relationship style (what might be called a polyamorous "network"), where everyone may not be lovers, but there at least exists a strong intentional desire and effort among everyone involved to be in loving and collaborative spirit, and to build caring friendship/kinship.

Here are a few thoughts and preferences that have evolved for me out of experience -

* I am open to meeting like-minded, and like-oriented people who could become a friend, lover or both! While some people prefer to not meet and get to know their lovers' partners (or their partners' lovers), I consider the exercise of everyone involved/affected getting to know each other particularly important and integral to healthy polyamorous relating.

* I appreciate meeting those who strongly resonate with the concept that "love shared is love multiplied", and who hold the ideal that caring and empathetic friendships among "metamours" is preferable. I am most comfortable exploring relationship with someone who has a high comfort level in getting the know the people in my life who have become significant presences for me.

* I deeply appreciate the practice of "radical transparency" and feel it enhances and deepens intimacy (as in "into-me-see").. This means I keep no secrets, and openly share how my relationships with others are unfolding. I feel this aspect in particular keeps polyamorous relationships strong and thriving....even joyful and enriching actually. Thus I really enjoy and appreciate when this same level of transparency is offered to me. It's a strong and appealing draw.

I/we live on 7 private wooded acres of land, in the Berkshire-Taconic Mountain area. We are blessed to live so closely interwoven with nature, and feel we have a deep symbiotic relationship with it. Our lovely grounds include a hot tub, labyrinth, bee hives, ritual fire circle (which we do use!), woods-paths....and a sweet little one room cottage (heated when necessary) that we offer for use to friends wishing to visit, as well it being a great space to enjoy dates with beloveds who come to spend time with one or both of us.

I enjoy play in the form of gardening, camping, free-style dance, yoga, longs walks and hiking, old-way crafts and making new from old. I'm also a regular participant in sacred fire circles and I have a number of drums (djembe, dundun and doumbek) and shakers...and am always looking to expand on that.

Spirituality, mysticism and states-of-consciousness are fun realms for me to explore, but not so all pervasive that that it's all I can talk about. In fact I talk about it very little unless I'm with someone who wishes to stimulate that type of conversation. I mention this simply because I am able to engage in significant sharing of these paths, and really enjoy doing so on occasion. I do not require that my lovers or partners feel the same way...as long as they can tolerate that this is enriching *for me*. I am significantly influenced by Native American, Tantra, Sufi, Buddhist, Earth-based and Goddess-consciousness mysticism and practices (wicca, pagan, druid, shamanism). I am also a member of Friends Meeting, connected with PYM, under FGC. I'm currently really digging into and enjoying exploring the Feminine Divine reclamation movement, particularly how it interweaves with hand drumming and sacred beekeeping. This is a particularly strong focus of exploration for me at the moment.

Physically I'm attracted to natural, low-primp, earthy types (male and female)...reasonably fit (this means active and health conscious, it does not necessarily mean "buff"), casual dressers who prefer jeans and tail out cotton shirts, ethnic skirts, hippie and tribal style. I request (okay..."need") that you be artificial fragrance-free (pure essential oils are usually okay). I am very sensitive to mainstream scented products to the degree they make me ill. Please be fragrance-free. (Ideally you use 100% plant-based, natural products on your body, for washing clothes and cleaning your home), but if not fragrance-free - at the least - is important.)

The best matches for me are intelligent, informed, articulate and assertive communicators; who are open-minded, socially conscious and engaged in the world to create a "new culture" of radical acceptance, have a strong awareness of the interelatedness of all living things (and how our actions and choices affect the world beyond our little spheres), spiritual (or at least inclined toward exploring personal growth processes), possessing of a good sense of humor and play, outgoing, and body and sex-positive.

A sense of humor is an important prerequisite for spending time with me. I can be extremely playful, and am inclined toward being a bit warped and irreverent. In short, humor, intelligence and open-heartedness are big draws for me.

One final note, and this is important I am "420-friendly" and a regular partaker. If this offends you, I am likely not a good match for you. I also employ other plant medicines and entheogens for the purpose of going on spirit quests and shamanic journeys with others....on occasion.
What I’m doing with my life
To start with, my answer to this is exploring and playing with "all of the above". :-)

8/2015 - update - A very strong focus for me now is engaging in the deep-ecology, spiritual-ecology (a Steiner concept) practice of sacred - bee-centered - beekeeping. I am currently enrolled in a 2-year course focused on this practice. This course of study is taking me to deeper and deeper levels of relationship with the natural world, and in understanding the symbiotic relationship of all living things. Much of my time is spend in this area of study, exploration and practice.

A more inside view detail is that I am a mom of 5 (all have "flown"), and a grandmother of 1. In addition to my partner, I also live with a sweet 10 year old golden retriever (Maizie), an amusing 10 year old "mutt" (Freya) and an entertaining black and grey tiger kitty (ZigZag).
I’m really good at
.....being a grown-up playful, wild-child; holistic wellness counseling; exploring the realms of expansive love (in it's many forms); empathy and transparency in relationship; organic gardening and garden to table cooking, naturopathic care for humans and companion animals, Sign Language, free-form dance, honeybee (and other pollinator) activism. Okay...."really good"?......I'm not sure I'm ready to claim that distinction, but I really enjoy these things and apply myself to growing in capability.
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes, my friendly, warm, playful spirit and my tendency to not buy into what an "adult" *should* look or act like.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: 7/16 update: Most of my reading these days is - to be honest - on-line, and focused on visionary beekeeping and growing bee forage. If not that topic, I am reading about living in deep intimacy with the natural world as an ally and collaborator. I'm also very drawn to shamanism and indigenous wisdom. As for books, some of my favorites have been Jean Auel, Tom Robbins, Alberto Villoldo, The Shamanic Way of the Bee, Many Lives Many Masters, , The Fifth Sacred Thing, , anything by Paulo Coelho. If I can remember, I'll come back and post more as my memory conjures them up.

Music: World and diverse cultural music, ethno-centric primal rhythms, **indigenous trance dance music (as opposed to electronica), Rasta/Reggae, Folk and Blue Grass, Blues, Jazz, Zideco, etc., etc.
Six things I could never do without
food, water, air, shelter....okay that's the minimum....I'll add to that organic food, a spacious clothes line, a garden to play in the dirt in, a great space and a really sharp butcher knife for food prep and cooking, people and animals to love, being intimate with nature, the freedom to go sky-clad, intimacy with the honeybee, deep heart connection, a sense of "tribe" (in both the personal and universal sense), living true to my bi and poly orientation. (Hey.....they say six, but apparently you can just go on and on!!!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What this world could come to if we don't apply ourselves to contributing to a positive shift, but more importantly envisioning what it will look like if we DO! Building Utopia (I'm an unrepentant optimist), creating a polyamorous eco-friendly intentional community (or rather *communities* that can somehow collaborate and be supportive of one another), the wonders of nature, spirituality, how to make money while remaining true to my gypsy spirit, and a number of random stream of consciousness mental confetti-thoughts that float through my head...and in no particular order.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmmmm.....like many other folks, there is no "typical Friday night". I could be home relaxing, reading, writing, watching a movie; or maybe I'm out Contra or free-style dancing, or dancing around a fire circle all night. I'm easily entertained. During warmer months it would not be uncommon to find me sitting outside, listening to the night sounds, and gazing at the night sky.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm puzzled by the number of people that are shocked or at least uncomfortable with this section. The question here is simply asking what is the most private thing you're willing to admit here.

I've been highly amused by what some people creatively offer. That could be "spiders freak me out", or "I refuse to share the bathroom for #2", or "cucumbers disgust me", or "the only vegetables I enjoy raw are lettuce and tomatoes (although - as we know - a tomato is actually a fruit)", OR...it could be something considered in "polite society" to be extremely intimate. The range of possibilities is pretty limitless.

Here's mine - I do not shave......anywhere........I prefer au naturel. And actually, I'm not too keen on my lovers/partners having completely shaved pubies either. I love "fuzzy". It's just one of my personal quirks/preferences. A lover of mine once "surprised" me with shaved pubs, and I have to admit it caused my attraction to turn a corner (though I think I was already losing interest for other reasons anyway).

And....you just learned a bit more about me in the examples I offered above. :-) (With the exception of the reference to raw veggies...I'm a little more adventurous than that!)
You should message me if
I'm not into "shoulding on" people, so I need to rephrase this section to...

I warmly welcome you to message me if.....

...you are in alignment with the concept of loving with an open hand, are polyamorous (aka "poly").....or otherwise self-identify as non-monogamous (and don't engage in couple-centrism or"poly-hierarchy"), interested in deep, playful, intimate connection, co-creating loving friendships, enjoy playing in the realm of spiritually infused - or at least highly conscious and present - loving and love-making, are eco-concerned and/or simply feel a resonance with what I've said about myself.

...you approach living with a joyful and adventurous heart and mind. This means that while you are actively aware of - and engaged on some level with - social/cultural/ecological concerns, you also know how and when to put your personal "soap box" away, and simply embrace the lightness of being that is possible.

...you are more optimistic than cynical, and are more interested in injecting positive energy into the world (as a means of making it "a better place"), than ranting and railing about what you feel is wrong with it.

....you are a woman interested in exploring with my nesting partner.


In closing, I offer this statement in the gentlest of ways possible: I do not respond to messages sent by members without photos...unless you give me a very compelling reason to deviate from that. I definitely do not respond to contacts made by people who have not filled out their profile. I am more likely to respond to you if you actually write something of substance in your message, rather than simply "hi, how r u"....and even *more* likely to do so if you use whole words. :-)
The two of us